Didn’t make it down to the ship yesterday, but Lassair gave us all some word on Cainam’s condition. Made it through the night, so that’s his biggest hurdle out of the way. ‘Part from that, he’s come of transfusions, just on nutrients now. There was enough tissue left over from where his fingers cut off that she was able to regrow them, so I guess that’s one less type of permanent damage he could wind up taking out of this. From here, guess it’s just a matter of making sure he’s eating right and then letting him rest, giving him the time he needs to make a proper recovery. Her guess was about a month, something like that, but I guess it could be shorter. He’s strong, little on the stubborn side, so guess that’ll mean he could be up and moving around again sooner rather than later. Like she said, guess that’s a description you could apply to a lot of people in the Sigil. Only really concerning thing was that the warlock was apparently draining him of natural magic, but from what she was saying, that’s not likely to have any kind of permanent effects, nothing like what Sinafay was going through before she got her magic back. Eunie needed to get her rest, tired as she was after her part in everything, but talked it over with her a little when she got in from the garden in the evening, told her what Lassair’d told me. Think the two of us should maybe wander down towards the ship whenever Cainam’s awake and up to talking, see about paying him a visit. She asked about what that warlock had said, something about a dreadlord and a portal. Don’t think either of us can really such much more about it than the other. Bad stuff, that’s for certain. Guessing you’d need somebody like Lav to take a look at him to find out for certain what’s going on. Guess that’s not the main concern right at the moment, though. Once his other health woes’ve been dealt with, then I guess we’ll be free to try figure out exactly what was going on with that ritual.

Everybody else seemed to be getting on okay yesterday, at least out of the ones I ran into. Sinafay’d recovered alright from that little tumble she took down the steps when we found the hidden door leading into the tunnel out of the city, so that’s good to see. Come to think of it, think she was the only person I saw who I know’d gotten any serious kind of injury during the whole thing. Danior was there when we were talking, looked a little tired, but he hadn’t been on the mission. Lumenar showed up as well, but can’t remember whether she wound up getting hurt at all. Actually, speaking of Lumenar, had the designs she’s been making for my tattoo ready to show me. We wound up scheduling to get it done tomorrow night, so guess I’ve got today to keep having a look through them, make sure I pick the one I like the most. That and find a book to read while she’s working on it. Like Eunie said, have to be careful not to pick one that’s gonna lull me off to sleep or anything like that. Wouldn’t be good to start drifting off and suddenly fall over while she’s working, wind up with something permanent where I’d much rather it wasn’t. Kind of looking forward to finally getting it done, amount of time we’ve been talking about it now. Trying to think when I first started thinking about it…might need to take a look through the journals tonight, find out for certain. Anyway, that’s a good thing.  ‘Part from that, headed off to that story circle behind the cathedral. Think I might’ve wandered past last week, but first time I’ve sat down and properly listened in a good while. It was pretty good. Couple of interesting stories. Might have to think about going back next week if I wind up having a bit of free time in the afternoon.

Lassair headed off to check on Cainam mid-way through, then Danior left afterwards with this girl, Rosie. Figure they’re related somehow, similar as they looked. Said they were going to go and get pie, got Gwenelle and me thinking we should wander off, go get ourselves something to eat. Wound up wandering over to the Golden Keg, getting ourselves a drink there. Pretty handy having that place so close to home. Better place to drink than either the Pig or the Recluse are nowadays. Good food, too. Anyway, wound up sitting there for an hour or so, talked about a few different things. Sarah apparently being back, for one. Gwenelle hasn’t seen her yet either, didn’t hear anything from her while she was away, but I think we’re both pretty glad to hear that she’s back, hopefully alive and well. Talked a little about relationships, apart from that. Wound up telling her a little about Catherine, how Eunie and I met, plus the story about how Beatrice looked like she’d died and then wound up coming back on top of that. She talked about Iadric as well. She didn’t know for certain, but think they’ve been together for somewhere between two and four months now. Getting to be a fair while, long enough that they’re comfortable talking about buying a house in Elwynn together, starting to discuss kids and marriage and that. Don’t know that the former’s necessarily a possibility, or that either of them’d be interested even if it was. As for the marriage thing, think they’ll be holding back a little on that. Good thing, really. Not the sort of thing you should rush. I mean, Eunie and I were pretty quick to get to the altar, but don’t know that’s the sort of timeframe that’d work for many people to get to know each other. Kinda get the feeling Gwenelle’s at the stage where she wouldn’t necessarily mind Iadric popping the question, but with as happy as they seem together, figure he’s got a fair while to go yet before she starts getting impatient.