I got tagged by @rhiwyn Thnx bae for remembering me I NEEDED SOMETHING TO DO HJFHFH

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Hm. I very well could do that considerinf that there are ppl out there and users I’d genuinely like to get to know more and friend ppl i already know… OH WELL. @infinitybillion-stars @lady-yomi @manabingu @eleanorose123 @deborahslay @gohansgreendad @ohbabyatripleohyeah @ediblenonsense (no one is obligated to do this lol)

Favorite Anime/Manga:
Yu-Gi-Oh! DM/5ds/Zexal (mostly 5ds tho), Dragon Ball (Z), Sailor Moon, OHSHC, Excel Saga, Cutey Honey (Mostly New Cutey Honey), Devilman, Black Butler… I have a lot actually lol. Can’t say I remember most of them. But its mainly between the first two.

Favorite Videogames:
I was a sonic freak as a child so my own library of games I’ve played were mostly Sonic ones lol (so most of that stuff- tho maybe Sonic Adventure 2 and Unleashed mostly), Harvest Moon: Animal Parade and AWL, Pokemon Heartgold/Black, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Terraria, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, and Punch Out!! Wii

Favorite Books: Im not a book person lol

Favorite TV shows: Generally, crap.

Last song I listened to: Stick to the Status Quo, HSM. …WHAT? The High school musical soundtrack apparently helps me work and stay focused! (Really i’ve gone through all three movie soundtracks just to keep working and its done wonders for some reason)

First Language: English

Oopps me and Ady split yesterday. Ady’s split is probably a fragment so we won’t go on about her but the best thing..

the best thing…

Is that my new split is a little kitten and guess what his name is…






The Rage - Run The World

“Yeah, Kyla’s the little kitten, I love her.” Las smiled petting the kitten all over. “Now we need to get a collar and some food bowls and kitten kibble and wet food- also, cat brush, nail trimmers and gotta schedule a vet visit.” He smiled over at Jetson with a wide grin. “Of course I’ll help with the vet visit as we can get some pet insurance for her- and I’ll pay for all that. She’s such a cutey.” He whispers again petting the little beasty.