okay okay okay okay OKAY. I know the Flames haven’t been considered a “good team” since, well, 1989 (okay the mid-90’s but I’m being dramatic). I know we’ve had our ups and downs, our playoff runs, our playoff droughts but all of this is about to change. This coming season is going to be I N S A N E. Yes, they are a young team, yes the goaltending is meh but my hopes are goddamn high for this season. Monahan, Hudler, Stajan, Backlund, JOHNNY GAUDREAU. JOHNNY HOCKEY GAUDREAU! HAVE YOU SEEN THIS SMALL CHILD ON THE ICE? THIS GUY IS COMPARABLE TO SIDNEY CROSBY in my opinion. Mr. Gaudreau went to the All-Star game and was brought up from the Rookie Game to play in the actual real life experienced veteran game. And all those names we barely even knew going into the playoffs this year; MICHEAL FERLAND WHERE DID YOU EVEN COME FROM WHO ARE YOU HOW IS THIS HAPPENING? EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD (now nineteen) SAMUEL BENNETT FINISHED THE SEASON WITH THE KINGSTON FRONTENACS BEFORE BEING CALLED UP AT THE END OF THE SEASON AND LORD JESUS WHAT A GUY. And don’t even get me started on our defence. Mark Giordano, yes, your beloved captain had he not been injured, was expected not only to be nominated for the Norris Trophy but expected to WIN. ASK ANY HUMAN WHO KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING AND UNLESS THEY ARE BIASED JERKS THEY WILL AGREE. Then there’s TJ Brodie, Dennis Wideman and Kris Russell. KRIS RUSSELL FROM TINY LITTLE CAROLINE AB. HAVE YOU EVEN HEARD OF CAROLINE AB? (I have but only because it’s like 30 minutes away from my house) IF YOU HAVENT YOU HAVE NOW. Words cannot describe the talent of Kris Russell because he’s too amazing to rationalize. This beautiful man lead the league in blocked shots at two hundred and seventy something (I’m too excited to look up stats) FOR GODS SAKE SOMEONE GET HIM SOME PADS BECAUSE LIL RUSS IS BASICALLY A TENDY. And now Dougie Hamilton? Is this a dream? This 6'5" 9th overall pick is the last brick needed to build the Flames’ impenetrable wall of bros with sticks. Our goaltending is sub-par and not nearly up to the standards of previous seasons (tear for Miikka) but with this defence does it even matter? Watch out NHL, the Flames are coming and this time, we’re not leaving unless it’s with the Stanley Cup.