In a world where O*icity is endgame: Clark Kent marries Lana Lang, Peter Parker marries Gwen Stacy, Barry Allen marries Caitlin Snow, Batman ends up dating Harley Quinn while Joker dates Catwoman.

And when are all of these gonna happen? ohh that’s right NEVER!

Read a fucking comic book Stephen Amell, please. 


Kara Danvers– And characters I associate with her.

Marley: Character on glee portrayed by Melissa, kind, sweet, a little bit lost… and obviously looks like her

Brittany: Innocent, optimistic and brave. The ‘run the world’ scene especially reminds me of Kara, because of badass ladies and girl power (also those leGS)

Taylor: slightly controversial, I know… but I associate a lot of her music with Supergirl’s story, and they are both beautiful, smart, powerful people.

Quinn: She’s been through a lot of tough times, like Kara. Both of them are incredibly strong thanks to their struggles, but still have their kindness.

Harley: Of course, even Kara Danvers can’t be all sunshine without a little rain… or a hurricane. Both incredibly badass, and even Kara has toed the line between good and evil a few times.

Caitlin: Both characters have lost people, but both also wish to help others against even their own darker sides. Smart, sophisticated and selfless… with hidden dark sides.



By Sam Humphries, Caitlin Rose Boyle, Mickey Quinn, Corey Breen, Jeanine Schaefer, and Shannon Watters

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On sale this Wednesday, March 16!

I’m so excited to be announcing my candidacy for ASUC Senate with CalSERVE - Cal Students for Equal Rights and a Valid Education.

I am one of two queer community-endorsed Senate candidates, and I have worked extensively with the queer community on campus. Additionally, I have ties to the Democratic party, both on and off campus, through my work with Cal Berkeley Democrats and our own Assemblymember and former Cal Bear, Nancy Skinner.

I have also done a great deal of non-partisan political work with my voter registration efforts. As the Vote Coalition Deputy for two school years, I led the team and collaborated with other groups like Young People For, UCSA, CalPIRG, Voto Latino, Hip Hop the Vote, and bridges to register over 8,500 students and community members!

Furthermore, I was heavily invested this past election cycle on the local, state, and national levels – I campaigned for President Barack Obama in Reno, Nevada, Congressperson Ami Bera in Elk Grove, California, and Proposition 30 everywhere I could. Additionally, I vehemently opposed oppressive initiatives like Proposition 32 and Berkeley’s Measure S, to ensure that no rights were infringed upon.

For more information, you can go to