anonim sordu:

why do you ship chansoo?

OMG I’m excited. This is where i get to rant my Chansoo feels!

1. The fact that Chanyeol said when Soo got into the company, the first person he got closest to was Chanyeol. So no Chansoo did not happen recently, they been close.

Chanyeol: “When D.O first came in the company, the first person he got closest to was me. We got close so fast that it was to the point where on the first day we met, we got on the subway and went home together.
When i have worries or have something i need to talk over seriously with someone, I usually talk to D.O a lot. I also learn a lot about music. we have a lot of memories from when we were trainees. The route home was the same way for D.O and I, so we would go to apgujeong station often to eat takoyaki. We have a lot of memories and he is a friend that I can trust and depend on.”

2. Chanyeol repeatedly saying Soo is his soulmates and how much he likes Soo<3 even Chen proved this. He said that yes Chanyeol is close with the rest but he’s always with Soo/closest to Soo.

3. Their couple rings!

4. OMG And when Chanyeol carries Soo princess style<3

This is getting pretty long. But yeah. I think their friendship is amazing. Soo obviously enjoys the attention from Yeol and Yeol obviously loves giving it to Soo. I think i’m done since it’s getting long. So i’ll throw in random pics.

사랑해 <3