Matthew Tkachuk - Locks

Anon: Can you do a Matthew Tkachuk one? Maybe where you two have a fight but y'all make up? Lol hopefully that makes sense 😂

A/N: I couldn’t think of anything to name this?? It was really frustrating so ya ignore me

Warning/s: Fighting 

Word count: 700

Song: Leavin’ - Artist Vs Poet 

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When you have your main teams you support but you also love specific players in the other teams and because you love them you kinda love their team too, so you're stuck loving all the teams like the hoe that you are

Potentially the best thing about Snoop Dogg performing at the 2017 NHL All Star Game is that Snoop fucking loves wearing hockey jerseys and we might see him try to rep every single team’s sweater at some point.


NHL team twitter headers