In Which I Fall Down the Tokidoki Rabbit Hole…

I’ve been obsessively watching youtube these days. Not even sure why, but somehow in the last two weeks I went from following just one person I know personally to following a million toy channels. In an especially long marathon of watching Cupquake un-box toys last weekend, I discovered the cuteness that is Tokidoki and couldn’t stop myself from ordering some immediately. As you can see, they arrived today and I am absolutely addicted now. LOOK AT THE CUTENESS!!!! OMG. Cool things to note, from a company standpoint: they included the stickers and barrettes for free and just the overall packaging of everything is like little works of art themselves. Even the sharpies included in the DIY Unicorno have their characters on them. How. Cool. 

I have plans to paint that DIY Unicorno as part of a pair with the design I’m working on for the Munny I received in last month’s Loot Crate. I can’t wait to finish them and share! 

So basically, now I need every Unicorno ever and I’m positive I’ll have a terribly hard time finding series 1 and 2, but I shall try. They’re just so cute, I can hardly stand it. 

Tokidoki Cactus Kitties Blind Box Figure

Here is the 2nd figure we got (we had ordered 4) from our Blind Boxes.  This is another Tokidoki figure.  We got a Cactus Kitties series one.

The Box looks like this

These figures are cute.  What did we get?





We got a……..


There are several styles you can get

I think my daughter was hoping for Lana or DJ Paw Paw.  I love that these come with a little accessory.  Bandito came with an orange fish.

These are cute.  The spines can be a bit pointy, but not too bad (unless you hold it in your hand and make a fist)

You can find these on Amazon


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