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B.A.P’s ZELO『2017 K-POP MUSIC WAVE in PENANG』 at Lexis Suites PENANG 2017.11.24
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For all the writers out there who doesn't know this: The Hyung Tip!

Koreans have a respect for the eldest that is very shown in the language, using formal verbs with the olders and also having particular ways to address them. This I’m going to explain now are used only between “CLOSE FRIENDS”. For the others, the story is kinda long and also there is the grammar involved and bla bla bla. BUT REMEMBER!
It’s actually a matter of Respect in their culture.
Now let’s begin:

-“Hyung” (형) it means “OLDER BROTHER” is ONLY used between MALES. Basically the younger person in the conversation HAS to call the older “Hyung” BUT only the younger. The older it WILL never call a younger person “Hyung” [except if it is a punishment, exactly a punishment].
For example in Bangtan Case:
Jin -> is the Hyung-Nim which means he is the oldest, HE DOES NOT CALL ANY OF THE MEMBERS HYUNG EVER.
Suga -> He ONLY calls Jin hyung because of the year of birth.
Jhope & Rap Monster -> They are both same age so the call Suga and Jin Hyung.
Jimin and Taehyung-> Same age again and they call all the above Hyung.
Jungkook -> He is the Maknae (which means youngest) HE DOES ALWAYS HAVE TO USE HYUNG FOR ALL THE MEMBERS otherwise is disrespectful.

“Unnie” (언니) Older Sister Is the same as Hyung but is used ONLY between Females. A younger girl has to call an older female Unnie.

“Noona” (누나) Older sister. This is tricky. A younger MALE HAS to refer to an Older FEMALE as Noona. For example Jhope’s Noona is his older sister, if Hoseok was a girl he should call her Unnie.

“Oppa” (오빠) Older Brother. Tricky as Noona because a Younger FEMALE HAS to call an Older MALE Oppa. Yes my dear. Oppa means older brother, not cute lover. Oppa is used even within families and is a way to show respect to those you are close with.

“Dongsaeng” (동생) Little Brother/Sister. Yep, this one actually works BOTH WAYS. An older person refers to a younger one as Dongsaeng.

“Chingu” (친구) Friend. Okay this is kinda weird but it is like this. People of the SAME AGE refer as friends. Even if they don’t really like each other they are friends.

Hope this cleared out for you a bit. Use this to write using the right words 👍🏻
Have a nice day!

BTS Reacting to you surprising them backstage at an awards show!


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You hear Namjoon finish up the last line of his speech, and fans cheering and screaming “BTS! BTS! BTS.” You stand by the entrance of the stage patiently waiting. You heard him and the boys coming in. Namjoon is first to enter, and his eyes find their way to you fairly quickly. His face brightens up more than it already was. “Y/N!” He says with the happiest voice you’ve heard from him ever. He runs up to you, squeezing you tight. “You’re so good to me, thank you for coming baby girl.” you blush, as he showers your face with kisses hugging you even tighter than before.


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“Another award to add to our bag guys!” Seokjin says in a celebratory tone, “Where are we going to go eat?” You watch him from far away, waiting for him to notice you. You notice Hobi patting on his Hyung’s shoulder and pointing in my direction. It took him a second to look exactly where he was pointing, but when his eyes locked on you, he had a priceless smile on his face. You both speed walked to each other to lock into an embrace. “You managed to get here after work, Jagi?” He stands there patting your head and planting soft kisses on the top of it, still locked in your hug. “I love you so much.”


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You decided to surprise your boyfriend Yoongi by showing up unannounced at the awards ceremony he’s been talking about for a month now. You told him you couldn’t go, lying to him because you wanted to surprise him. You sat backstage, waiting for him to come to see the reaction on his face. As the boys trickled in, one by one, Yoongi came in last holding the reward proudly over his head. He sang a congratulatory beat along with J-hope and you couldn’t help but laugh. His gummy smile was just too cute. “Yoongi Oppa” You called out sweetly. The change of his expression was so quick. He looked around for you and saw you waving at him from across the room. He turned around and dropped the award into Jimin’s hands, and walked to you cheerfully with open arms. “Princess, you came?” His gummy smile appearing once more like a ray of sun. He hugged you tightly, then lifted you in the air leaving passionate kisses on your lips. “You’re one of a kind.”


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Hoseok LOVED when you surprised him, so you knew his reaction was going to be genuine and heartfelt. As soon as he saw you, he rubbed his eyes jokingly, and ran up to you quickly, pinching your cheeks. “Jagiya, oh my goodness.” He was at a loss for words. You kissed his lips and wrapped your arms around him, burying yourself into his chest. “You are too damn cute.” He replies, resting his head on top of yours. He starts to rock you back and forth, humming a sweet melody into your ear.


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When the members come backstage, you sneak up behind Jimin, hugging him from behind. “Congrats sweetheart.” You say nuzzling yourself into his back, inhaling his scent. You felt Jimin’s body freeze up. “Jagi is that you?” He said giggling, “Stop playing around let me see your face.” You let go of him, and he turns around, hugging you. “A beautiful girl to support me through my career, what more can I ask for?” He says as he starts to tickle your sides. You giggle and squirm around. “Thank you for always being my support.” He says smiling so hard, his eyes disappear while his smile takes over his whole face.  He reaches for your hands and brings one up to his mouth. He looks at you, winking and presses his soft plump lips to the top of your delicate hand.


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“Taehyung Oppa” You call out to him. He turned to see you at the stage entrance. He is in disbelief. He tries to hide his smile but is unsuccessful. He didn’t know how to react. He started to walk to you, with his hands in his pockets almost in a strolling manner. “Y/N, you always know how to make me feel good, don’t you?” He took out his hands from his pockets, grabbing your face. He brushed his thumbs across your cheeks, looking intently at every detail. Looking into his eyes, you smile at him. “Congratulations, I love you.” You pucker your lips up for a kiss. Taehyung leans over, tilting your chin up giving you a deep kiss in return like a stamp on an envelope. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” He goes to stand behind you, putting his arms over you and resting his chin on the very top of your head, feeling content as ever.


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He makes his way on stage with the 6 other members happily, adjusting his blazer. You see them talking afar with big smiles on their faces. Their body language, from the very tops of their heads, to the tips of their toes, showed accomplishment and immense happiness. “Jungkook!” You sweetly called out. He looked around, trying to find the little voice that called out to him. You snuck up behind him and poked at his back. He quickly twirled around and bear hugged you. “Ya! Why didn’t you tell me you were coming Jagi?” he said, making sure you were fully wrapped under him. “Surprise!” You said giggling, your voice muffled. He let you go, grabbing your hands and interlocking your fingers. “You look beautiful tonight.” He mentioned, looking at you with the biggest heart eyes. You felt as if your own heart was about to melt. You thanked him, as he brushed a small kiss onto your forehead, and two onto each cheek. “I couldn’t be happier than I am right now Jagiya.”