There is no sign of nor reference to any Cavanagh characters in the Oct. 4 opener. Meanwhile, having seen the premiere, we can confirm that the scant teases thus far about Flashpoint’s version of Caitlin have been very carefully worded. And it is awesome.

I’m sad to know that we won’t have any Wells mention in the first episode BUT

I’m sooooo happy for Cait storyline. I was a little bit scare that they would put her on the sideline to push WA. But it doesn’t seems like it! 

Since we started asking questions about her being nowhere in any promo. Here’s what we got. 

1: Producer saying Danielle did an awesome job in playing Caitlin in the flashpoint 

2: Producer saying that people will be surprise by Caitlin storyline and they will like it. 

3: Media saying that Caitlin storyline in flash point is awesome!

I think that put an end to her hater’s comments about how she’s useless to the storyline… Producer like Caitlin and they know that we like her, they won’t sideline her because of hate.