Growth, Destruction, Rebirth I


I am fascinated by how our bodies function, both physically and mentally, yet still have a hard time understanding simple aspects of life. By viewing our complex structures through a quirky child-like mentality, specifically with my series Growth, Destruction, Rebirth I, I am trying to make and understand those connections between myself and of nature….

Caitlin Bates. Growth, Destruction, Rebirth I.

While Atlanta-based visual artist, Caitlin Bates received her BFA in Photography from SCAD, she believes that “sometimes limiting one’s artwork to a specific medium constricts an artist from growing while deconstructing the flow of ideas and thought processes.”

Her project titled, Growth, Destruction, Rebirth I, reveals an idealized, clean, fibrous anatomy infused with nature.  I have to say that the execution could use a bit more polish but the idea behind these pieces is wonderful.  Look forward to seeing her grow and hopefully do more anatomical pieces in the future!

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Title: Growth, Destruction, Rebirth I.

A conceptual photo series by Caitlin Bates.

“My current bodies of work are reflections of interpersonal conflicts, ideals, and childish mentalities. They’re about viewing a world without blood and gore, leaving the meatiness of how our bodies work, function, feel, touch and see still vivdly in tact. Mentally and emotionally speaking, I haven’t grown up. Through my work I’m trying to work out the balance of these irrational thoughts and behaviors into the harsh reality of life.  ”

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I’ve started work on a new project, or potential new project, but I desperately need some honest and constructive feedback. I feel like they are missing something, but I’m not sure what. Or maybe they work the way that they are. I’ve been staring at these almost everyday for a month and would like a new pair of eyes.

The idea of speaking your true feelings and thoughts to someone is completely terrifying, and it’s even more awful and terrifying if it’s something negative and to someone you care a great deal for. While communication is the backbone of all relationships, it puts more pressure on both party’s shoulders; you want to be honest without being hurtful and sometimes it’s just easier to not say anything at all. The result is a few days of heartache followed by weeks and sometimes months of “what I should have said was…” or “I can’t believe I never said…”; it’s an afterthought of guilt, heartache, embarrassment, shame and unrealized honesty. These have become the letters I should have written you.

Snowbarry Kiss Theory #2

Last night I was in my bed unable to sleep and the result of that was this “crazy theory”. 

I’m really hoping for a kisss between fake Caitlin and real Barry (Kiss Theory #1), but after I saw the WonderCon trailer, I really believe the kiss is between real Caitlin and fake Barry (which I’m not really happy about), but what if there are two kiss and not one

What if Hannibal Bates takes Caitlin form and kiss Barry? That will allow him to take Barry out??

After getting rid off Barry, he will be available to go back to STAR Labs and take his place. But in the end it doesn’t matter how hard he tries to be Barry, he won’t fool Caitlin (right?) and when she is about to call someone for help he kiss her (in order to distract her).

So what do you guys think ??

Today I’ve been featured on one of my favorite blogs, Street Anatomy. I’ve got to say I’m pretty shocked/excited about it, but also a little embarrassed because some of the pieces up there I’m really not very proud of and am kicking myself for not re-working them sooner.

Regardless, this is really exciting for me and might actually be the spout of motivation I’ve been needing to finess this series and complete it.

Done. 6th installment from the Growth, Destruction, Rebirth I series that I have driven myself insane over for the last almost 2 years [that last part is embarrassing].

Come see this [and some of the others from this series] in person THIS FRIDAY at The Granite Room in Castleberry Hills during the Art Stroll. The show is Works In Progress and it’s from 7-10pm.