Who among you doesn’t wish you could pick yourself up and transport yourself on an American journey to someplace distant?… Someplace new?… Shake the cobwebs from your head… Well, this weekend you can do that vicariously through Cait Kovac. We’re thrilled that Cait will be taking over our Instagram feed while she heads out on her road trip to Georgia this weekend. Cait has contributed several dispatches previously and will soon be contributing a regular #FridayFoundPhotosFeature which will debut next month. Over her long weekend travels, please follow Cait on @americanguide and on her personal Instagram @caitkovac.


Cait Kovac is a state guide to California and an at-large guide to the west. She grew up in upstate New York, lived in Atlanta the last six years and is now settling into her new home in Silicon Valley. She spends her time taking photographs and going on adventures with her boyfriend, Shawn, and their two dogs Matilda and Zeke. You can follow her at and see more of her work at


Title: Instant California

Author: Cait Kovac

Publisher: Landlock


Place: Gillete, WY; United States of América

Pages: 24

Category: Photography


Today we gonna see a very beautiful zine, “Instant California” by the artist Cait Kovac, and published by Landlocked.

First of all, thank you for sharing your beautiful work with me.

This zine is really a very nice addition to this collection.

This zine have 24 pages, and 20 Fuji Instax Photographs, made in California, United States of America.

I like all the design arround this project, it’s really nice to see. Beautifully hand-bound, the layount and paper are very good for this kind of zine. And I particularly like the round corners, very well thought out.

Regarding the pictures, there are 20 pictures of landscape that show us some of the beautiful beaches, roads, mountains of California. After seeing this zine, we were just in the mood to go there!

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Features 19 images from 8 photographers creating in the American West.

Included photographers are: Britannie Bond, Elicia Epstein, Cait Kovac, Zak Long, Nate Matos, Sam Slater, Harry Snowden, and Jeff Wagar

32 pages / designed and printed in Gillette, Wyoming