Caleb Reynolds


Character Archetypes:

Leader: Always knows the best thing to do—and people follow. 

Dreamer: Longs to be something he isn’t.

Waif: Appears innocent and weak and often relies on the pity of others.

Masquerader: Pretends to be something he is not.

Coward: Afraid of everything, controlled by fear.

Revolutionary: Stands opposed to the status quo and fights for her cause.

Sycophant: Self-seeking, flatterer, who works to please those in power.

Extraordinary man: The guy who can do anything.


The feeds basically cut like this and I was cackling. 

Victoria has now been nominated 9 TIMES and still hasn’t gone home…

Derrick has NEVER been nominated

Cody CAN’T make a move without talking to Derrick about it

Caleb STILL thinks he has a chance with Amber

Cody and Victoria both TRUST Derrick

Victoria still hasn’t WON a veto or HOH

Victoria made it to the FINAL 3