• He Tian: Ehi, Don't Close Mountain! Visto che sei malato ti ho preparato un buon piatto di brodo di pollo caldo!
  • Mo GuanShan: È freddo.
  • He Tian: Un buon piatto di brodo di pollo.
  • Mo GuanShan: Fa schifo.
  • He Tian: Un piatto di brodo di pollo.
  • Mo GuanShan: Credo che questo non sia brodo di pollo.
  • He Tian: Un piatto.
  • James: What’s he like then, Alfred Hamilton?
  • Thomas: Ooh he’s er. He’s, er. He’s, er
  • Miranda: Good lord James, I think you’ve broken him
  • Thomas: No, no, no. It’s just that he’s, er. He’s, er
  • James: I think – I think what we may be witnessing here is Thomas attempting to describe something with an adjective other than “brilliant”
  • Thomas: Yeah, n-n-no I wouldn’t say he was b-b- I mean obviously everyone’s b-. No, he’s not brilliant. He’s, er. He’s alright
  • James: God
  • Miranda: Yes
  • James: He must be *awful*
  • Mick: What are you doing now, Haircut?
  • Ray: Oh, nothing. You two carry on. Act natural.
  • Leonard: Why are you taking our pictures?
  • Ray: Rip's reprinting our brochure, and he said I could have a go at taking a picture for the cover.
  • Leonard: Oh no. Does that mean we’re losing the current one?
  • Mick: The one with Rip strangling a passenger?
  • Leonard: I always thought that summed up the Waverider rather well.
  • Ray: He’s adjusting his pillow! … But, yeah, it does look a bit strangle-y.
The signs as Cabin Pressure Quotes

Aries: “What an exquisite paradox. Luckily, though, I’m still completely sure it’s going to be fine; so as I’m a hundred percent sure and you’re fifty each way, that still gives us a comfortable hundred and fifty percent working majority.”

Taurus: “Then I put the egg whisk into the snowdrift, whisked it up like a blizzard in the bear’s face, then under cover of his confusion, I bounced away on the pogo stick.”

Gemini: “I’m fairly often just completely happy. For instance, when you get into a bath quickly and it’s just the right temperature, and you go “Ahhhh!”;  I mean, no-one really gets any happier than that.”

Cancer: “You see, a common problem in flight decks with poor crew resource management is that the first officer is overly in awe of the Captain.”

Leo: “I am shelling these chocolate raisins.”

Virgo: “And the thought reminded you of your cousin Vladimir who died in a coffee mine?”

Libra: “It’s always trouble when we are gentlemen. I prefer it when we are imbeciles.”

Scorpio: “That is Wrath, you idiot child!”

Sagittarius: “We have a sportsman-like little bet on today about who can fly the best after drinking a litre of vodka through a straw.”

Aquarius: “The lemon is in play“

Capricorn: “The very last thing I want to do is encourage either of you to do any more lounging than you already do. ”

Pisces:  “Good afternoon. This is your captain speaking. Just to say, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Still no need to panic.  I repeat: there is no need to panic. Or to look out of the windows. Everything’s fine. ”

  • Rochester: Here you are! A nice, hot cup of coffee.
  • Jane: ... Rochester, this is cold.
  • Rochester: Nice cup of coffee.
  • Jane: It’s horrible!
  • Rochester: Cup of coffee.
  • Jane: I’m not even sure it IS coffee!
  • Rochester: CUP.