I’m so excited to be announcing my candidacy for ASUC Senate with CalSERVE - Cal Students for Equal Rights and a Valid Education.

I am one of two queer community-endorsed Senate candidates, and I have worked extensively with the queer community on campus. Additionally, I have ties to the Democratic party, both on and off campus, through my work with Cal Berkeley Democrats and our own Assemblymember and former Cal Bear, Nancy Skinner.

I have also done a great deal of non-partisan political work with my voter registration efforts. As the Vote Coalition Deputy for two school years, I led the team and collaborated with other groups like Young People For, UCSA, CalPIRG, Voto Latino, Hip Hop the Vote, and bridges to register over 8,500 students and community members!

Furthermore, I was heavily invested this past election cycle on the local, state, and national levels – I campaigned for President Barack Obama in Reno, Nevada, Congressperson Ami Bera in Elk Grove, California, and Proposition 30 everywhere I could. Additionally, I vehemently opposed oppressive initiatives like Proposition 32 and Berkeley’s Measure S, to ensure that no rights were infringed upon.

For more information, you can go to

Charlotte Grey || 16 || Sexuality: Straight but Curious || Bee|| FC: Ashley Benson

What do you think are your biggest qualities?

I’m pretty laid back, not much phases me

What would you say is your biggest flaw?

I drink way too much when I go out, and then like..have no control over myself. Sometimes it’s hilarious, but sometimes…

Anything you wish you could change about yourself?

Well, this is going to sound vain, but I wish that my knees weren’t so knobbly. It’s really difficult to dress for them. Seriously

Who would you say is your closest friend?

I’m pretty trusting, but I wouldn’t trust any of this lot with my life, least of all Becca

Who are you crushing on?

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Who is your biggest rival?

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Any secrets you have?

I’m increasingly attracted to girls rather than boys

In any group of friends, you always have the extreme one. A person who would jump out of a building for the kick of it. In Becca’s group of friends, Charlotte “call me Lottie or Charlie, otherwise I’ll hit you” Grey is indeed that girl. The smoker, the heavy partier, the chilled out one, those are the best adjectives to describe the petite blonde with a love of heels. With this laid back attitude, comes for a grudging respect from her year, and she rarely flies off the hook. It’s not because things annoy her, more that it’s far too much effort to get annoyed. If there’s a party, Charlotte’s going to be there, and you can guarantee that by the end of the night, she’s going to be the one of the table, downing all of the shots. To many of her friends, she’s a liability and when drunk, a great embarrassment, with a perchance for spilling everything about her friends when she’s drunk, she could be of value to the Revenge Crew, but doesn’t want to be involved in the hate. Why hate when you can have fun? However, this party animal isn’t quite all she seems. For years a straight as a ruler female who jumped into bed with anything when she was in the mood, she began to notice the girl’s in her years body’s closer. When she was changing for sports, her eyes had a habit of sliding to and fro. It was nothing serious, she had just never noticed how attractive the female form was. Or at least, that’s what she’s told herself. She doesn’t declare herself as bisexual though, she’s never had one of those moment, apart from a few drunken ‘spin the bottle’ games and certainly still finds men more attractive, but there’s always that little inkling that she might not be as straight as she always thought she was


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+ Relaxed, Easy Going, Fun

- Extreme, Addictive Personality, Never Thinks Of Consequences

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by Caitlin Quinn

This girl thinks that getting a “quirky, useless pet” is a great way to try and stay young during your quarter life crisis. “Investing money and care into a pet because it looks cute with your outfits and makes your room seem like a mysterious labyrinth of cool junk? Totally something a 16-year-old would want but wouldn’t be allowed to have. Perfect.”

I normally don’t throw fits about anything other than personal stuff on here, but this just disturbed me so much I couldn’t help it.


my comment: You seriously just went out and told people to invest in a pet that looks nice with your outfits????? That is so disgusting and wrong. How many people do you think who actually will go out and do that care for the animal like a family member instead of a piece of jewelry to add to the collection?? I’m fine with adding quirky shoes to your wardrobe, but an animal? REALLY?

I am ecstatic to announce my candidacy for ASUC External Affairs Vice President! I feel like all of my experience here at Cal has led me to this point, and I am honored to be supported by the CalSERVE coalition for this next part of my journey.

When I first started as a student at Berkeley, I never pictured myself in the ASUC. It took the help and encouragement of incredible mentors and friends who challenged, educated, and inspired me. With community support, I was able to find my political voice and develop a passion for advocacy and activism within the ASUC. Now, with my experience as Vote Coalition Deputy and an ASUC Senator, I am prepared to be an EAVP who will not only tirelessly advocate for students, but empower them to develop their own power – just as my mentors empowered me!

Caitlin Quinn for EAVP
Jeanette Corona for AAVP

I appreciate all of the support and love you all have given me thus far, and please visit my Facebook page to learn more about my platforms and priorities!