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Raymiii I miss you & love you & hope you're having an amazing day. You're one of the sweetest cutest people I've ever met and you have such good music taste. I just wanted to let you know that you're still a jar of sparkly stuff to me and that I hope your life is peaceful and exciting. I'm mainly writing this because i was singing the banana pancakes song and remembered you singing it :3 also don't eat to much pizza at night. Idk if you still do that lol

okay this is someone from my group of tinychat friends from like early 2014 when I started getting into tumblr, I LOVE YOU

a thought I had jokingly that I would’ve thought seriously if I thought of it while still living in Los Angeles:

all the cutest people live far away not because distance makes the heart grow fonder but because people who don’t live nearby are generally better than all the people who do



(it happened again. thanks therealjacksepticeye for making this parallel between indy popcon and pax prime)

(higher quality here for anyone who wants it for headers n shit)