Imagine Magneto just like, randomly showing up at your shul.

Like, not ‘purple cabled cardigan and khaki pants’ Magneto.

Like, helmet and cloak Magneto showing up at your shul.

Just like.

Takes off his helmet. Puts on a kippah.

Sits in the back row.

Stays for the oneg.

Just imagine.


Title: Home

Summary: Dean Winchester didn’t know what having a home felt like. Not until he met her, anyway.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester (briefly)

Word count: 1418

Warnings: This is pure, unadulterated fluff (with tiny, light references to sex because Dean can’t help himself, okay?)

Author’s Note: This is my submission for @atari-writes‘ Birthday Challenge. Amber, thank you so, so much for letting me participate and granting me an extension for this. I’m glad I took my time with it because I kind of love how it turned out.

My prompt for this were “I hate to see you leave but love to watch you go. ‘Cause of your butt.” from The Office and “You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this…”  from Parks And Recreation

Enjoy <3

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Dean isn’t sure he knows what having a home feels like.

He remembers he used to have one, of course, back when the monsters and the demons weren’t a part of his life, but that was ruined the moment they killed his mother and burned his childhood to the ground, and he’s certain that he wouldn’t want to go back, even if he could.

He never settled after that, never stayed in one place long enough to call it home, but that doesn’t matter anyway, because, to him, home isn’t really a place. He has heard the sayings, after all, knows that, for most people, home is where the heart is.

That’s the thing though; Dean is not most people and he doesn’t believe love’s something that can be measured. His heart, he knows, is not at one place; it’s strapped to his brother’s existence, but there are parts of it, bloody and weathered, that have stayed with his parents, and others that belong to the friends he’s come to consider family, both the ones he’s lost and the ones that are still around.

So, yeah, perhaps Dean has many homes but it never feels like it, never feels like he truly belongs somewhere other than the Impala. There, holding the steering wheel, with the scent of leather and whiskey and dry blood filling his senses and a classic rock song blasting through the speakers, he feels free.

And yet, there’s something missing.

He can feel it in moments like this, moments when he’s returning back to the bunker with his brother after a fun night out because everything around him is still and nobody needs saving, and he wants to feel happy, wants to feel content and at peace, but he can’t.

And then, he sees her.

She’s fallen asleep on the sofa, dressed in that ridiculous cable-knit cardigan of his that she seems to love, the book she’d been reading for the past few weeks still in her hand and she’s so beautiful and stunningly innocent in that moment, so vulnerable and strong all at once, that he can’t help the smile that tugs at his lips.

“You’re disgustingly in love with her.” Sam announces, barely able to contain his amusement when the tips of his brother’s ears flush pink. “You know that, right?”

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ENG: Detectives in love

[Description: an inked drawing of Velma and Daphne from Scooby Doo. Velma is wearing a pleated skirt and a turtleneck sleeveless top, with a cable knit cardigan. Her natural hair is short and parted on one side. Daphne is wearing a short dress, and her long hair is held in place by a headband. They are holding hands. Velma is making a kissy face while Daphne looks at her softly.]

ESP: Detectives enamoradas

[Descripción: un dibujo en tinta de Velma y Daphne de Scooby Doo. Velma está usando una pollera con tablas, un top de cuello alto sin mangas, con un cardigan tejido. Su cabello natural es corto, raya al costado. Daphne está usando un vestido corto, y su cabello largo es sostenido por una vincha. Se están tomando de las manos. Velma está haciendo cara de besito, mientras Daphne la mira con ternura.]

inktober 17: i’m pretty sure it was @guljerry who suggested Garak in a skooshy sweater?!?! and now i’m sold on my favorite lizard murder baby with a growing collection of incredibly warm, comfortable cable knits and cardigans he wears in his quarters. 

Also, half the reason i’m so dedicated to the cardassians-with-tails design is simply the thought of their tails doing the irritated cat *fwip fwip fwipfwipfwip FWIPFWIP* thing.

🌳Mayor Madelaide of Oceana🌳

+ so many freckles*
+ grey eyes
+ blushes a lot
+ really shy
+ likes to read outside
+ loves black tea with milk and honey
+ works really hard to make her villagers happy
+ favourite colours are green and orange


+ hair bow wig (sometimes Lottie’s bun wig)
+ tortoise specs
+ black and white polka dot blouse
+ beige skirt
+ green cable knit cardigan
+ black tights
+ shearling boots
+ black backpack

QR design by @pastelpapermoon

*not really in game

10 Wardrobe Essentials for Larme Kei

There’s been a surge of interest in larme kei of late, and as others have noted, this has also resulted in major misconceptions about what larme kei is. Since this has been covered at length on other tumblrs, I’m going to focus instead on answering the big question that inevitably pops up after, namely, what should a larme kei wardrobe have?

In this post, I’m going to recommend 10 wardrobe essentials for the larme look. There are a few things readers should note:

A: I will be omitting some items that others may deem essential because this list focuses on versatility. For instance, I have completely omitted one-pieces from this list because they tend to fit into niche larme looks, which not everyone may be aiming or suited for.

B: Almost everything on this list is in my own wardrobe. I selected them based on the following criteria: Can you find them outside of Japan in regular shops like H&M? Can they be combined with other items for a wide variety of looks? Are they wearable all year round?

C: Most things on the list are in black or white because these two colours offer the most utility. That said, do feel free to get them in other colours to suit your own style.

(Brands: Bubbles; Axes Femme)


Lace blouses are perfect for creating a more mature vibe to your outfit and easily paired with bustiers or camisoles. There’s a huge range to choose from, especially in terms of sleeve lengths and collar styles. If you’re worried about seeming too risque or just catching a cold, you can always pair the lace blouse with a cardigan.

Extra larme points for: puffed sleeves

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My first QR codes!!!! The tee-shirt one from the band Boy & Bear, based on their album art for “Limit of Love”! I like the band, I like the album, and I like the design, so why not make an outfit of it? First a pink pleated skirt w/ the top, then the top w/ high-waisted denim shorts and a red cable knit cardigan!

you look good in my shirt

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Words: 2k+ (oops, this was supposed to be a drabble)
Rating: M (smut, language)
Pairing, characters: Dean x Female Reader, Sam
Note: Set sometime in the vague present when there aren’t any major threats. The reader borrowing Dean’s sweater causes Dean to have some feels and finally make a move. No major triggers except the vague mention of a salt & burn. Smut is fairly vanilla. 

“It’s not that funny.” Dean grumbles, glaring at you, as the three of you get out of the car, getting ready to interview a witness. You’ve been giggling at the sight of Dean in a cable-knit cardigan since he came out of the bathroom this morning, even though part of you wonder if it’s as soft as it looks, and if– no.

“It’s a little funny,” you counter, straightening your skirt. 

“Can we just get this over with?” Sam asks, and you try to stop smiling.

A little under twenty minutes later, you’re heading back to the car, and Dean is already loosening his tie. 

“Wait until we get in the car, at least.” You say, looking back towards the house where, sure enough, the new widow they’ve just interviewed is watching them go. 

Dean scowls, a crease appearing between his eyebrows. “I hate wearing sweaters.” 

You laugh then, unable to keep it in. “How can you hate a sweater?” 

“It’s itchy!” 

“God. You’re such a baby.” 

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Summer Camp- part three (Pack Mom)

After Y/N and Derek said goodnight to the boys, the two older boys George and Marcus gathered around Stiles and Scott’s bunk with flashlights in the hands.
‘’You know what I think we should do tonight?’’ Marcus asked the others as George went to turn off the baby monitor by Liam’s bunk.
‘’What?’’ Scott replied looking up at the older boy.
‘’I think we should tell ghost stories,’’ Marcus replied as he turned the flashlight on and off. He looked up at George who gave him a sly smirk and nodded; silently telling him the job had been done.
‘’No, go to sleep,’’ Stiles protested.
‘’It sounds like he hasn’t heard the story of the boy who drowned in the lake and his brothers that went missing years ago,’’ George told him.
‘’What story?’’ Scott asked curiously.
‘’Come on, Stiles. Don’t be such a baby,’’ Marcus taunted him.
‘’I’m not a baby!’’ he argued back.
‘’Yeah!’’ Scott and Isaac replied joining in. Isaac and Liam came and sat on the bottom bunk with Stiles as Scott climbed down from the top and joined them.
‘’Alright then,’’ George said sitting behind Marcus on the bed.
‘’It was a cold dark windy night just like this and there were four boys who went to exploring by the lake late at night when there were no adults around. The trees of the forest closed in like dark shadowy creatures and the wind howled like an angry pack of wolves. The four boys went over to the lake when suddently the tide came in and swept one of them out. He couldn’t swim and no matter how loud he yelled no one came. The water splashed angrily and soon he couldn’t be seen in the water. They found his dead body the next day washed up on the campsite because he had drowned.’’ George told them.
‘’That’s not a fun story,’’ Isaac replied shaking slightly.
‘’But don’t you want to know what happened to his brothers?’’ he asked them in a scarily low voice. The younger boys all shook their heads but Marcus and George continued with their story.
‘’The next night, the boys went missing. Apparently, they heard a tapping sound on their window and went to see. They walked outside the cabin and saw a dark shadowy figure with scary yellow eyes and big fangs that came for them because they were never seen again,’’ George finished.
The room went silent until Marcus jumped up from the bed and roared a deep scary roar causing the younger boys to jump and yell as Marcus and George fell on to the bed laughing. Liam began to wail from being startled. All four boys stayed on the bed scared to go outside of the cabin after the story they had heard. Stiles breathing began to hitch and he could feel a panic attack coming on. Scott knew the look of terror in his brother’s eyes and plucked up the courage to race outside to Y/N and Derek’s cabin banging on their door.
It had just gone 11:15pm and the couple were still awake just laying together in bed when all of a sudden they heard the door banging. Y/N grabbed her oversized grey cable knit cardigan and put on her slippers before rushing to the door to open to find a terrified Isaac.
‘’Y/N! Come quick! Stiles can’t breath and Liam is crying!’’ he hurried them holding her hand and pulled her their cabin with Derek following behind them.
‘’What? Why didn’t we hear anything over the baby monitor?’’ Derek questioned slightly confused.
Y/N rushed in and put the main light on seeing the terror on the boys’ faces.
‘’Boys, what happened?’’ she asked concerned. She rushed over to Liam taking the small crying child into her arms. Liam clung to her shirt and hiccupped. Isaac wrapped his arms around hr waist burying his head against her stomach sobbing as Derek rushed to Stiles scooping thee boy up into his lap trying to get him calm his breathing.
‘’Liam, Isaac sweetie? What happened? What’s the matter?’’ Y/N cooed gently rocking Liam and running her fingers through Isaac’s golden curls. Derek was trying to calm Stiles down getting him to breathe in and out slowly. Scott also climbed into Derek’s lap and curled into him sobbing against his chest.
‘’What happened?!’’ Derek asked annoyed at the older two boys who did not seem to be phased by the young kids on the verge of having a panic attack.
‘’They told scary stories,’’ Isaac sobbed against Y/N’s stomach still clinging to her.
‘’You boys did what?!’’ Derek asked in disbelief.
‘’It was only a joke,’’ George replied defending himself.
Y/N checked the baby monitor on Liam’s bedside table and saw that it had been turned off.
‘’Who turned the baby monitor?’’ she asked sternly switching it back on. The two older boys were silent.
‘’Who did it?!’’ she asked again more authoritatively. The older boys shrugged.
‘’You boys are in a lot of trouble. We’ll discuss your punishment in the morning. Bed, right now.’’ Y/N ordered them but they refused to move.
‘’You can’t tell us what to do, you’re not our parents,’’ Marcus sassed.
‘’Are you being disrespectful, young man?’’ Derek asked him.
‘’We may not be your parents but don’t think Headmaster Walters won’t be hear about this,’’ Y/N told them.
The boy rolled their eyes at the cabin leaders and went to their beds.
‘’Come on boys, it’s ok. It’s ok you’re ok. They were just being silly,’’ Y/N reassured them. She sat down on the bed with Liam and Isaac both in her lap as they clung to her still scared. Derek went over to sit next to his wife holding Scott and Stiles in his lap.
‘’You boys are safe, nothing is going to hurt you. We’re right here,’’ He reassured them.
‘’But but but the boy who drowned in the lake, he’s going to come for us…’’ Isaac sobbed. Y/N and Derek could hear Marcus and George snicker under their covered.
‘’No sweetie, that’s not true. It’s just a silly story. Marcus and George were just trying to scare you.’’ Y/N reassured them.
The couple sat with the boys for a while trying to calm them down before putting them to bed. Y/N laid Isaac down against the wall and laid Liam beside him gently hushing them as their eyes began to flutter close with tiredness. She alternated from gently rubbing Liam’s chubby little tummy to lovingly running her fingers thorough Isaac’s golden curls.
‘’Good boy, try and get some rest sweetie. We’re here,’’ she reassured the younger boys.
Derek did the same as he laid Scott down by the wall and Stiles beside him sitting on the edge as he hushed the boys to sleep seeing that they were tired and would be out in a few minutes.
It didn’t take long for the boys to fall asleep. Y/N placed the duvet over them and went over to Derek seeing him hush the other scared boys to sleep.
‘’The poor things,’’ Y/N sighed. Derek got up and placed the duvet over them as they left the dim light on in their cabin so the boys wouldn’t be startled. They left to head back to their cabin and settled down into their own bed. Y/N picked up her phone and read the time 12:37am. She sighed deeply.
‘’Der?’’ she asked her husband beside her.
‘’What is it, babe?’’ he asked yawning.
‘’Did that not feel natural to you?’’ she asked him curiously.
‘’Being with the boys and comforting them?’’ Derek asked sitting up on his elbow. Y/N nodded.
‘’Just out of curiosity, if it came down to choosing would you want to adopt all four of them?’’ He asked her.
‘’I mean, I know most people would just choose one but they’re brothers. We can’t separate them,’’ she told him.
‘’So you’d want to adopt all four them?’’ he asked her with a big smile on her face. Y/N nodded.
‘’Why? What would you choose?’’ she asked looking at the adorable toothy grin on his face.
‘’I’d have said the same. If we did decide to adopt them, I’d want all four of them to come home with us,’’ he told her leaning over to press a loving kiss to her lips.
‘’Could we handle four boys?’’ she asked him nervously.
‘’Why not? We have a great income to support us, we have a great place that’s big and spacious with 3 extra rooms and not to mention a garden they can run around and play in,’’ he told her excitedly.
‘’Derek, I love you with all my heart, you know I do but this is a huge decision. Our lives are about to change forever if we do this?’’ she reminded him.
‘’Then let’s do it,’’ Derek told her.
‘’Derek Hale, are you serious?’’ She asked him unconvinced.
‘’Look, we’re here for another 4 days. It gives us plenty of time to get to know the boys for them to get comfortable with us. At the end of the camping trip, we can discuss it then.’’ Derek reassured her.
‘’You have to admit it. Liam and Isaac have you smitten,’’ Derek told her seeing a smile appear on her face. She admitted it as she nodded.
‘’They’re so adorable. How can we say no?’’ she replied and sighed deeply.
‘’You’re right. Let’s get to know them more and decide at the end,’’ she finalised.
‘’Sounds perfect,’’ Derek smiled and pressed one last loving kiss to her lips before pulling her to his chest as they cuddled together soon falling asleep.

CREDIT: Thank you to my sweet pal @beaconhills17 for helping develop the chapter further and for your adorable ideas ❤

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Hotel Sheets

Pairing: Blaise Zabini x Ginny Weasley

Setting: Modern, non-magical, college AU

Word Count: 1,656

Written For: @dracoskywalker [fic giveaway #4]

Blaise Zabini has a type.

Tall, willowy, graceful and elegant and French-manicured and soft-spoken—he dates girls with pearls at their necks and diamonds in their ears, cashmere sweater dresses slipping down one shoulder and daringly-colored lambskin boots slouchy around their thighs. Their lingerie is lacy, delicate, meant to be seen rather than simply worn, and they leave his sheets smelling like a rose garden after it rains. They order Nicoise salads for dinner, and they inevitably declare English Literature as their majors of choice when the time finally comes, and they’re well-bred, well-connected, products of prep schools with longer waitlists for admission than most of the restaurants in New York.

And the degree to which they don’t remind him of his mother—in all the ways that matter, at least—is inarguable.

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The Signs as Tumblr Outfits

Aries- A black top with the sleeves cut off, a white bandeau underneath, wristbands, ripped jeans, boots

Taurus- Skinny jeans, a baggy sweater, a long necklace, low-top converse

Gemini- A grey knit dress with sheer black tights underneath, a white cardigan, a cable knit burgundy scarf, ankle booties

Cancer- A sheer black top, high waisted shorts, a choker necklace, red lips, flats

Leo- A cream lace bralette, black shorts, a red cardigan with rolled up sleeves, chunky black booties

Virgo- A bell-sleeved white bohemian top, distressed boyfriend jeans, white converse

Libra- A pale blue scalloped top, jean shorts, a thin leather belt, matching leather sandals

Scorpio- A dark grey Rolling Stones tank top, skinny jeans, assorted bracelets, a black beanie, combat boots

Sagittarius- A deep green V-neck sweater, gold knuckle rings, black pleather leggings, combat boots

Capricorn- A white t-shirt, a leather jacket, black skinny jeans, sandals

Aquarius- A graphic shirt, a turquoise unzipped hoodie, light wash jeans, keds

Pisces- A denim shirt, a statement necklace, black leggings, boots with heels

Hymn to Hestia-of-the-Cabled-Cardigan

Each learned stitch is another
Love song
That I can master something;
Every unravelling of slip shod tangled creation
Is a learning experience that dissipates, as easy as air

Goddess, through knowing You I have come to know
The things that make me feel most at home
I have reached back into my ancestor’s burdeis and farmhouses and pulled out
The skills they, too, would have mastered for their families

Every loving row of yarn
Every goodbye in a length of embroidery thread
Every tricky twist of a crochet hook

Goddess, I am free to meditate along the repeating patterns,
I am free to insert my blessings, my love, my happiness
The solid boundary line of home
Into every creation I pull out of the lines of my palms

Every pattern I hunch over
Every cable I puzzle out
Is a hymn to You, Goddess
Every bruised knuckle and frustrated growl is a libation
Every creation is a living testament to the Hearth keeper, first and last born

I keep You with me gladly


Warning: Smut, Language, (Modern Day Poison Ivy?)

Summary: Pamela gets a special treat for her birthday.

Author’s Note: Hope you enjoy this short imagine. This was requested. ;)

“OW!” I yelped out, clutching my blistering fingertips as the hot, silver tray filled with extra chocolaty double fudge brownies clattered to the floor. 

I cursed at myself underneath my breath as I bent down to retrieve the broken bits of brownie off of the recently polished wooden floor. Okay, okay. I was planning a little surprise for my girlfriend. I knew how Pam didn’t like surprises nor the fact that it was her birthday. But hey, it wouldn’t hurt to try right? For the 2 years we have been together, we never celebrated her birthday. I remember my first attempt at trying to surprise her, it was our 9 month anniversary, and I thought it would be a good idea to throw a surprise party with all our closest friends. And trust me when I say, it did not go well. It ended with Harley getting filthy drunk and taking a wooden bat to one of Pam’s dearest Venus Flytraps. Pam kicked everyone out, slept in the greenhouse that night and gave me the silent treatment for at least 24 hours. Pam was out on her weekly search for more exotic plants and I desperately wanted to do something special for her this year minus the broken plant vases. 

I sighed loudly, tossing the brownie crumbs into the trash bin. No party, no brownies, so what now? Cake! I let out a small squeal nearly running to the flour across the kitchen. I knew how Pamela’s favorite kind was lemon, a trait we both shared. 

35 minutes later, the oven dinged, taking my focus away from the baking show I was watching. I jumped up, grabbing the handle of the oven. Oh shit, right, oven mitts. I slid the fluffy mitts on my small hands, grabbing the cake cautiously out of the oven. Wouldn’t want to drop this. Fumes of lemon filled the room as I placed the freshly baked cake on the table in the middle of the dining room. I pressed my palms together, admiring my baking skills. Pretty good for an amateur. I took my flour covered apron off before the hearing the sound of jiggling keys. I looked down at my black leggings and ratty, old band tee. I rush into our bedroom, throwing off my clothes, rummaging through my drawers finding a red, lacy nightie with a matching mesh bralette and thong along with black red bottoms. She always said red was my color.  

“I’m home!” I hear my partner shout before singing my name. “Is this for me?”

I giggle to myself at the tone of innocence  before walking into the dining room, leaning against the door frame. Her green eyes traveled up the length of my body, seizing at my hardened buds peeking through the thin material. I sashayed over to her, heels clicking against the wood, making sure to put extra sway in my hips. Her eyes smirked with her succulent lips. Her hair was pulled into a messy bun, her reading glasses perched up on her small nose, and her forest green cable knit cardigan draped over shoulders exposing her lovely collarbones and the revealing white v neck she was wearing. I dipped two fingers into the thick layer of icing, holding it up to Pam’s lips. She cocked an eyebrow before hesitatingly wrapping her slender fingers around my wrist, taking my fingers into venomous mouth. She eyed me with her jaded orbs as she swirled her tongue around the tips of my fingers, reminding me of how talented she was with it. 

“My favorite..”  Pam purred. “Taste so good. You have to try this..” 

She swiped a tiny blob of frosting off the cake, gripping my chin with her clean hand before whispering an ‘Open up, doll’, slipping the icing covered finger digit between my swollen lips. My eyes fluttered at the taste of the sweetness of the sugary icing and the salty tang of her skin. She slowly extracted her finger away from my lips before her thumb came up to wipe away the remaining frosting on my bottom lip, tugging at the supple skin. 

“All this for me?” Pam gestured towards the cake and then my scantily clad body.

“But there’s more.” I whispered before dropping down to my knees in front the busty, auburn haired vixen.

“Yeah?” She mockingly gaped.

I wanted to watch her cocky, smug-looked face scrunch up into complete euphoria. I knew how she hated to look vulnerable. Especially in front of me since I found her a bit intimidating. In the bedroom, Pam was always the giving but never receiving. I began to unfasten her dark blue jeans , tugging them pass her shapely hips and down her firm, voluptuous thighs, delighted that she was bared underneath. Oh, how I envied her curves. She kicked the denim off from around her ankles , leaning back, gripping the marble island. I lifted her right leg over my shoulder , pressing wet kisses to the insides of her fair skinned thighs. Whimpers and mewls passed her lips but never a complete moan. I gazed up at her before connecting my tongue with the bundle of nerves between her folds. I watched as her mouth gaped open, non-sarcastically this time, head thrown back, hair sprawled over the kitchen counter. Her green sweater pooled at her wrist as she lifted one hand to lift up her shirt, toying with the pale pink rosebuds peaked on the tops of her breast. I shoved my face more into her cunt , my tongue snaking in out of my shuddering girlfriend. My eyes closed as my nose lingered over her pubic area, small orange curls tickling the tip of my nose, my nostrils inhaling her florescent scent. I peered at her as she arched her back off of the island, as my tongue circled her clit.

“Oh, fuck, you’re gonna make me-”

Her strangled words were cut off by her own climax, once she came down from her high, she pulled my face up to hers , connecting her lips with mine greedily, tasting her juices on my tongue. Suddenly I was pushed back, stumbling, hitting the floor, ass first. Pam hovered over me , as I winced, attempting to lift myself up just to be pushed back down.


“You didn’t think I was just gonna let you make me cum without getting even with you, did you? Tsk, tsk, tsk you naive little daisy.” She cooed before ripping my thin nightie to shreds.

Before I had the chance to protest , she was already tearing through the fabric of thong and bra. Ugh. This was my favorite set I lifted up on my elbows watching as the red-head disappeared between my legs. She licked the pads of her fingertips before dipping them into my soaking heat. I immediately reacted, my back arched , my hands clawing at her messy updo, tugging out the elastic band that tamed her fiery locks. My hips bucked towards her as her digits plunged into my g spot causing every muscle in my to convulse.

“What’s my name, pet? “ She teased, quickening the pace of her fingers.

“Oh, God, Pam.. faster..

The speed of her fingers subsided at the name, I bucked my hips once more trying to get the one thrust that I needed but my hips were soon pushed back down

“What’s my name?..” She urged me on again, a hint of mock hope in her voice

“Pamela..” I choked out her full name, barely audible

“What? I can’t hear you.” She held a hand to her ear.

“Pamela.. Pamela..” I whined, crying out, tears pooling at the brims of my eyes.

She smiled up at me, licking her lips at the torture she was enduring, she continued the starting, fast pace , my head shooting back. The muscles in my stomach convulsed and all I knew were struggled profanities and her first name before I was sent over the edge. Pam proceeded with her assault on my throbbing cunt, lapping up the liquids, licking me clean as I came down from my high. I heaved slightly , the back of my hand coming up to wipe the beads of sweat off my forehead. I gazed at my lover in awe as she strolled back in the kitchen, not realizing that she left, tossing me my fluffy robe and putting on her silk one before handing me a cold glass of water. She ran her long fingers through my tussled curls as I took a sip from my glass.

“So, did you like it?” I asked, hoping for a honest response

“You know how I feel about birthdays, sweets..” My face fell, eyeing the half empty glass. “Buuut, I loved it.” She finished, pinching my right cheek.

I blushed at her flinging my arms widely out in joy , knocking over the vase full of tulips Pamela just got this afternoon, a loud shattering filling the kitchen and then a shriek.


'Panic Cord'

Panic Cord- One Shot #212



He always said he wouldn’t be one of those nervous first time dads who felt helpless. Swore it to himself.

He’d read the books, late at night when you were asleep beside him. In the light of one bedside lamp. He thought you didn’t know that he had, but you did. Because you often found him asleep, with the book across his chest, open to the place where his eyes had slid closed. He’d gone to every appointment, ready with a barrage of questions for the unsuspecting midwife, and a keen eye. Every prenatal class, spent right by your side, his hand in yours. He’d charmed the other mothers, making them gawk at how attentive he was, and left the other, more bumbling and clueless fathers, to wonder how they could embody his energy, his love.

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A quick overview of all of my current projects:

*Posy Cardigans 1 & 2. 1 is complete and I just started on the sleeves of 2!

*White Cabled Scarf, will be a Christmas gift. I love the stitches so much. I can’t wait to make a fisherman cabled sweater.

*Gray socks, were a possible Christmas gift, most likely not. Instead using them as a way to test out stitches. Its pair will not be the same.

*Sandy Tweed Cowl, just an excuse to play with texture and use up some yarn. Liking the outcome so far!

That’s all!