🌳 Mayor Madelaide of Oceana🌳

+ so many freckles*
+ grey eyes
+ blushes a lot
+ really shy
+ likes to read outside
+ loves black tea with milk and honey
+ works really hard to make her villagers happy
+ favourite colours are green and orange

🍂 Wears🍂

+ hair bow wig (sometimes Lottie’s bun wig)
+ tortoise specs
+ black and white polka dot blouse
+ beige skirt
+ green cable knit cardigan
+ black tights
+ shearling boots
+ black backpack

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*not really in game


A quick overview of all of my current projects:

*Posy Cardigans 1 & 2. 1 is complete and I just started on the sleeves of 2!

*White Cabled Scarf, will be a Christmas gift. I love the stitches so much. I can’t wait to make a fisherman cabled sweater.

*Gray socks, were a possible Christmas gift, most likely not. Instead using them as a way to test out stitches. Its pair will not be the same.

*Sandy Tweed Cowl, just an excuse to play with texture and use up some yarn. Liking the outcome so far!

That’s all!

Here’s a pic of my desk, because we all know a good study space is v important! I’m currently wrapped up in three layers of cable knit cardigans and sipping a piping hot chai tea, trying to complete some maths notes. It’s safe to say recovering from a virus and studying don’t mix so well!

you look good in my shirt

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Words: 2k+ (oops, this was supposed to be a drabble)
Rating: M (smut, language)
Pairing, characters: Dean x Female Reader, Sam
Note: Set sometime in the vague present when there aren’t any major threats. The reader borrowing Dean’s sweater causes Dean to have some feels and finally make a move. No major triggers except the vague mention of a salt & burn. Smut is fairly vanilla. 

“It’s not that funny.” Dean grumbles, glaring at you, as the three of you get out of the car, getting ready to interview a witness. You’ve been giggling at the sight of Dean in a cable-knit cardigan since he came out of the bathroom this morning, even though part of you wonder if it’s as soft as it looks, and if– no.

“It’s a little funny,” you counter, straightening your skirt. 

“Can we just get this over with?” Sam asks, and you try to stop smiling.

A little under twenty minutes later, you’re heading back to the car, and Dean is already loosening his tie. 

“Wait until we get in the car, at least.” You say, looking back towards the house where, sure enough, the new widow they’ve just interviewed is watching them go. 

Dean scowls, a crease appearing between his eyebrows. “I hate wearing sweaters.” 

You laugh then, unable to keep it in. “How can you hate a sweater?” 

“It’s itchy!” 

“God. You’re such a baby.” 

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inktober 17: i’m pretty sure it was @guljerry who suggested Garak in a skooshy sweater?!?! and now i’m sold on my favorite lizard murder baby with a growing collection of incredibly warm, comfortable cable knits and cardigans he wears in his quarters. 

Also, half the reason i’m so dedicated to the cardassians-with-tails design is simply the thought of their tails doing the irritated cat *fwip fwip fwipfwipfwip FWIPFWIP* thing.

ENG: Detectives in love

[Description: an inked drawing of Velma and Daphne from Scooby Doo. Velma is wearing a pleated skirt and a turtleneck sleeveless top, with a cable knit cardigan. Her natural hair is short and parted on one side. Daphne is wearing a short dress, and her long hair is held in place by a headband. They are holding hands. Velma is making a kissy face while Daphne looks at her softly.]

ESP: Detectives enamoradas

[Descripción: un dibujo en tinta de Velma y Daphne de Scooby Doo. Velma está usando una pollera con tablas, un top de cuello alto sin mangas, con un cardigan tejido. Su cabello natural es corto, raya al costado. Daphne está usando un vestido corto, y su cabello largo es sostenido por una vincha. Se están tomando de las manos. Velma está haciendo cara de besito, mientras Daphne la mira con ternura.]

The Signs as Tumblr Outfits

Aries- A black top with the sleeves cut off, a white bandeau underneath, wristbands, ripped jeans, boots

Taurus- Skinny jeans, a baggy sweater, a long necklace, low-top converse

Gemini- A grey knit dress with sheer black tights underneath, a white cardigan, a cable knit burgundy scarf, ankle booties

Cancer- A sheer black top, high waisted shorts, a choker necklace, red lips, flats

Leo- A cream lace bralette, black shorts, a red cardigan with rolled up sleeves, chunky black booties

Virgo- A bell-sleeved white bohemian top, distressed boyfriend jeans, white converse

Libra- A pale blue scalloped top, jean shorts, a thin leather belt, matching leather sandals

Scorpio- A dark grey Rolling Stones tank top, skinny jeans, assorted bracelets, a black beanie, combat boots

Sagittarius- A deep green V-neck sweater, gold knuckle rings, black pleather leggings, combat boots

Capricorn- A white t-shirt, a leather jacket, black skinny jeans, sandals

Aquarius- A graphic shirt, a turquoise unzipped hoodie, light wash jeans, keds

Pisces- A denim shirt, a statement necklace, black leggings, boots with heels

Imagine Draco and Hermione dating each other while Scorpius and Rose are 14 and Hugo is 11. And then one summer the 5 of them go out to dinner and Scorpius notices Hermione’s mudblood scar.

He learns about its history and how it got there.

He learns that due it being caused by a cursed blade she can’t get it removed.

He vows to find a way to get it removed.

He works twice as hard while at Hogwarts.

He graduates top of his class.

And as the years goes by he gets a mastery in potions.

He supports and cheers on his father and Hermione getting married.

He continues to find a way to rid Hermione of her cursed scar. 

Rose and Hugo help him along the way.

And one day…when the family of 5 gets together for dinner at the home of Hermione’s parents…a 25 year old Scorpius takes Hermione’s arm, raises the sleeve of her cable knit cardigan, and rubs a sticky green salve onto it. Tears form in her eyes when she instantly feels the magic heal away the hated 8 letter word. And when Scorpius then wipes the salve off of her arm with a cloth she gasps and tears of joy. 

It was gone.

Truly gone.

Grangers, Malfoys, and Weasleys join in an emotional group hug and after some time they pull apart. Dinner is announced but then out of his breast pocket Scorpius pulls out another vial and smiles at his dad. “Your turn.”

Draco’s jaw drops as Rose clutches onto his left forearm and smiles, guiding him to the nearest chair. She pushes up the sleeve of his gray buttoned down shirt, revealing the raised scar left behind from the dark mark. When she notices his frown she shakes her head. “What? You thought that we wouldn’t think about you? That we didn’t think of you worthy of a second chance?”

As Hermione grasps onto his other hand and leans in to kiss the top of his head a lump forms in the back of his throat as a single thought ran through his head. ‘No…not anymore.’