Calgary’s Homeboy                                  

Kristen Hallett: You cut your beautiful curls, who gave you the most shit about it?
Joe Colborne: “I got it from the guys on who are losing or have lost their hair already. They told me to take advantage of it while I can.”
Who was your favourite NHLer as a kid?
“My favourite player, growing up, was Al MacInnis. When he was traded I was still really young and I remember balling my eyes out, because I didn’t understand what ‘getting traded’ meant. I just knew he wasn’t a Flame any more. Every year, for my birthday, my parents would take me to watch him play for St. Louis at the Dome.”
What do you do to escape and relax when everybody is up in your grill?
“Naps. I can nap anywhere, anytime. Couch, chair, bed- doesn’t matter.”
What do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?
“Independence, especially with my busy schedule.”
Favourite road city?
What are you reading?
“I read a ton of different stuff. But, I guess, the political thrillers by Vince Flynn on his character Mitch Rapp.”
Song on your iTunes you do not want anyone to know?
“Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus. I just can’t bring myself to delete it.”
What is your cutest or funniest fan experience in Calgary?
“Well, I was never the most outgoing kid. I was pretty quiet when I was younger. You see the kids who sprint up to you and are talking your ear off, and then you see the kids in the background, that was always me. The kid that wanted the autograph so bad, but was too nervous. So I always try and make sure I take care of those kids.”
Whats your favourite thing about Calgary?
“Stampede. The entire city comes together.”
What did you miss most about Calgary when you were away?
“The mountains. I always took them for granted until I moved.”
Your go-to meal in Calgary?
“Fergus and Bix for the Teri-Hot Wings.”
Who would you say you are the closest with on the team?
“I’m probably close with Boums (Lance Bouma) and Monny (Sean Monahan), but we have a very tight-knit team.
Quebec City's New NHL Franchise Deserves Better than Being Forced into the West
Putting a revived Quebec Nordiques franchise in the Western Conference might not be one of the NHL’s all-time most bone-headed moves. After all, this is the league that brought us the ongoing Arizona Coyotes saga, the first ever cancellation of a full season in North American sports, the Winnipeg Jets playing in the Southeast Division for two years, and the shootout. But it would still be breathtakingly stupid.
Go talk to her- Johnny Gaudreau

“I swear to God if you just stare at her and not ask her out I’m going to ask her out myself.” Sean said to Johnny. Johnny was hanging with a couple of guys from the team at a club since they had won an important game. Johnny pulled his eyes away from the girl and gave Sean a look. “No, please don’t.” Johnny said to his closest friend on the team. 

“So go freaking ask her out already man.” Sean said giving Johnny a little push to give him so help. He knew that all his team mates thought that he was horrible with talking to girls, so he wanted to proud it. “Hi!” He said to the girl as he finally walked over to her.

“Hi.” You heard someone behind you say. You looked at your friend and she was giving you a huge grin. “I think someone wants to talk to you.” She whispered in your ear before leaving to get a drink. 

You turned to face a really cute guy standing right in front of you. “Hi,” You said wondering why a cute guy like him would talk to you. “Do you have a name?” You kindly asked.

 “Yeah.. It’s Johnny.” He said giving you a small smile. You bit your lip softly as you saw him smile, it was such a cute smile. “Nice to  meet you, Johnny, I’m (Y/N). Are you here with anyone?” You were hoping he wasn’t here with another girl.

 “Yeah, I’m with a couple of my friends.” He told you. You tried your best not to smile like a dork when he didn’t mention a girlfriend or a date.  “(Y/N), I was wondering if you wanna to go dance with me.” Johnny said hoping you would say yes. You grabbed his hand and took him to the dance floor.

Johnny let out a small laugh when he saw Sean giving you a thumbs up because you finally had the chance to meet and dance with (Y/N).