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The Snowbarry tag is full of simple, crazy delusional people that are clearly watching a different show. Barry won't ever like Caitlin that way.

Barry won’t ever like Caitlin, maybe she would have been into him but Ronnie is back and she loves him very much so that’s it. 

“Ever since my mother died, I’ve been looked after by so-called ‘sane people’ who couldn’t care less about me. And now that I find something that makes me happy and makes me feel safe, you’re trying to tell me that he’s crazy? Well, I’ll tell you something. I’ll take crazy over sane anyday.”

-Caitlin’s Way (1x1)


Dig Circus, “Wishing for a Sail” (the theme song from Caitlin’s Way)


I was watching Orange is the New Black and one character’s voice, Yoga Jones, was disturbing and disturbingly familiar. I looked up the show and found the actress who played Jones, Constance Shulman. I proceeded to look at her other work and it all came flooding back. She is Patty Mayonnaise from The cartoon show Doug. I don’t think I can watch OITNB the same way. Also Caitlin from Caitlin’s way plays bartender Claire in one episode.

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OKAY REAL TALK TIME! I was watching Orange is the New Black, and there’s this scene with Jason Biggs in a bar freaking out about what a loser he feels like in front of a beautiful woman. I thought to myself, “I have seen this beautiful person before, where have I seen her, I know I have seen her, because I remember being in love with her face,” and then I realize in the middle of Larry freaking out about his wife being in prison that it is LINDSAY FELTON FROM CAITLIN’S WAY AND THIS WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS IN EVER THAT GOT CANCELLED WAY TOO SOON AND I HAVE NOT SEEN IT IN YEARS BUT SOMETIMES THINK FONDLY OF IT BUT SHE LOOKS ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME JUST OLDER AND I JUST AM FREAKING OUT ABOUT HOW AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ARE & HOW THEY STILL EXIST EVEN WHEN I AM NOT WATCHING FAVORITE TV SHOWS FROM MY CHILDHOOD OMG.