“When they see someone handsome, they will get attached”

Jungkook aesthetic

My heart is gold and my hands are cold

Happy Birthday Min!

All sides of you are irresistible.

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ideal type
jung joon hyung (남주혁 )

- is playful, teases me and has cute nicknames for me
- cute when jealous
- also cute when kiligon
- transparent about his emotions, will tell me how he really feels and is unafraid to show tears
- respects my feelings and is careful around other girls *bcs i am a jealous, petty person*
- sweet and thoughtful, takes care of me when i am sick
- is clingy, the right amount of clingy
- is proud to have me as his girl and shows me off in public *bcs oh my god cute*
- supports and cheers me on in my endeavors
- tells me i’m pretty when i feel like i’m not
- will try everything to cheer me up when i am sad *like acting silly, buying me food, saying encouraging words or just staying by my side*
- is still there for me even when i’m being stubborn, shows that he cares even when we’re mad at each other
- surprises me with his efforts, and just cutesy surprises in general *like buying me a hairpin or flowers that i like or food and taking me to the beach or amusement park and rides really tall rides even if he’s scared of them*
- takes candid pictures of me just because
- let’s me wear his sweaters, hehe
- someone i would be willing to give up my dreams for, yet i know he’d never ask that of me