an incomplete list of LGBT+ characters in (fictional) period pieces [insp]

* much more prominent/explicit in the original book on which the film is based

Shoutout to all the theatre kids who aren’t actors

Shoutout to all the theatre kids who can’t sing for shit

Shoutout out to all the theatre kids who have two left feet

Shoutout to all the theatre kids who have never seen a broadway show live

Shoutout to all the theatre kids who have only ever seen the bootlegs

Shoutout to all the theatre kids who are techies

Shoutout to all the theatre kids who are stage managers

Shoutout to all the theatre kids who are pit members

Shoutout to all the theatre kids who are into the hella popular musicals

Shoutout to all the theatre kids who are into musicals that no one has ever even heard of

Shoutout to all the theatre kids who always get the ensemble parts

Shoutout to all the theatre kids who are costume directors and helpers

Shoutout to all the theatre kids who do crew and build the sets

Shoutout to all the theatre kids who support local theatre

Shoutout to all the theatre kids who don’t like musicals and just support plays

Shoutout to all the theatre kids who don’t like Shakespeare

Shoutout to all the theatre kids who have now evolved into theatre adults!!!

Let’s celebrate all these lovely musicals together and stop the hate 😊😊😊

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broadway boots on youtube!

bootlegs can be hard to find on youtube because of the weird, copyright-avoiding titles, so here’s a list of all the ones i’ve found:

please send in any links you have to my ask, thank you!


amelie (i think obc) (rly high quality) EDIT: this is apparently from the LA run of the show, sorry for any confusion! thanks @musicalfucker and @themeddlinggirl for letting me know!

anything goes (rachel york) (thanks @a-journey-of-selfdiscovery)

anything goes (sutton foster) (potato level quality)

avenue q (not bway) (thanks @thetoxiczombie)

avenue q (obc)


bombshell (smash) (concert)

the book of mormon (obc with andrew rannells) (not the best quality but i guess we’re not paying for it)

the book of mormon (nic rouleau)


cabaret (2014) (alan cumming, emma stone)

carrie (thanks @thetoxiczombie)

catch me if you can (obc, with aaron tveit) (show starts at 1:20. slightly shakyfor the first two minutes and a slightly obstructed view for part of the show)

charlie and the chocolate factory (jake ryan flynn as charlie) (show starts at 2:56)


dear evan hansen


evil dead the musical (thanks @thetoxiczombie!)


falsettos (2016 revival) (terrible quality)

falsettos (2016 revival) (good quality)

falsettos (2016 revival) (low quality)

falsettos (1993 LA cast) (bad quality because it was recorded in 1993 lol)


groundhog day


hairspray (andy randy as link)

heathers (original off-broadway cast) (understudy as heather c)

hedwig and the angry inch (andy randy)

hedwig and the angry inch (andy randy v2) (obstructed view)

hedwig and the angry inch (darren criss) (really really clear view? like it’s slightly weird how amazing the view is?)

hedwig and the angry inch (neil patrick harris)

hedwig and the angry inch (lena hall as hedwig)


into the woods (obc) (understudy as snow white) (thanks @albanian-asshole!)


jersey boys (andy randy) (some parts of the show missing)



legally blonde (mtv recording) (obc)

legally blonde (off-broadway previews) (christian borle, laura bell bundy)

legally blonde (last obc show)

les miserables (2014 cast) (vimeo) (vid quality isn’t great but audio is a+)


miss saigon (obc) (act one) (act two) (thanks @thechaiyac!)

miss saigon (lea salonga as kim) (not great quality)


natasha, pierre, and the great comet of 1812 (not sure what cast, i’m not a huge fan of this show)

newsies (obc)

next to normal (obc) (trigger warning, if you’re triggered by suicide, self-harm and mentions of mental illness i would consider reading the synopsis before watching)

next to normal (off-broadway) (brian d’arcy james as dan)


phantom of the opera (sierra boggess)

pokemon live! (yup) (with andrew rannells) (not amazing vid quality)



rent (hollywood bowl) (aaron tveit as roger)


saved! (aaron tveit) (thanks @thetoxiczombie)

she loves me (pbs recording)

something rotten (mainly obc w/ rob mcclure as nick bottom)

something rotten act 1 act 2 (obc w/ brian d’arcy james) 

something rotten (previews) 

spongebob (it’s in 5 parts so it’s in a playlist)

spring awakening (deaf west)

spring awakening (obc)

spring awakening (1st national tour)





waitress (betsy wolfe as jenna)

waitress (sara bareilles)

west side story (revival)





i’ll update this as much as i can, but check out my youtube playlist for more frequent updates :)

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why is broadway merchandise sO DAMN EXPENSIVE. all i want is something to commemorate me seeing a show that i already spent a shitload of money on, but i can't do that bECAUSE EVERYTHING IS TOO EXPENSIVE.
A (brief) masterpost of musicals!

(I don’t own/ didn’t record these) Also, they’re all on YouTube (if any don’t work, I can probably get a different video for you from somewhere else, just send a message. I have a lot of links) All links working as of 14/06/17

Tony Awards (full show)

why sing one part of a broadway song mediocrely when you can try to sing six parts at the same time and sound like a dying walrus??

Musicals by John Mulaney

(Edit 10/18) Thank you all!!

Ps there’s more now.

Book of Mormon:

I’ll keep all my emotions right here and then one day I’ll die.


Adult life is already so goddamn weird.

Phantom of the Opera:

God can’t hear you.

Dear Evan Hansen:

And I said “no” you know, like a liar.

Mean Girls:

13 year olds are the meanest people in the world. They will make fun of you but in an accurate way. They’ll be like “Hey, look at that high-waisted man. He got feminine hips.”

West Side Story:

Every new song is about how “Tonight is the night” and how “We only have tonight.” That’s such 19 year old garbage.

Rent: *aggressive push* Excuse me, I am homeless, I am gay, I have AIDS, I’m new in town.


“Get away from my wife!” “No one talk to my wife!” “I didn’t kill my wife!”

Les Mis:

🎶Bread is God is Bread🎶


College is a $120,000 hooker and you are an idiot who fell in love with her. She’s not gonna do anything else for you!


Why do people shush animals? They’ve never spoken!

Mary Poppins:

Everyone get out of my way! I just want to sit here and feed my birds.

Bonnie and Clyde:

Here’s how easy it was to get away with a bank robbery back in the ‘30’s — as long as you weren’t still there when the police arrived, you had a 99% chance of getting away with it.


Was there even a ghost, Mother, or was the dead Victorian girl you saw just me all along?

Newsies: I like reading the New York Post because reading the New York Post is like talking to someone who heard the news, and now they’re trying to give you the gist. It’s like, you’d get the same amount of information if you grabbed someone on the street and you were like, “WHAT HAPPENED TODAY?”

Cinderella: My vibe is more like, “Hey, you could pour soup in my lap and I’ll probably apologize to you.”

Hamilton: And then for a second we were like “maybe the horse catcher will catch the horse” and then the horse is like “I have fired the horse catcher”. He can do that?? That shouldn’t be allowed no matter who the horse is. I don’t remember THAT in Hamilton…

Wicked: “Do my friends hate me or do I just need to go to sleep?”

Fame: That is way better than walking across a stage at graduation, hungover, in a gown, to accept a certificate for reading books that I didn’t read.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder: SHUT UP, YOU’RE ALL GONNA DIE. STREET SMARTS.

Avenue Q: Sit down, sit down, SIT DOWN. I wanna talk about what happened yesterday. We invite a woman here with homemade puppets to teach you about bullying, through skits, and you laugh at this woman??

Sweeney Todd: “How could another person kill someone? How could a human being kill another human being?” And then I got cheated on, and I was like, “Oh, okay.”

Into the Woods: Some Dutch prick was sneaking in at night being like, “Ah-ha-ha, I take your milk.” And the farmer was like, “Well, then, this is your cow now.” And he was like, “No, no proof of purchase.” And he ran off into the night. That sounded Dutch, right?

haunting things in musicals
  • the build up to and the final “seeaasons oF LOOOOOOVE” in “I’ll Cover You (Reprise)” while jesse l martin fucking belTS
  • the “nATALIE nATALIE nATALIE-"s the company sings along w anatole in "Letters”
  • natasha richardson’s voice in general BUT ESPECIALLY the instrumental leading up to the second “everybody… they love a WINNER” in “Maybe This Time”
  • when gavin creel sings the final “TELL ME WHYY” and the tribe goes “FREEDOM” in “Where Do I Go?”
  • when (any) mimi pitches her voice up while singing “goodbye love- hello, disease” during “Goodbye Love” because?????
  • the entirety of when andrew rannells and christian borle r singing together in “What Would I Do” but really when they do the “one hour moore-/ one hour more-” and then come together for "one hour-one hour- moOOORE
  • when (any) trina sings "they sometimes love but not enough-” and then hits that note on “my hEArt will beat at will, but stiiilll…” in “Trina’s Song”
  • “maybe he’ll come back today, maybe he came already, and he’s sitting in the drawing room… and I simply forgot.”
  • when the entire company softly choruses “tiiiiiiiiiime / will they tell your story?” in “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”
  • claudia’s “paciencia y fEEEEEEEEE” while the americans sing “you better clean this mess / you better learn ingLES" in "Paciencia y Fe” (and really the entire fucking song end my life olga merediz)
  • when (any) wendla reprises “i beliiive” while (any) moritz is singing “another dream / another love you’ll hold” during “Those You’ve Known”
  • i know there’s more im not thinking of right now ADD MORE
Bad Musical Synopses

Phantom of the Opera: A speculative fiction about what would happen if Benedict Cumberbatch were a woman and his fans had access to a basement.

Hamilton: The best friend of an ambitious political dissident warns him repeatedly that his actions will end in tragedy. When that doesn’t actually happen, the best friend takes it upon himself to teach a valuable life lesson.

Jesus Christ Superstar: The best friend of an ambitious political dissident warns him repeatedly that his actions will end in tragedy. When that doesn’t actually happen, the best friend takes it upon himself to teach a valuable life lesson.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: Tim Gunn was sick today on Project Runway. Let’s see what happens!

Miss Saigon: White savior done fucked up. No one is surprised.

The Scarlet Pimpernel: Proto-superhero pretends to be gay. Wife is understandably miffed when she discovers she won’t be getting the D. Hilarity ensues.


Chicago: He really did have it coming.

Cabaret: A Conservative Republican’s worst nightmare is set to music.

Cats: Furries provide a fun-filled look into an average night out.

Rent: All these people are going to die the minute you leave the theater.

Avenue Q: Today on Sesame Street, we learn an important lesson about the purpose of the internet. The word of the day is ANAL. 

Les Miserables: A man steals a loaf of bread and is chased across France by the most dedicated police officer on the force. Consequently, everyone dies.

My Fair Lady: A valuable life lesson is taught: if you want to make it in life, all you need to do is sacrifice everything, suffer torment from an obsessive linguistics major, and fake an upper-class English accent. Unless you’re a man, and then you just need to explain that you really need money for alcohol. In that case, someone will promptly die and will you their fortune.

How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying: A young man attempts to push the boundaries of white male privilege. He soon finds there are none.

Sweeney Todd: A barber and his girlfriend take Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” a little too far.

Musicals and Murder

Little shop of horrors- “I killed a man, and feed him to a plant from space”

Heathers- “I killled a girl, and told everyone she killed herself”

Dr. Horrible- “Accidentally killed the girl of my dreams, time to take over the world lol”

Cabaret- *takes place during world war 2*

Hamilton- “I killed a man cuase he trash talked me lol”

Jekyll and Hyde- *jazz hands* “murder”

Rent- “some lady paid me to kill a dog”

Wicked- “try to kill me with water… Just try…..”


Voice Types according to TV Tropes:

Contraltos are the lowest female singers commonly heard. Unlike their male counterparts (the basses), however, roles for altos are a bit more common, especially in rock musicals. In more traditional pieces, altos are frequently middle-aged leading women, though some of those are mezzos as well. The only role demographic altos have a firm hold over is for women over sixty - which in most shows means grandmothers. In the rare case that there is a female villain in a show, she will probably be an alto.

[soprano] [mezzo-soprano] [tenor] [baritone] [bass]