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[text]: I'm sat outside the cutest little cafe right now and there is a someone sat across from me who practically the spitting image of Derek. It's creepy.

[text]: You’re kidding.

[text]: With the grumpy look and everything? 

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Answer 5

5. In your opinion, cutest way to be asked out? in private but in a really cute special way, like if the person like videogames change you characters name to wanna go to the movies and then play with them or just something small but meaningful

thank you for the ask


Hey there, I really love this blog plus the selca ships included, because you guys answer in a very detailed way :D 

Okay erhm, let’s see. My name is Yuki, 16 years old. I’m 1.52m (5'0)  *cough* a real midget T__T

I love : drawing, manga in particular, watching anime, listening to music all day long, playing guitar, piano and singing. 

I like to wear everything that’s just comfortable. Skinny jeans and big sweaters, hoodies, beanies, snapbacks etc. I’m pretty shy around strangers, though I’m a giant dork around family and friends.  

Sorry for this load of information and thank you for maintaining this awesome blog. Fighting! 

hey darlin’! omg midget twins yaasss haha. 

i think that this particular guy would think you’re the cutest thing ever. so i ship you with V! Taehyung would love your style and be attracted to you almost instantly. plus, you’re pocket sized and he’d gush over how little you are. although you’d be shy at first, once he finds out how much you guys have in common, the conversation would just flow and you two would be the best of friends in no time! which would definitely develop into something more (;;;; although he isn’t the best at art, i can see him leaning over your shoulder, resting his chin on you, as he admires your art work. he’d watch you, the one he loves, doing what you love to do! i can see you having lazy days in, just cuddling up on the couch and watching anime together. as well as frequent jam sessions, where you break out your guitar and just goof around with silly lyrics and infectious melodies. it would be such a fun and effortless relationship!

~ admin ariel 

If you’re ever lucky enough to find someone who loves you despite your irrational obsession with puppies, don’t let her go. I swear that she’s the most beautiful woman in the galaxy, and also the smartest. Her dance moves are rad af, and I love how excited she gets when a taylorswift song comes on. She’s very very tiny (I swear she’s gonna hate me for saying that but I’m just keepin it real). So yeah, here’s the proof that we can leave our college-y looks behind and actually look stunning. Plus, we were the cutest couple at the party 💅💁