It’s The Book Club Comic~ By yours truly ;D

After going through a lot of the fan base, and keeling over and over again at the countless OCS, head cannons, and fanart that many people contributed to the fandom, I wanted to add a little something to truly bring all of us together! I took some of my personal fan-favorite, and iconic object heads and put them all in the same universe for your enjoyment! (i plan to start pumping out some comic strips and fun doodles by wednesday so sit tight!)  oh god, i dont even— i hate all scanners right now.

This comic is about exactly what it is; seven goofs who go on adventures through Percival’s books instead of trying to host “normal” book club meetings on books most of them probably wouldn’t read anyway. 

This features: 

Magnus by 0chromat
Evans by chie-thinks-what-to-type
Percival by dyslexiafeind
Rushmallow by rusharound
Cal by awesomealfry
RGB by modmad
Madras by uyuycucuy
and Cornelius by artblart (yours truly again!) 

(if any of the owners of these characters have an issue with them being put into comic strips and a story in general, please notify me! I don’t wanna make anyone angry! D:)

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so I recently hit 500 followers!! I know everyone says this but I honestly never thought I would have 30 followers, much less 500. Seriously, it took me 2 weeks to get my first follower. But thank you for everyone who follows my mess of a blog :)
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here is another one of the guns from our up coming post apocalyptic short film.

this is NOT a real M1 carbine its a prop that we made for a ww2 short film then waste landed out for our upcoming post apocalyptic short film. 

  • someone:*refers to warner by his first name*
  • me:*flinches*