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The terrorists have taken over the Nakatomi Tower. Inside, they're holding the best and brightest of Canada (not Harper) hostage, the best and brightest from Blizzard, and a plethora of handicapped, orphaned kittens who just want somebody to love. The bomb is set to go off in ten seconds and you have to decide between which of two wires to cut -- one labeled Lemon Tea and one labeled Milk Tea. WHICH DO YOU BELIEVE WILL SAVE THE KITTENS, CADI?

….B-both…? >_>;;;;


Mod’ been real sick in hospital so no art, but this was a nice thing to cheer up to today. 3D teen Cady and Shiny!


There was a new teacher for senior sex ed at the school this year, and so far everyone thought Miss Cadie was really nice. It surprised a few people at first that she sported an enormous belly that she claimed to have twins inside. She was funny and cool and seemed to totally understand the kids.

  However a huge surprise came at the end of the lesson. “Now.” She said calmly, drumming her fingers on her belly. “To help you all understand the real experience of being pregnant, I’ve slipped some Preg-X into one of the girls’ drinks today.” She winked.

Preg-X was a drug that was meant to recreate the effects of pregnancy, mentally and physically. It lasted a whole nine months and could be indistinguishable from a normal pregnancy. The girls in the class looked around in shock. Who had drank the tainted drink?

Cadie just smiled, she was the only one who knew that every student, both male and female, had just received a healthy dose of Preg-X. It was going to be a fun year.

In fact it was unlike any other year the school had seen. Every senior had to take sex ed, so by March, every senior was waddling down the hallways, seven months pregnant.

Parents had been furious at first, they had called for the immediate removal of Miss Cadie, and yet she couldn’t be fired. The students had all willingly signed a contract at enrollment, they didn’t realize it but Cadie and the principal had worked it into the fine print. Legally she was safe.

Only about a fourth of the senior class was mad at her little stunt. Or rather big and round stunt. The rest loved her class where they played pregnancy related games and compared belly sizes.

There were however always long lines at the bathroom. Several students, even males, were having some problems with leaking. The boys always thought it was hilarious though.

The local maternity store at the mall was always packed and out of stock and the fancy clothing store had already ordered every dress in a maternity size and begun special hemming tuxedo vests for the preggie prom that was coming up.

Every morning when she waddled into the school, she surveyed her empire of round bellies happily. Several had begun to call the seniors the class of the bump. This made Cadie want to laugh, as if it were a one year thing.

One day she even saw a few juniors staring at the seniors with their enormous bellies and she wanted to just waddle by and whisper, “That’ll be you soon enough.” But she thought she’d rather keep it a surprise. There was no doubt in her mind that this would be the newest senior tradition.

In late March the cap and gowns were delivered to the school, every single senior looked like a tent as their gowns draped down over their huge belly. Some of the students were resting their caps on their bellies rather than their heads.

Lunch in the teachers lounge was always fun for Cadie too, she’d convinced some to partake in the Preg-X dosage as well, and she’d been surprised just how many had been willing. Every day they’d bring in their exotic lunches that were tethered to their specific cravings.

With prom just around the corner, Cadie made sure to snag a position as a chaperone, after all she couldn’t wait to see all the dressed up bellies bumping and bouncing on the dance floor.

As long as cadiepreggobelly keeps up the pictures, I’ll keep up the stories! :)

Jammin’ // Toby&Cadi

As per Toby’s request, Cadi decided to not get pineapple on the pizza at all. It was practically a meatlovers. She didn’t care, pizza was pizza, as long as it didn’t have any real veggies on it. So, guitar in one hand and pizza in the other, she made her way to Toby’s. Thankfully he wasn’t far from the pizza place, seeing as the box was burning her hand to a crisp. She put her guitar case down to knock on the door, shuffling the pizza to her other hand. “Tobyyy!” She whined, knocking again.

Cadi Cliff is walking the 186mile long Pembrokeshire coastal path to fundraise for Voluntary Service Overseas

A lot of change is afoot … Come October I will be spending 3 months with Voluntary Service Overseas on an ICS placement in Ikorodu, Nigeria. ICS only work with communities which have specifically requested their help, and WARDC (Women Advocates Research and Documentation Centre) will be the implementing partner organisation in Ikorodu.

The focus will be to work alongside volunteers from Nigeria to help drive greater youth participation in governance, creating environments where young people can deliberate on issues affecting their community and emerge with a united voice to hold local leaders and elected officials responsible. 

All of VSO’s projects are informed by a belief in the vitality of gender equality, mitigating the effects of a changing climate, and the inclusion of people with disabilities. Find about more about what they do here

I’m walking the Pembrokeshire coastal path in September to raise awareness and money for VSO. The coastal path spans 186 miles, from St Dogmaels to Amroth, and the ascents and descents add up to a whopping 35,000ft.  

I’ve pledged to raise £800 and any money donated will help ensure that VSO can continue to bring about positive change in the developing communities where they work. None of the money raised is funding me (this placement is government funded), it all goes straight to VSO to ensure they can continue their work. Any and all support (and plasters…) is appreciated, thank you! 

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* WARNING some kind of SPOILERS ahead if it's true* there's a rumor going around about the suicide squad that the enchantress is being delivered to lex Luthor for her to be used as a weapon so the squad was formed so that the enchantress will be saved and not be delivered to him. That's why we don't see her during the trailer walking and in action with the squad... Just a rumor... What are your thoughts about this??

I have heard that rumor as well. I think it’s plausible since we haven’t seen too much of her in the trailers. I actually just recently posted an article about Cara Delevingne talking about Enchantress. I think they will try to keep a lot under wraps until the movie comes out, though, so we will have to just wait and see! -Cadie

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have you ever read the comic "Batman: The Killing Joke"? if you have, do you think that Batman snapped the joker's neck at the end? and the joke that the Joker said was about his "relationship" with batman? by that i mean like how things go on between them.

I personally have not read “The Killing Joke,” but I’ve heard good things about it! Though from what I know of the Batman, he never really liked killing people? I always just assumed that he and the Joker would forever be fighting. Anyone else have a better opinion or more info on this? -Cadie

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I miss Superherofeed in my TT's TL and your pieces of Olicity love 💚💚💚 we are waiting! 😘

Oh I’m glad to be missed! We’re working hard to keep this thing up and running for all to enjoy :) -Cadie