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A day after Hillary Rodham Clinton became the first woman to be named a presidential nominee by a major political party in the United States, we lift up those - like activists Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton - who fought hard for women’s rights in this country’s political process.

Highlighted here are letters written by Susan B. Anthony (pictured above, right) to minister and social reformer, Jenkin Lloyd Jones.

In a letter to Jones in 1894 Anthony described her grueling speaking schedule  - at age 74! - as president of the National-American Woman Suffrage Association:

“I have been engaged speaking at the rate of five nights each week and traveling from 50 to 100 miles each day…I have compassed forty-six out of the sixty counties of the Empire State!!…I am to begin the 106 counties of the State of Kansas with a similar sweep of county meetings to continue up to July 1st.”

She goes on to praise the writing abilities of fellow activist Elizabeth Cady Stanton (pictured above, left), her “life-long friend” and “pen artist in the great emergencies when I must have a carefully prepared paper” whose writing, Anthony felt, must be heard in person “for it is the presence - the sight - the personality - that are needed to make her writings stand for all they are worth.”

Anthony summed up the focus of her life’s work in another letter to Jones in 1896:

“‘Justice’ to women, ‘Love’ to women, ‘Reverence’ to women, ‘Knowledge’ for women – one-half the people of the world – give me about all the work I am equal to.”

Find more letters like this from Anthony to Jones in the Jenkin Lloyd Jones Papers.

Photograph of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony courtesy of the Library of Congress.


The first volume of my new mini comic, “Profession: Cooking” is up!
Profession: Cooking is a min comic where Cadistra and her assistant, Lil’ Leftovers, teach you how to cook ~real things~!

Today’s lesson is: homemade pizza! :9

I make all of these beforehand, so they’re IRL Cadi Sanctioned™ for ease of use and deliciousness. 

Please enjoy and pizza responsibly!

~Cadi ♥


Puzzle Piece Wedding Bands

Couple turned business partners  Eliad (goldsmith) + Maya (Product and Architectural lighting designer) first met in India. From their unexpected love affair, they traveled through Africa and the Far East, where they immersed themselves in local traditions. Abroad, the couple explored color and age-old jewelry-making techniques passed down through the generations of tribal cultures.

After being exposed to modern,cutting edge technology of jewelry marking, such as 3D printing CAD, they’ve developed a set of unique and contemporary rings on their shop Cadi Jewellery.

Their collection of promise rings, engagement rings and anniversary rings are made of gold, sterling silver and lots of love. The “Wedding Engagement Ring” collection is designed as a puzzle, which implies the feelings of finding you other half and soul mate. Find them in their Etsy shop.

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