Caitlin Moran Sherlock

the-bandoms-arent-alright  asked:

I keep hearing about this person Caitlin Moran...I'm sorry but what exactly was it that she did???

it’s been quite a lot about her recently, hasn’t it! well, in conclusion she hosted the BFI Q&A with the Sherlock cast and crew, and made Ben and Martin read a slash johnlock fanfic on stage. they seemed quite uncomfortable with it and they even protested and tried to stop it half way, very polite though, but she kept going on. the superficial problem with this is that she: 

1) made fun of fanart/fanfiction and embarassed the actors/pretty much everybody in that room. & usually when you make fun of fanfic it’s because it’s poorly written but this time is was a bit unclear if she was trying to mock the fic or that john and sherlock were gay (ha ha ha ! homosexuals ! :-D such crazy how surreal)

2) used an actual fic without the author’s permission/knowledge (she’s by the way awesome and has now spoken out about it and she handled it all very cool)

3) it wasn’t a professional thing to do during a q&a, and moreover, i think everybody’s tired on that fucking “have-you-seen-the-fanart” subject now like YES they know what we do and they’re fucking okay with it like what do you journalists expect???? that ben & martin suddenly just “Oh, wow! We have fans? On the Inter web net ? They draw us? That’s hilarious! Let’s fucking laugh together about the people that has made this show possible and mock them for their art and fantasies that’s just amazing thank you for your fucking input :-) ! wow

so if we dig deeper, like, why the thing she did hurt us so much, we’ll find a problem about shame. she shamed us, the fandom, by making fanart/fanfiction appear as the dumbest nastiest thing in the world. i’m sure this wasn’t her intention, i think she just wanted to do a funny thing but she didn’t really think it through first. she’s not alone. but it’s extra disappointing because caitlin moran is a smart girl and she has written a lot of good stuff in her days. her book "how to be a woman” is actually pretty good, but even to a hardcore feminist as me there’re things about her that i can’t accept. this fan-shaming behaviour, for example, and her eternal lack of intersectionality, class perspective and other social contexts in her texts. she’s tweeted some racist stuff and made a few not-really-okay jokes, aswell. on top of this she’s some kind of feminist icon in modern society and has a big role in media so she should be fucking aware of what she says out there. here’re two quotes from “how to be a woman” that i found inspirational when i read them for the first time; 

“But nearly every woman I know has a roughly similar story - in fact, dozens of them: stories about being obsessed with a celebrity, work colleague or someone they vaguely knew for years; living in a parallel world in their head; conjuring up endless plots and scenarios for this thing that never actually happened.” 


“Any action a woman engages in from a spirit of joy, and within a similarly safe and joyous environment, falls within the city-walls of feminism. A girl has a right to dance how she wants, when her favourite record comes on.” 

apparently not so, caitlin. now i’m just disappointed. but remember: she said sorry to the cast and crew, and admitted that it was all a bad idea. she doesn’t deserve any hate or threats, and BBC has apparently already scolded her pretty bad. the important thing now is to make sure that the fandom won’t stop creating beautiful art just because of this, and that journalists will fucking understand already that it’s better if it all stays on the inside. let’s move on now!