Une de mes plus grandes peurs c’est de mourir étouffée en avalant un cachet; j’en ai 7 à prendre par jour en ce moment je vis dans la terreur

Keep calm and hang on

I actually hate that meme but it popped in my head. Who am I to edit my own thoughts? Err…waitaminute
Morning(noon) warmup instead of phone surfing continues. This time I took the Cachet Mixed Media Travelbook out for a spin. Not bad. It even comes with a brush that tucks away in the inside flap. I used a variety of markers, pens, brushes -whatever was within arms reach. Fun stuff. However the stage before this one was simpler and I liked it better. Plus there’s a big ‘marker test blotch’ hiding under the stratgically placed white pen. Ha.

#somuchforhidingit #spoileralert #battleberzerkerbalto #ink #markers #prismacolor #cachet #sketchbook #mixedmedia #art #bloodygoodtime #headsup #hangon #hanginthere

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(N.) ‘Paw-pur-fel-lur  Person who has no money but mysteriously exudes an aura of wealth and privilege. Usage: Julius—young, witty, popular and dashingly dressed—was invited to every high-profile film and art opening, turned up without fail at Art Basel, Sundance, Cannes and the Oscars, and was frequently photographed and quoted by the gossip press. It was rumored that he was heir to a tech fortune, but Julius was actually a pauperfeller who’d moved to Bed-Stuy from Des Moines, rented a tiny room from a cleaning woman, and supported his luxurious lifestyle by temping.