I remember hearing about a cop falling in the water
While they took a boat down Main Street
Looking for survivors
Leaking battery acid hidden under the water burnt his body
I never followed up to see if he lived
Before the next tragedy rose out of the water
Under the rain.
—  c.d. - The Flood
It’s been nearly four years and still
Walking down the street you can touch on the trees
The black rings stained on the bark from
The brown water washing the streets clean
Sending vehicles and people fleeing
Animals rushing to surface
When the crude oil city turned into Atlantis
Bridges, dams, and roadways underneath
The rush of the angry rivers.
It’s almost four years later and still
Even the trees remind us how resilient we are.
—  c.d. - Water Lines

This is what Calgary looks like now. It’s been raining like crazy and our rivers have over flowed and flooded almost the entire city. Thousands of Calgarians have been forced out to evacuate and as well as the towns near by. Please please please pray for my city you guys. I’ve never witnessed a natural disaster and it seriously breaks my heart that people are being asked to leave their homes and find shelter else where. Thankfully it isn’t as bad where I live but I’m seriously so scared. Please keep us in your prayers.

As for the people that live in Alberta, PLEASE STAY SAFE 


What’s left of Highway1.. Washed away along with High River. In Calgary, the community of Bowness is under water now and Deer Run is under 8+ feet. River Bend was evacuated and same with Douglas Glen which puts the list to 28communities. Nothing is expected to get better until at the very least Sunday afternoon. Hope everyone is alive, safe and dry. All of you are in my thoughts.