The Journey So Far!

Once upon a time, in a land far far away (we’ll call this land California), a temporary worker (code name: TheHobo), began to blog about life living in a state of constant change. Eventually those changes led TheHobo to a brand new path, one called “Graduate School” where she studied to be a social worker. But the rapid changes and stress involved with being a social work student were greater than TheHobo ever had to deal with before, and she got tired. And sad. And maybe just a little bit depressed.

TheHobo discovered that she was suffering the symptoms of compassion fatigue and secondary stress, both of which lead to feelings of burnout. So TheHobo decided that she needed a better plan for year two of her journey toward being a social worker, and investigated ways to combat secondary stress and compassion fatigue. Listed among these was positivity. Yep, being positive and optimistic helped fight off the symptoms that had made TheHobo’s first year at grad school seem so far. Even better than just being positive was being around people who supported positivity and optimism. So TheHobo began go work toward a model of Supported Self Care, one where people helped each other out to encourage self-care behaviors and life-work balance, and where people helped each other focus on the positive. 

As part of her mission to keep self-care alive and well in her and her fellow students’ lives, TheHobo restarted the Wellness Caucus at school. This is the journey of that Caucus.

So far, it’s been a bit of a rough journey, but the Wellness Caucus is still alive and well (for the time being), and more importantly, the mission of promoting supported self-care continues.