It’s not pets it’s her gang!

I went and got out all my cat figures in my collection. I missed out my Nyanko Sensei figures because that will really be too many!

Cats are my favourite animals, and before I had dolls they where the only animals I cared to collect. Now I have a collection of wolfs and a collection of rodents

Can you tell my favourite cat colour is actually black? You can’t.. I don’t even have 1 black cat!


Hepburn from Cactus Cat Kitty Rescue in San Bernardino, California

Click here for more information about adoption and other ways to help!

Click here for a link to Cactus Cat Kitty Rescue’s main website (Petfinder link).

Meet Hepburn! This beautiful Tuxie is a ball of energy! She’s not a lap cat, she wants to run and play. She will sleep next to you when she’s played out.  You can meet Hepburn at our adoption events at the Riverside Petsmart, or contact us if interested.