• Cecil: You don't have to say anything. Just show me your list.
  • Dana: I couldn't possibly. I gave the City Council scout's honor.
  • Cecil: You're not a scout!
  • Dana: You know what they say: once a scout, always a scout.
  • Cecil: You were never a scout.
  • Dana: You know what they say: never a scout, always a scout.
  • Kylo: So... Rey... you're a pilot.
  • Rey: Yes?
  • Kylo: Yes, obviously, sorry. That wasn't a question, that - that was just a preliminary statement before the actual question I was gonna ask... which is... How long have you been a pilot?
  • Rey: Twelve years.
  • Kylo: Twelve years, right, twelve years, well... that is not a long time or a short time... And... do you like it?
  • Rey: What?!
  • Kylo: Being a pilot?
  • Rey: Yes, I do. Do you?
  • Kylo: Yes, I do. I like it. Like you. I mean I like it like you do, not I like it like I like you, I don't like you. I mean I don't not like you, I just... I don - I don't like you as much as I like being a pilot.
  • Rey: Don't you?
  • Kylo: Well, not yet. I - I mean I'm sure, if I got to know you, I'd like you more than being - well, probably not more than, because I LOVE being a pilot and I don't suppose I'd love you... well I suppose I might. No - I mean... I'm just gonna go and have a wander down the cabin now.

Zeb: Ezra when you’re in charge we do it your way, but when I’m in charge you do it mine. Is that understood?
Ezra: Yes.
Zeb: Yes what?
Ezra: Yes it is.
Zeb: Yes it is what?
Ezra: Yes it is understood.
Zeb: Yes it is understood what?
Ezra: Yes it is understood… please? 

Vision's attempt at making Wanda feel better
  • Vision: Here you are Wanda, a nice hot cup of coffee.
  • Wanda: (sighs and slurps) Oh, it’s cold.
  • Vision: Nice cup of coffee.
  • Wanda: It’s horrible!
  • Vision: Cup of coffee.
  • Wanda: I’m not even sure it is coffee.
  • Vision: Cup.