I don’t particular like a lot of Deadpool humor (Not offensive, just meh) and parts of his fandom is incredibly annoying, but I have to admit he’s a pretty interesting character with some interesting relationships.

Deadpool and Shiklah are great because neither of them conforms fully to gender stereotypes. Deadpool loves his dresses and Shiklah has a male-looking demon form.

Hydra Agent Bob is so painfully obviously a submissive who loves being bossed around and humiliated. He likes when Deadpool calls him his pet, and has been seen sitting by Deadpool’s feet when resting. Only way to make their relationship more obviously BDSM would be if Bob called Deadpool master.

I love how cheesy-romance-novel levels of romantic Death and Deadpool’s romance is.

Cable and Deadpool’s relationship is so heavily implied it might as well be canon. Cable is canonly Deadpool’s deepest darkest desire, Cable appears among Deadpool’s canon female love interests in Deadpool’s mind, it is being heavily implied they often share a bed because Cable knows what kind of dreams Deadpool usually wakes up from, and the list goes on.
Irene and Cable’s relationship is also only implied, except for one time Deadpool said that because Irene is Cable’s lover she should have a say in things too. So it would seem he and Irene have agreed to share Cable and respect each other’s place in the relationship, even if Deadpool would like it to be everyone with everyone.

Deadpool loved and accepted Eleanor as his daughter from the moment Carmelita angrily put her in Deadpool’s arms, and ever since then he has been trying to make it up to them both by helping in any way he can.

Deadpool’s one-sided attraction to Spider-Man is very VERY canon, considering he accidentally jizzed in his suit when they were tied together crotch against crotch, and Peter didn’t stop insulting Deadpool despite being told it is one of his kinks.