im gonna go ahead and post this cuz i haven’t posted anything in a while and if i dont do it now someone else will make this joke and ill be even more behind the curve

this has been sitting in my art folder for easily over a month now

im super original and funny i swear


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so this is rlly stupid but i'm kind of heartbroken rn cuz this guy i liked was such an asshole to me yesterday and he told me (with this disgusted/annoyed look on his face) that i looked like a freshman (im actually a junior btw) which idk what that meant ??? im trying rlly hard to forget about it but i hate that i can't... anyway, just wanted to get that outta my system. have a nice day and im srry for wasting ur time lol

It’s okay that it bothers you. You like him and how you’re feel is understandable! It’s okay to let yourself feel this way, just know afterwards that you should pick yourself back up. Grieve, reflect, and move on. Little things will affect you, you’re human. Just try not to allow yourself to continue to sulk continuously over small situations to a point where it becomes self made misery

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Sasha this is your daily reminder that you're fuckin loved. seriously. idk what I'd do w/o your blog. you're always so insightful and smart and awesome.👍 which is why I feel like you're a good person to ask this weird question that's been bothering me: is it bad that I get upset when I see LM getting recognized in the U.S.? (or in general tbh) it's just, I have no respect for beards, and I know she did it cuz M!M said so but still. how can I respect someone who literally made $$ on (continued)

(continued) I’m in the U.S. and I was so happy when they went back to the UK in August, but now they’re coming back for a performance on AGT. which means BM’ll climb even higher on billboard (its at #67; last week it was 68, and the week before that, 99). idk. on one hand I hate feeling like I’m tearing down women which ofc I hate, but I just feel like THESE women don’t deserve the fame?? sorry for the rant. love you and thank you :)


Thanks for the blog love.

I think it’s normal to not want to see people prosper at someone else’s expense (that someone else being Zayn). He’s been dragged through the mud in order to give Perrie and Little Mix publicity. And nope, that’s not right. So I think feeling a certain amount of resentment is to be expected.

LM is trying very hard to make it happen here in the US. But the struggle is still very real. Top 100 is noteworthy, but let’s be real they want and need more. It remains to be seen if Simon Cowell feels like they’re doing well enough to keep their record deal.

I think in general most of us wanna be supportive of other women because it’s hard out here for all of us. But, not every woman is deserving of support. LM has done and said some pretty shitty things above and beyond using Zayn as a stepping stone. And while everyone makes mistakes, sometimes the overall vibe is just so bad that you can’t get behind it. I definitely can’t get behind LM.

But karma never sleeps and she’s on the case. And karma was delivered in the form of 5th Harmony. Meanwhile Zayn’s sitting pretty. They way things have shaken out, 5th Harmony will probably be the death of Little Mix. And Zayn doesn’t have to do a thing. Once they become one of history’s mysteries you’ll be surprised at how quickly people forget about every manufactured scandal Zayn endured to promote them. :)

Rereading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Chapter Seven - The Boggart in the Wardrobe

GUYS I AM LITERALLY THE WORST. I could give you a million excuses as to why I havent posted this chapter but instead LETS READ

- so we start off with draco continuing to be a little bitch. nothing new here. (I swear, I like him eventually guys, JUST GIVE ME TIME)

- again, pansy parkinson is trying to get ALL up on that dick and like could you BE a little less obvious? like do u guys think they fuck? i mean you know theres something going on here, maybe not when theyre like 13 lol but eventually, right? cuz honestly, pansy is a ride or die bitch so tbh she deserves a bone

- “ ‘Now,’ said Snape in his most dangerous voice. Ron shoved his own beautifully cut roots across the table at Malfoy, then took up the knife again.” wow snape, ur really gonna do ron like that? those are his most BEAUTIFUL roots!!!!!!!!

- is shrivelfig codename for a dick?

- “ ‘Potter, you can skin Malfoy’s shrivelfig,’ ” ya ok its definitley codename for a dick

- “ ‘Seen your pal Hagrid lately?’ Draco asked them quietly.” YOURE WALKING A THIN LINE HERE DRACO U BETTER CHECK YO SELF BEFORE U WRECK YO SELF

- “ ‘Keep talking, Malfoy, and I’ll give you a real injury,’ snarled Ron.” savage ron strikes again

- “ ‘Orange, Longbottom.’ said Snape, ladling some up and allowing it to splash back into the cauldron, so that everyone could see. ‘Orange. Tell me, boy, does anything penetrate that thick skull of yours?’ Neville was pink and trembling. He looked as though he was on the verge of tears.  ‘Please, sir’ said Hermione, ‘please, I could help Neville put it right-’  ‘I don’t remember asking you to show off, Miss Granger,’ said Snape coldly, and Hermione went as pink as Neville. ‘Longbottom, at the end of this lesson we will feed a few drops of this potion to your toad and see what happens’ ” im sorry but are there really people who defend snape for this shit? like ooooh he had a hard childhood and lily didnt love him!!!! like that justifies him doing this shit? I DONT THINK SO. 

- sidenote: sirius black sighting!

- lol 5 points from gryffindor for doing the assignment correctly? OK SNAPE.

- “Hermione was panting slightly, hurrying up the stairs; one hand clutched her bag, the ther seemed to be tucking something down the front of her robes.” 😏 😏 😏 

- YAAAAS first class with remus im legit pumped guys

- “He was as shabby as ever but looked healthier than he had on the train, as thought he had had a few square meals” this warms my heart guys it rly does

- WHOAAAA PEEVES JUST GOT WRECKED BY LUPIN - shooting gum up his nose and shit wow 

“ ‘Cool, sir!’ said Dean Thomas in amazement.” oh shit lupins rep just went up like 500 points.

- “At the doorway he turned on his heel and said, ‘Possibly no one’s warned you, Lupin, but this class contains Neville Longbottom. I would advice you not to entrust him with anything difficult. Not unless Miss Granger is hissing instructions in his ear.’  Neville went scarlet.”  HOW THE FUCK DO PEOPLE LIKE SNAPE? this is literally just cruel and bullying; theres no excuse for a grown ass man to be doing this shit to a THIRTEEN YEAR OLD BOY. 

“Professor Lupin had raised his eyebrows. ‘I was hoping that Neville would assit me with the first stage of the operation,’ he said, ‘and I am sure he will perform admirably.’ ”  reason 430985239 why i love remus

- I feel like my heart is being squeezed at this whole. remus is bae and neville is a dumpling

- “Ron was muttering to himself, ‘Take its legs off’. Harry was sure he knew what that was about.” lolol what a cutie. but tbh a legless spider would still be freaky af

- “Harry, however, wasn’t feeling cheerful. Professor Lupin had deliberatley stopped him from tackling the boggart. Why? Was it because he’d seen harry collapse on the train, and though he wasn’t up to much?” oh harry, your and your silly, silly ego.

- “ ‘He seems like a very good teacher,’ said Hermione approvingly. ‘But I wish I could have had a turn with  the boggart.’   ‘What would it have been for you?’ said Ron, sniggering. ‘A piece of homework that only got nine out of ten?’ haaaa slayyyyy ron. 

YAY hopefully i can get back on schedule this weekend SO if you liked this, follow me for more chapters!

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Where is the baby fanfic! Hope z doesnt forgive v just cuz hes the babys father and to play happy family... Would like to see jealous v and i really want z to have a good male friend that bes there for het! That way this will make v realise that she can do this without him bit he cant do anything without her!

Oh crap I’ve been caught…..I thought people forgot about that story lol but Uhhhh I plan on sitting down and continue writing so I’ll get right on that. But I will clue you in, there’s 2 chapters left of this story, and I may just do a short little sequel to it. (And that means you will see jealous Val)

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Hey beautiful Christiana!!! :) I need your advice! I am 18 years old and I've never had a boyfriend. It seems like all of the good guys worth dating are either taken or don't like me back. I really want to get married someday to a wonderful, nice, selfless, positive man. But I don't know where I will ever meet one or how to get them to like me. Is it bad that Iv'e never had a boyfriend? When/if I get a bf it will be awk cuz I'm not experienced with kissing or even holding hands/cuddling. Advice?

Beautiful!! YOU ARE SO YOUNG <3 <3 WE** ARE SO YOUNG :) I am in my first serious relationship ever with my boyfriend right now and I started dating him just one month prior to turning 19. There is no need to rush into anything right now, and I PROMISE YOU, what is meant to be will be. You WILL find that man you are looking for :) 

Right now, focus on you, your education, your interests, your friends, your life, and in the midst of all of it, you WILL find the person you’ve been looking for :)

And it won’t be awkward. Everything comes naturally, I feel, when you find the right person.

I’m a graphic designer who briefly freelanced for a printing broker that handled the printing needs of a medium-sized client. Basically, they were an inconvenient third-party between me and the client. This verbatim email was among the many confusing ones I received during that period:

Client: Are you going to be around February 22 thru March 5th cuz  if so I would like to pay you to do the my emails from Jeff to me then send them to you and back to me and then to Jeff……understand all that.  LOL  I would have Don do it but he doesn’t understand how to get the email trail off.   I would give you my passwords and all that.  That should work right.   :)   just wondering how to handle this when I’m gone.  I will tell Jeff that my daughter is doing it but really it would be you. 

After reading this several times, I realized this company didn’t want their client to know they were using me, and this was their way of getting around having me correspond with the client directly via email when their contact was out of town, and apparently off-line (and yes, this was how they wrote to me for every design request as well). I stopped working for them not long after, considering how hard it was to decipher their needs.

okay but imagine you have this huge paper due next and so it’s like super later and so you go to ur campus starbucks that is open till like dawn and you see this guys with crazy colored hair sitting on the counter and he’s jamming out with his headphones in and he hears the bell and he jumps off and give you this sleepy smile and you can tell how tired he is and he just asks “what can i get you love?” and he just sounds so cute and precious and you just order some venti coffee and he just give you this look and says, “big paper?” and you just nod and yawn and he smiles ,”y’know you could finish it here i could help you, if you, uh, want,” and you smile and say “i think i’ll do that” and mikey plays all these slow cute songs over the speaker system and yeah that wasn’t a good idea cuz now you’ve fallen asleep on your keyboard and he doesn’t know what to do

8 Ball (Luke)

Requested; Yes, by multiple people. 

A/n: you guys asked for this so here it is! It feels good to have something done after having writers block.Also this is a bit of a longer way but i just couldn’t bring myself to make it shorter.So Enjoy! 

Anon asked:  will you do one where Luke is at a bar and you don’t know him but you see him and then he challenges you to play pool and you act like you don’t know how so he tries to be all manly like “here I’ll show you how” and puts his arm around you but you end up being super good at it and he gets all frustrated and stuff cuz aw that’s cute


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Larry holding hands

If you look at all the pics, look at the gap between Larry and then look at the lack of gap between the rest of the boys with the fans. The only gap is between Harry and Louis. Louis was hesitant to hold Harrys hand but Harry was the one who pulled Louis toward him and grabbed his hand. So Louis was all hesitant and shy about it but then a big smile was brought to his face. Usually when someone is shy, it’s like they really love that person. Liam and Niall just did it without a care cuz they’re just friends so it didn’t mean anything to them. But think about someone asking you to hold hands with the person you have a crush on. You get all blushy and shy and hesitant and you wonder who is going to make the first move. That’s Louis with Harry still after 5 years. So if you look at the body behavior between Larry and Niam, there’s a huge difference. Niam is very platonic while Larry isn’t.


What’s that? nobody asked for this wallpaper?

well too bad

feel free to use these wallpapers tho. first pic has the dialogue box, second pic doesn’t, third pic has some color adjustments just cuz i like doin that kinda thing.

I tried to shop out the seams in the middle and smooth out the jpeg-ness. hope they look awright.

you probably hafta open image in a new tab to get the full size

if not try here~


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What would Tae and Jungkook do if you were having a get-together party at your house and you're already late to go downstairs and you already have guests.. And he's called you (on the phone) multiple times, but you don't want to come down? And you're like, trying to mentally prepare yourself cuz you're never ready when you hear all the loud voices and just break down?

Sorry this took so looong dear~ :( But here you go! 

So in my understanding, the girl has some kind of social phobia… 

Taehyung would be very worried when you wouldn’t answer your phone. He’d have that bright smile on his face as he greeted all the guests, but deep down, a huge frown was trying to poke at his mouth and it was taking every ounce of his will power for him not leave everybody to go to you (He was the host after all). He would call you relentlessly but when you wouldn’t answer for the nth time he had called you, he’s going to give up and march upstairs to check on you.


“Yeah?” Taehyung would sigh in relief as he heard your muffled voice against the door; glad to know that you were okay–that you were still alive.

Jagiya~” he’d whine. “I’ve been calling you to come down for–” he counted in his head. “for god knows how many times already? Why aren’t you answering your phone?!”

“I’m not feling good, Tae.” you lie. “Go on without me.”

“Are you serious?” Taehyung asked, his voice tinged with worry as he opens the door. Once he was inside, he saw you all dressed up, sitting on the bed. “Hey–”

“I don’t think I can go down. I’m not feeling well.”

“But you were so excited for this!” Taehyung pouts as he sits down beside you. He takes your hand and rubs comforting circles at the back of your palm. “Why–”

“I’m just–” you huff. “Don’t laugh at me, okay?” Taehyung nods, a serious look on his face as you bite your lip to answer. “I’m scared, okay? I get really nervous when there’s a lot of people and I just…I feel like crying.”

Taehyung frowns at wraps an arm around you comfortingly, your head fitting against the juncture of his neck and shoulder. “Why didn’t you just say so, jagi?”

“I didn’t want to be such a kill joy.” you muttered and you felt him chuckle before a chaste kiss was placed at the crown of your head.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. These are just some our friends. Plus I want to introduce you to some of the new ones I made!” he said excitedly. “Have to brag about my perfect girlfriend, you know?” At that, you smiled, feeling a little better.

“I swear Y/N, it’s going to be fun. Trust me.” he said but you still looked a bit doubtful. “I’ll be there with you all night. I’m not going to leave your side, I promise.” 

“Pinky swear?”

“Pinky swear.” he grinned as he reached out with his pinky finger to seal the deal. That night, he kept his word and you found yourself mingling with everybody and even having fun. But you knew that was only possible because Taehyung was latched to your side, keeping the conversations going and guiding you through it all. You were glad he kept his promise of not leaving your side.

Except maybe that time when…

Taehyung.” you roll your eyes. “I need to use the bathroom.”

“But I promised I wouldn’t leave your side jagiya~” he reasoned innocently as he held your hips; his mouth turning up in a smirk as he followed you to the bathroom. As you opened the door, you literally had to push him away so you can get in. 

“Stay!” you pointed before closing the door.

“You’re no fun!” he says through the door, mirth filling his voice. 


“Y/N?” Jungkook knocks once then looks at his wristwatch, wondering what was taking you so long. “Hey, are you–”

You open the door and Jungkook watches you steadily, seeing that you’re already dressed and ready to go. You looked beautiful in your new dress and Jungkook couldn’t help but smile. “Hey.” 

“Hi.” you said in a clipped tone, looking over his shoulder where the voices of people could be heard from downstairs. There was laughing and loud music, which made your stomach churn. 

Jungkook’s smile faltered the moment he saw your expression and stepped into the room, pushing you back slightly before closing the door. “I’ve been calling you to come down.” he frowns as rubs his hands against your arms, comfortingly. “Aren’t you ready yet?”

“I am…”

“Then let’s go?” he asks before stepping back to open the door. Before he could turn the knob, he felt your hand pulling him back. Jungkook turned and saw the panicked look on your face. He suddenly grew concerned.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?”

“I–” you bite your lip. “I don’t think I can do it.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I can’t, Jungkook.” you sigh shakily as you retreat deeper into the room. “I’m scared. I don’t want to go down there. Not with all those people.”

Jungkook’s frown deepens and he realizes that you are really serious about not wanting to go downstairs. An idea suddenly sparks in his head like a lightbulb lighting up.

“Then let’s stay here.” he said as he plopped down on the floor at the foot of your bed, before pulling you down with him. 

“W–what?” you asked as he cradled you in his arms, cuddling beside you cutely. 

“I said, let’s just stay here.” he repeated as he nuzzled against your neck.

“But…don’t you want to be down there with your friends?”

“I’d rather be up here with you.” he said simply and the statement made your heart skip a beat. “Plus, Hobi hyung can handle everyone down there just fine.”

“This is your party–”

Our party.” he corrected and the fact that he made that correction made you realize just how deeply in love you were with him. For with Jungkook, it was never “his” only. The moment you came into the picture, it was always “we” and “us”; simply “what’s yours is mine”. You couldn’t even remember when it started being like that. It just did. So naturally, like the day turning into night. 

“Plus I’m not really a party person.”

“Liar.” you poke his side which made him chuckle. “You love the attention.”

“But I love you more.”

“Smooth, bro.” you smirked as you dodged one of his kisses, earning a pout from the boy.

“Hey, that was a good one!” he protests and you look at him with a smile before giving him a peck. One which he leaned into to make it last longer–

Just then, knocking sounded from the door and a voice which sounded awfully like Hoseok’s called your attention; breaking the kiss to your disappointment. “Guys! Everyone is looking for you two!”

You heard Jungkook sigh deeply, before looking at you expectantly. 

“I…” you bite your lip, thinking if Jungkook is willing to stay up here with you and miss the party that was supposed to celebrate him, then you were willing to suck up your fear and go down there to support him. “I guess we should go.”

“You sure?” he smiled. 

“I’m sure.”

Jungkook kissed your forehead before standing up, then helping you off the floor as well. “Let’s suffer together then.” he grinned as he offered his arm and you took it and leant against him as you left the room. 

And with that your fear was decreased, knowing Jungkook would be by your side. 

Well that turned into a mini scenario. lol Hope you guys liked it! <3

-Kaye Allen

i really just depend on music to get me through the days where i have doubts. you remember when i told u guys i almost shed a tear at FYF during Flume’s set? 

i meant that…i got into flume a little over a year ago and at the time i was going thru probably the worst battles with my depression and idk his music means a lot to me cuz he’s what i would listen to daily while i was going thru all that and finding myself n all that jazz..

so then im at FYF and he starts playing “sleepless” and that shit just hit me hard and overwhelmed me cuz that song in my Top 3 by him and i don’t even know why im mentioning all of this

but yeah….music is tight.

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i really want to get my friend that shirt cuz she's ace, but idk how comfortable she would be wearing it in public ya feel?

The best part about the shirt is the double meaning. For the most part, the only people that will recognize the ace flag are fellow ace people and if someone asks what the shirts about and you’re uncomfortable coming out you can just say you like the math joke. Win-win :D

Hey hey, me again!✌ I’m starting a series on Scratchboard of kpop boys and hot WOC. I’m not too good at it since I’m brand new at this but it’s something I really want to call my own style ya know! I started with Rapmon cuz 1: Ultimate Bias for me and 2: his bday is coming up so yea xD it dawned on my to scratch more like this.

Reason I’m sending this is because I want to get your opinion on who I should do next :) I like ALL kpop stars and my mind is too jumbled plus I’m not too good at finding nice woc to draw (thus your blog popped up in my mind lol) if you want…maybe you could give me some suggestions…maybe…I could…even draw you??? OR OTHER PRETTY LADIES WHO YOU SUGGEST…haha I’m just gonna go now
PS: still not to good at drawing more than one person in a frame together so the girls and guys are separate

KPMBW: Woahhh your drawing skills are amazing! You know I have an idea, if you want to think of anyone, you can go through my tag list, or under my FAQ I have a list of men who would possibly date/end up with a Black woman, maybe that will help, but you know who I would suggest personally, Kai or Vernon xD

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shouldn't the rupphire thing just be Garnet? like technically?

sometimes people just wanna see the two loaves unfused so they search the ‘rupphire’ tags with that cuz if you search the ‘Garnet’ tags, you’ll get Garnet, see?