“Are you sure you’re not superstitious, (y/n)?“ Caitlin asked, fixing the small train on your white dress. The dress hugged the upper half of your body well, and went down from your hips. The train was little and only dragged about a foot behind you.

“I don’t want to see Cisco for the first time in front of everyone. We want it to be the two of us on our own.” You told Caitlin, adjusting the hair over your face. “And we already have enough bad luck as it is. I don’t think him seeing me in the dress will make it any worse.“

“I was just making sure.” Caitlin stood up straight, her baby pink bridesmaid dress. Iris had one as well, but she was out making sure all the boys were okay. “You really do look beautiful.”

It wasn’t hard to choose who was invited to the wedding. Caitlin, Iris, Joe, Barry. You two also managed to get Harry and Jesse to get here, because they were on this Earth when you and Cisco had gotten engaged. The wedding was small, a small venue, a small amount of people, and a small reception. Just what you and Cisco wanted.

“Thank you.” You twirled the engagement ring around your ring finger. “Would you mind getting Cisco for me please, Cait?”

Caitlin nodded her head and exited the room, going to where Cisco and the boys were getting ready.

You couldn’t wait to marry Cisco. You two had been together forever, having met and starting dating while you two were freshmen at university. You two had been together through his rough family, final exams, graduating, STAR Labs, Barry, all the metahumans, all the other Earths, and Cisco being a metahuman itself. Nothing else could hit you two without it bouncing off. Cisco had proposed about nine months ago, and now you to had the security of being together for the unforeseeable future. That in itself made you extremely happy. The ceremony was mainly for show. To show all of your friends- your family that you two were in for the long haul. You were happy.

You heard a knock at the door and turned to face it. “Come in!”

Cisco hesitantly turned the door handle and opened the door, showing himself as he stepped in the room and closed the door behind him.

Cisco stood there, handsome as ever. He was in a three piece suit with a grey vest and a black skinny tie. His hair was down, failling so beautifully to his shoulders.

“Oh wow.” You spoke softly, looking at your soon to be husband. His eyes were most likely scanning you as well.

“Oh wow to yourself.” Cisco said. You stepped up to him, barely any room between your chests. You cupped his face with your hands, looking at him. He had beautiful big brown eyes that you loved and it was all you were looking at now. You tucked the hair that fell in his face behind his ear and laid your forehead against his.

Cisco put one hand on your cheek and one on your waist, pulling you closer. “I love you so much.”

“You better.” You joked, leaning into Cisco’s chest and hugging him. You squeezed him as tight as you could. “I can’t wait till we get married.”

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Barry is still a good person. I don’t like the Barry bashing going on lately. If any time he makes a mistake I point the finger on the writers. I don’t like Barry getting beaten down as a lackluster hero. He’s done way more good than bad. I feel like people are on his ass too much for causing Flashpoint. Yes he made a mistake but he rectified it. Would Dante still have been killed by the drunk driver? Would Caitlin still get her Frost powers? Barry is responsible for Diggle’s child being a boy? Really? I don’t think we know all this for sure. In the Flashpoint movie everything returned to normal when Barry restored the timeline, it doesn’t make sense what’s happened. I feel like a lot of this is put in for drama so the writers don’t have to actually write a real storyline. I just don’t like seeing so much hate put on Barry.
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MMMMMMMM my internship ends next week so I can finally post my very irreverent list of tips about what not to do when writing query letters! I don’t really want it to be associated with the agency itself because it’s all my own opinions and the opinions of a lot of the other interns I’m friends with, and it’s not stamped by a Seal of Approval other than my own, which is why I’m waiting, but SOON.

Soon. All the salt in my body will be free. And I can finally let out the truly mind boggling amount of rage I’ve been holding in for three long years as I’ve been interning. Like. Slush piles are a monster you have to see to believe, and most days I don’t even believe it. It’s like Heracles and the Hydra, but I’m not a demigod and the Hydra never, ever dies.

I’ve reached the conclusion that it should be mandatory for every writer to intern at a literary agency sorting through slush piles before they put pen to paper to write a query because there is no excuse for how horrible some of the ones I have to read are. I am a writer, and I’ve started to hate writers.

Anyway, this is just an update to let you guys know that soon my pettiness and bitterness will be on full display.

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What are your thoughts of people saying Cisco is a hypocrite for getting mad or being angry at Barry for changing the timeline? People have been saying Cisco is a baby and a douche and I don't understand that. I mean I would be pissed if I knew my friend changed the timeline and my sibling got killed.

*Taking deep, slow, breaths to remain calm.*

You have no idea how upset I am that people are going after Cisco! 



Of course, I will have to disclaim that I am also on the whole it’s not entirely Barry’s fault. *raises hand proudly*

I am neutral on it and I still am. None of this timeline stuff makes complete sense to me and I see it from both sides, so I’m not going to budge. The thing here is that I am all about Barry realizing he made a mistake that he can’t fix, and I am all here for Cisco being upset at Barry, however long it takes for his character to forgive him, but I want Cisco to never let him live it down, at least for a long, long, time (lol).

And…that brings me to answering your ask (lol).

Cisco isn’t a hypocrite, it’s the people claiming that he is one that actually are.

Now, hold on, give me a chance to explain myself, aight, before you turn me down.

A lot of the people claiming Cisco is a hypocrite are “Barry-apologists”, where they can’t stand to see anyone be mad at Barry, and are essentially agreeing with Felicity, that no one can possibly be mad at Barry because he is like puddin. *shiver* No one likes a Gary Stu, so let’s keep our show from suffering from that, shall we? 

To determine if you’re a Barry-apolgosist, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you upset that Wally mourned his Mom for half a season, and used racing as a way to cope?
  2. Are you upset that Caitlin mourned Ronnie for an entire season, and told Barry she couldn’t look at him because Barry was a reminder that her husband died and Barry lived?
  3. Are you upset that Barry has mourned his Mom since he was nine years old, and attempted to change the past about two times now to save her?

Here are your results:

And if you answered no to any or all of these, then you are a Barry-apologist! You aren’t upset with the other characters, despite the fact that Cisco has been upset with Barry for only about four to five months, and we’ve only seen it for two to three episodes, which is essentially only about a month, not even. Meanwhile, Wally spent half a season, about 3-4 months, all of which we saw, mourning his mom; Caitlin spent an entire year plus, where we saw about six months, and Barry spent 10+ years mourning his mom, that we’ve seen for two years now. Time isn’t a problem for you, at all, just the fact that it’s Cisco mad at Barry; but, even then, that’s not an issue, because Caitlin was upset that Barry lived and her husband died, and chose to not smile at Barry or talk much to him, but that doesn’t get under your skin either. You’re just a Barry-apologist who is just as bad as Felicity, either change your mindset or just stop trying to bash on Cisco for no good reason, ya’hypocrite *wink*.

If you said yes, to Wally and no to the others, you might want to get yourself checked out for ingrained racism, where you might be racist and not know it! Nothing bad abut ingrained racism, ya’ can’t be persecuted for something ya’ didn’t know, but ya’ do now, so better get to reforming your ways *double wink*!

If you said yes, to Caitlin, you might want to take off your shipper glasses, realize that Caitlin is not the hostile snow/barry fandom, and learn to distinguish characters from the ships that associate themselves with the characters. It’s perfectly fine for you to NOTP that ship, but ya’ don’t got to tear down other women to put up your ship, you’re just as bad as the 0licity fandom *triple wink*!

If you said yes, to Barry, you might be an 0licity shipper who hates Barry with a passion because you use him as evidence to how anyone who doesn’t like Felicity is a sexist (which is dumb as fuck) and that you prefer Oliver as a hero (even though he has questionable motives and does shitty things). I have nothing encouraging to say to you *quadruple winks*.

My level of sarcasm and snark shows how ridiculous everything is and why it is I am neutral on all of this.

A lot of them are also saying that Cisco isn’t a team player because he’s upset at Barry, and all I have to say is:


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If you’d like an extended version of my thoughts on defending Cisco the way everyone in “The Flash” mourned, and how Cisco is a team player, it’s all here in this post (you can only access this on desktop): (x)