These are some shots from the making of our oak bench. The wedged stretcher with a dovetailed notch in the mortise worked really well, kinda. In hindsight I should have used a blind dovetail instead of a stub tenon below the through tenon… Next time ;) Also a cool little helper were the legs themselves! I could use the bottom as a paring jig for the through mortises on the seat!

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: The stars recommend treating yourself. Well, they’ve sorta been screaming that since this morning and have not stopped. Please treat yourself.

Taurus: Moths are drawn to light. What are you drawn to? What could be used to lure you into a trap?

Gemini: The ottomans had it figured out. No furniture, just pillows. Do that but the emotional version of that.

Cancer: Every carpet is a vast forest for tiny inhabitants. Consider what you lie host to.

Leo: All Leos should fortify their eastern front against Japanese arquebuseer units. Leos should use the high ground and their more advanced navy to their advantage.

Virgo: Improvisation is all well and good, but improvisation with style wins hearts and minds.

Libra: Currents sway one way and back again in time with the moon. A ship caught in riptide is only waltzing with the moon.

Scorpio: Tomorrow you will realize just how erotic cabinetry can be.

Ophiuchus: You grip and you grip and you grip to how the world must be. You grip so hard it pops.

Sagittarius: Restaurant supply stores sell ice cream by the gallon. Do with this what you may. Dont get into any trouble.

Capricorn: Be polite. It makes it hit harder when you call someone a cockwagon.

Aquarius: Keep your receipts. You never know when the tax man comes calling. You never know when you need to exact your revenge on someone.

Pisces: Most places have a spirit to them. If it looks hurt, beware. Injured spirits are things of wrath and hatred. 


So, I’ve started a video series detailing the making of different joints. I call it Joint Venture. I will be doing all kinds of joints in maple. I will also do carpentry joints, but in a smaller scale. It’s also more for entertainment than education, because I haven’t done most of the joints ;)

I would be interested in feedback and feel free to subscribe if you want. I will be continuing this series for quite a while. Later I’ll also do time lapses of furniture builds and stuff.

The Price of Privilege - Part 4 (A Kyungsoo Series)

Genre: Angst / Smut (18+) / Romance / Arranged Marriage / Royalty AU

Characters: Kyungsoo X You

Description: The time has come to marry the man your family has selected to take your hand. As royalty these important matters are arranged for you, but when you meet your soon to be husband, he is nothing like you expected.

The Price of Privilege : part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, Part 6

It wasn’t the weight of his body over your shoulder, or the warmth from him that rested along your side. It wasn’t the sound of his heavy breathing, or the wince of pain you saw in his pretty profile when he stepped too hard on his right foot that humanize him just a little bit in your mind.

No, the part of this that you felt the agonizing truth in, the part that told you deep down in the pit of your stomach where you kept every deep dark secret that could potentially reach up and suffocate you, the part that told you that you were doomed – completely and utterly doomed–

–was his smell.

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We’ve made a few cabinets with TV lifts over the years. This lift by Nexus21 is by far the finest we have ever used. Easy to install, stout, smooth and quiet. The cabinet we are building has super tight tolerances so I needed to do a temporary set up of the unit with the TV to make sure we get it right! Now, let’s put it through the paces! And, no, it’s not going on the bus! #yachtlife #cabinet #woodwork #tvlift #tvliftcabinet #interiordesign #cabinetry #cabinethardware #madeintacoma #tacoma_wa #creatingfineartforliving (at Madera Fine Decorative Furnishings)

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In case you’ve been wondering what I have been doing for the last months…
I was thinking if I should actually post this, since it doesn’t really reflect my actual style. But what the hell… There’s joinery involved amirite? (688 mortises)

After I’m done with the last batch of these I have a really awesome project planned ;)
I hope you guys liked the joinery portfolio idea….