Courage the Cowardly Dog: Brother of the Bride

Kitty and Bunny are getting married, at last.  It’s reason for much rejoicing, but not everyone is as happy as they ought to be.  

Courage does not think Katz is a very good brother.  

Inspired by c2ndy2c1d’s villains-as-caretakers AU

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Cartoon network’s promo on Nickelodeon This is so cute, the way my favorite characters interact is beautiful! 🙌

Adults: I’m done with all of these terrible children cartoons! They’re all bullshit!! I want a cartoon that’s smart and doesn’t talk down to its audience

Also adults: These children cartoons are too adult and dark for children! I’d rather them watch something more appropriate for their age


Okay so I didn’t catch a wabbit but I DID catch a snowball!! ❄️🐰 hehe

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