PCap Night Cap.... Something Wonderful Part 5

I know it is a bit later then normal for Wonderful Wednesday, and as I’m looking on my dash I don’t see as much PCap as I would like…so how about a Something Wonderful Pic Spam….Yeah I like that idea. 

Hmmm What to finish this Wednesday with….OH I Know…Thighs…Thighs…and more Thighs

Happy Wonderful Wednesday and Fine Thighs Thursday

NIghty NIght and Kissy Kiss My Dear Followers

Happy Fine Thighs Thursday to you all 😘❤

Went for a bit of Malcolm Thighs today, cause you always need more Malcom on your dash…

Loaded with the cold and deaf in one ear, generally having a rare time of it today! 🙃🙃🙃(Note the hint of sarcasm). But it’s fine, another day annual leave, so I can stay in bed, read all the stuff I gotta read for my new music job. Make the most of it 😊

Hope you all have a lovely day whatever you’re up to ✌🏻😎

Peace. Love. Positive thighs– I mean Vibes 😉Xx


1945 Coca-Cola Teen-age Pin-Up Calendar - March-April by Tom Simpson