So. We’re here today to talk about someone amazing. Literally one of the best people I know. And she didn’t tell me today was her birthday and I nearly missed it, so here we go. I’mma embarrass her now. It is of course, everyone’s favourite person- @poe-also-bucky

We met, here on Tumblr, a few short months ago. I believe she left a load of adorable comments on my stories and I died because someone was actually saying nice things about my writing and it was crazy. So I demanded we become friends. 

Mich- you are one of my favourite people in the world. To the point where it has earned you the nickname super awesome jammie dodger cutie mccuteface brownie sundae queen. You are wonderful, beautiful, smart, sharp, funny, witty, supportive, talented, adorable and so so loved by so many people. Seeing you on my dashboard, on my stories, in my inbox and my messages makes my day just a little bit brighter. 

You’ve been so good to me in the short time we’ve been friends that already I owe you like a thousand favours. I hope this is one in a first line of many things i get to write for you. I love you. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

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(here is a cake for you. May it be slathered all over the gentleman of your choice for your birthday) 

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