BM talking about Twice on arirang sound k radio 170320
  • [BM and female host talking about Knock Knock]
  • BM: arrrggh they're so cute!
  • Host: oppa I can't have this [i can't understand her] coming out, you know, like your true emotions coming out in this program.
  • BM: I'm just talking as their fan!
  • Host: mmhmm
  • BM: I'm just a fan of them!
  • Host: he's like a fan of everybody I swear.
  • BM: I am.
  • Host: at least he doesn't discriminate.
  • BM: I don't.
  • Host: so what was so cool about this music video?
  • BM: well the song isn't like super motivational or anything like that, but it's just super cute and I also need to wake up in a good mood.
  • Host: what's cute? Like the girls are cute or the music video is cute?
  • BM: the music video, the girls, the voices, um, the girls, um, the voices.
  • Host: okay if you had to pick one person in twice-
  • BM: [before she finished the sentence] momo
  • Host: momo? Momo was the cutest in the music video?
  • BM: yes.
  • Host: really?
  • BM: oh wait no. Not this music video, I'm just-
  • Host: oh you're just a momo fan.
  • BM: yeah I'm just a momo fan.
  • Host: oh there you guys go, he's a momo fan. Now you know his preference.
  • BM: in this music video, uh, who's the very tall one? With the short hair? [he's thinking of jeongyeon but he can't remember her name]
  • Host: the very tall one? twice?
  • BM: yeah. the tallest one with the short hair.
  • Host: they're all kind of the same height.
  • BM: no no no. There's one that's like, a little bit taller.
  • Host: is she Korean?
  • BM: yeah she's Korean.
  • Host: um...Tai [shes thinking of tzuyu but can't pronounce her name]
  • BM: I forget her name, but the one with short hair.
  • Host: Ohh! Her sister is an actress. [she's referring to jeongyeon's sister, Gong Seungyeon] Right? That's who we're talking about. I know who we're talking about.
  • BM: yeah yeah yeah. She came out really cute.
  • Host: oh really?
  • BM: yeah she was really cute in the music video. Super cute.
  • Host: is this a music video that you'd want to wake up to in the morning?
  • BM: yes. You know what I realized? All twice members have really really nice smiles.
  • Host: they're a girl group. They should have nice smiles.
  • BM: I know but like, they all have-
  • Host: it's like super bright.
  • BM: yeah!
  • Host: they have like little vitamins.
  • BM: yeah, like little vitamins. Sometimes when you see someone smile, like they don't look like all very happy. You know how some people have that very cold smile when they smile?
  • Host: where it looks like they're just smiling because they have to?
  • BM: yeah. But they all look like very happy and like...they have really nice smiles. I don't know.
  • Host: well twice if you're listening BM thinks you have wonderful smiles.

CEO!Seventeen reaction when they surprise-visit you

(requested by anon: Hum I really liked your CEO au so if you’d be willing to do it for seventeen and got7 maybe… He surprises you at home, when you thought he was working, and fluff (or smut if you want wink wink). Idk if you write for all of the boys but if you don’t, just pick whatever unit you like. Thanks a lot) 

GOT7 version

warnings: none

As he got in the house you stood shook yet overjoyed for him coming home earlier


He pretended to have a calm posture but he started blushing until he couldn’t hold it back anymore. He started laughing so hard and you laughed back, running over to him. You wrapped your hands around his neck and nuzzled your nose against his before he kissed your forehead.


He started dancing seductively towards you. He bit his lip, making you blush even harder. „Oppa is home“ he said, still dancing towards you. You giggled at his cute statement and ran over to him, hugging him tightly only to be showered with kisses.


He was blushing so hard at your aegyo self. He knew you’d be very surprised but he never thought you’d be so happy and cute. „Ah seriously jagi“ he said with a chuckle while coming over to you. He kissed your cheek way too many times and you were a giggling mess.


He waved and winked at you while you were still in shock but it was replaced with happiness very quick. „Awh someone’s missed oppa“ he made a cute sound on „oppa“ and you turned into a cute, pink, giggly ball of happiness. You rushed over to him and kissed him all over the face.


He laughed at your cute reaction, swinging from side to side like a little kid. It was too cute too watch so you ran to him. He was already prepared for your attack so he caught you and spun you around.

S Coups

He was standing at the door, pure happiness showing on his face. „Hello“ he said spreading his arms wide open. You ran immediately over to him. He hugged you tightly with his strong arms, playing with your hair. „My princess“ he said cutely, making you giggle.


He was embarrassed but in a cute way. „Ah seriously“ he sighed and started laughing shortly after it. He covered his eyes and you came up to him quickly, moving his hand away. „Oppa don’t hide your blushy, cute self from me“ you giggled as he gave you a kiss.


He was happy just like you but he was lowkey about it. „Come to oppa“ he motioned you to come over with a smirk. You ran up to him immediately and hugged him tightly. He kissed your neck and jawline until he finally reached your lips.


He was calm and composed as usual but hew was still very happy. „Yes I’m home“ he waved and said that just to calm your hyperactive ass down. „You can come and hug oppa though, it’s not forbidden“ his love for you surfaced and it was enough for you to attack him with kisses.


He was very happy and he didn’t mind showing it. His smile was wide from ear to ear and it made you happy to see him like that. You came up to him and he picked you up, swinging you side to side softly.


He slowly reached his hand out towards you while playfully moving his fingers. It was an invitation for you to come closer although it was more like teasing. He stopped moving his fingers when his hand was reached out and you ran into his embrace. He kissed your forehead, moving down to leave kisses on your entire face.


He just looked at you cutely and a chuckle escaped his mouth. „Ah jagi“ he pouted and came over to you. You moved towards him too and hugged him tightly, touching and massaging his neck softly because you knew how happy yet tired he was.


His face lit up just like yours when he saw you. He waved from the door with a smile on his face. You were all blushed and ran quickly to him, hugging him. „I missed you“ he said softly while kissing your neck and nuzzling his nose against it, making you giggle.

xx did as promised, hope anon ain’t mad or anything.. sorry again for the extra long wait; keep requesting xx

Got7′s Reaction to their s/o being in a super cuddly mood

This got posted way after school started so I’m very sorry about that but I hope you’ve had a good school year so far… even though it’s kind of ending xD. But I hope you enjoy the reaction. I tried my best to make it with extra fluff on the side so yeah… lol @the-riseofbangtan

BTW, I’m sorry I didn’t post last Sunday I had a busy weekend along with a busy week of school work that a kind of procrastinated on…I hope you guys aren’t mad :(


*When you asked him to cuddle with you, he’d start to joke around and ignore the fact that you just really wanted to cuddle.*

BamBam: *gif* “You want to cuddle with ME????” *smirks*

Y/n: “Yes! I just really want to cuddle.”

BamBam: “So you really want to cuddle with ME???”

*When he noticed that you were starting to get a little annoyed, he grabbed you and then layed down with you. While he was cuddling you, and some point you felt him hugging you tighter, which made you feel safe. He then kisses your forehead and the both of you fall asleep holding each other.*


*When you see him sitting down on the couch, you quickly walk up to him and tell him you want to cuddly with him. He ignores you and continues doing whatever he was doing.*

Y/n: “Oppaaaaaaaa, please cuddle with meeeeee!!” *acts cute*

Yugyeom: “If you continue to call me Oppa, I’ll cuddle with you.” 

Y/n: *cute voice* “Oppaaa. Oppa. Oppa. Oppaaaaaaaa” 

Yugyeom: *gif* “Ahh so cute!”

*He pulls you down to the couch and starts cuddling you. While he cuddled you, he started to play with your hair and then softly tracing your facial features. When he noticed you were falling asleep, he whispered that he loved you.”


(You’re Jinyoung)

Y/N: *gif* “Youngjae! Let’s cuddle.”

Youngjae: “Right now?”

Y/N: “Yes right now! So go, take me to where we are cuddling.” 

*He’d then, while holding you, walk to the couch and the both of you lay down. He’d start to cuddle you while rubbing your back. He would also kiss your forehead and admire all your facial features while telling you everything he loved about you.”


*You thought he needed a break from work so you took advantage of your super cuddly mood to get him to take a break.*

Y/N: “JB. You should take a break from all this work and like… cuddle with me.” *cute smile*

JB: *gif* “I have to finish, Jagiya.”

Y/N: *grabs his arm and pulls him to the bed* “It’s okay you can finish it later. A little break won’t hurt.”

*He’d laugh and then would lay with you and cuddle you. He’d look at you and give you a little kiss on your nose and would tell you that he loved cuddling with you because he gets to hold the most precious thing that made him happy. Then the two of you would end up falling asleep.*


*As you see him already laying down, you take advantage of it and just lay really close to him.*

Y/N: “Jinyoung.” *hugs up* “Cuddle with me.” *holds him tight*

Jinyoung: *gif* “You still want to cuddle with me?” *smirks*

Y/N: “Yes.” *holds him tighter so he couldn’t get up.*

*He would then laugh and shower you with small kisses until he got tired of it. Then he’d hold you while his hands intertwined with yours.*


*After you ask him to cuddle with you with a cute sad face, he couldn’t help but smile.*

Mark: “What if I don’t want to?” 

Y/N: “You don’t have a choice.” 

Mark: *laughs* *gives you a tight* “AHH Fine… I’ll cuddle with you.”

*He’d then lay down with you and hold you tight. While cuddling with you, he would just look at you and admire every single thing about you and would smile at himself, thinking of how lucky he was to have you.*


*Right when you ask him to cuddle without hesitation he would open his arms wide for you.*

Jackson: *gif* “I’d cuddle with you anytime. I get to hold the most precious thing I have with me. And I also get to tell her that I love her.” 

*He would stay cuddling with you even after you didn’t feel like cuddling anymore because he just wanted to be close to you and show you how much he loved you.”

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