Josh Brolin has been cast as Cable in the upcoming ‘Deadpool’ sequel. The actor has apparently signed a 4 movie deal with FOX to star in their X-Men universe, most likely this movie and a trilogy of X-Force movies. This will be the second Marvel character Josh Brolin will play. He is also playing Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

@sandflakedraws is super sweet and way too good to me so they drew my DnD character that I made today.

Her name’s Cable. She’s a living ragdoll who was created as a puppet to carry out her creator’s bloody work. She gained enough autonomy to escape and live on her own. Now she travels and picks up odd jobs and odd people trying to give back some good to the world. 

She’s real empathetic but doesn’t understand humans well so she has a hard time of trying to turn herself into a good person. She’s skittish and meek by nature, so usually she’ll defer to others when important decisions are made, or at least try to confirm with others that she’s doing the right thing until she finds her confidence in a task. Her creator did not design her with speech in mind, so while she can use her voice, she only resorts to it in dire circumstances. She usually communicates with gestures and expressions.

I played two short campaigns with @caffeinechick , @ghostfiish , and @cupcakecreeper today with @homebeccer as our DM and it was a lotta fun. I suck but it’s okay.



Latest commission I’ve done. This team is (here is a quote from the original client’s pitch) “basically the Summers Family sitcom, with Scott and co. ” and they are going off the planet after the events of Secret Wars. 

Corsair and Hope Summers redesigns are ones I am most satisfied with so I decided to post them apart.

(and Scott with his moustache oh man hands-down winner right there) 


More doodles, this time of my boys! <3 My tablet pen is on its way! I’m not sure when but they told me sometimes this week! So regular digital drawings and comics will be coming back soon! Thank you for your patience!  ❤

Aaa, I’m still really sad about missing Dario’s birthday tomorrow, though. I had a video planned and everything! Still, I hope you can still celebrate with us with some traditional doodles! <3

The problem with going into DnD with Writer Mentality™ is that I keep stating how my character reacts based on what I think is Logical and Narratively Compelling except like 55% of the time I just fuck myself over. The room caught on fire during battle and I said “This terrifies Cable because she’s 50% cloth and can’t sense heat so she’s in extreme danger of dying by fire so she can only halfway focus on the battle.” DM just went silent then, “Sure, do my job for me. Disadvantage on Cable’s rolls.”

And then I did it like three more times.