Cake band

  • me when eurovision starts: yay I'm so happy, Europe is such a beautiful idea we must protect it
  • me when one of my babies doesn't go to the finals: this is bullshit, Europe is a failure, there is no justice in this world

This is the most attractive thing I have seen in a while

The Signs as 90s Alt Rock Bands
  • Aries: Green Day
  • Taurus: Oasis
  • Gemini: Cake
  • Cancer: Radiohead
  • Leo: Bush
  • Virgo: Weezer
  • Libra: Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Scorpio: The Cranberries
  • Sagittarius: No Doubt
  • Capricorn: Alice In Chains
  • Aquarius: Nirvana
  • Pisces: Pearl Jam