Incompresible lo que hace este tío en menos de 10 segundos.

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A un piloto se le cae su móvil mientras volaba y un hombre lo encuentra en su patio…

“Este no es mi móvil“


Diego Armando Mercadona.



Desventaja Nº1 de escalar cuando tienes superfuerza.

Weekly Vocabulary Series (3)


1. so as to = in order to

2. for instance = for example

3. in terms of = relating / related to, taking into consideration

4. invariably = always

5. be keen on / be fond of / be into sth. = like

6. genuinely = really

7. swift = quick, fast

8. for good / for keeps / till the cows come home = forever

9. in a tick / in a flash / in less than no time / in a jiffy = very quickly / soon

10. be a dab hand at / be (an) ace at sth. = be very good at sth.

Weekly Vocabulary Series (5)

C1 / C2 synonyms of commonly used adjectives:

1. nuts = crazy

2. sanguine = optimistic

3. tentative = uncertain

4. irritated = angry

5. melancholy / miserable = sad

6. agitated / distressed = worried

7. serene = peaceful

8. grievous = serious

9. dogged = determined

10. weary = tired

11. cursory = quick

12. idle = lazy

13. indispensable = important

Weekly Vocabulary Series (1)

Hi people! I’ve decided to launch a weekly vocabulary series so as to provide you guys the essential vocabularies and phrases for the exam. On the other hand it helps me revise the knowledge I’ve gained in the past five months. I mean, being at the level of C1, you are actually able to understand everything single word that is spoken in a basic daily conversation, and you don’t want to lose that ability, right?

Today we’re starting off with six vocabularies of the same word family. Sometimes I may not have every single meaning of the word because I’ve picked the one which has seemed to be the most important to me. So please feel welcome to check it out on your own. I usually use the Cambridge Dictionary which is excellent. I would recommend you guys to learn the vocabularies in English because it helps you think in English and therefore improves your fluency. 

1. to conceive = to imagine; to invent

2. concept = idea / plan

3. inconceivable = unlikely, e.g. It’s inconceivable that Mya failed in the Maths test.

4. conceivable = likely

5. conceptual = ‘based on ideas or principles’ which is used to described something lacks creativity and may be therefore dull and difficult to understand

6. conception = ‘an idea of what something or someone is like, or a basic understanding of a situation or principle, e.g. People from different cultures have different conceptions of the world.’ 

italics = source: Cambridge Dictionary

See you next time, guys!