The @puravidabracelets Sandy Hook bracelet. Each one is $5. I want to raise money to send at least 50 bracelets, if not more, to either students still in the school or to the families of the victims. At a minimum, it’s $250 and all the money will be donated back to the school. Please, if you’d like to help LET ME KNOW!! I can’t do this alone. #sandyhook #ctshooting #newtown

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WAKE UP AMERICA: The Newton Tragedy better push the envelope and force this country to reconsider its own laws. The right to own a gun should never take precedence over the right to go to a movie, or kindergarten. The Constitution was designed at a time when slavery was legal, and half of America had justifications for that too. Enough is enough. We need to stop praying, and start doing something about this. #CTShooting #Newton #Jets #wakeupamerica

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Young, African-American men are often imagined to be violent on the street, killing one another in gang-related violence or murdering convenience store clerks while trying to empty the cash register. The stereotypical image, even in its wrongheaded reduction of the black man to an inherently violent being, does not leave room for that other kind of murderer, the one who plans and executes a calculated, non-spontaneous large-scale death spree.

The angry white man has usurped the angry black man.

I would argue that maleness and whiteness are commodities in decline. And while those of us who are not male or white have enjoyed some benefits from their decline, the sort of violence and murder that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary will continue to occur if we do not find a way to carry them along with us in our successes rather than leaving them behind.


-On privilege, power, and mass murderers

Because, in the end, we will be blamed for it anyway. We “messed up” our movements for egalitarianism. We left out the white men - how dare we make them feel insignificant. In the end, we are the ones who forgot empathy.

Never mind that they still have power, never mind that they still have privilege. Never you mind about the rest of it. Give them back what they think they are owed - give them back their entitlement. Do it for the kids in Connecticut.