random things girls might forget to bring! :)

so I got an ask a while ago wanting a list of things girls should bring to the dorms that aren’t obvious/might forget easily! this is what I have so far, but I’ll add more as I go.

you’d be surprised at the random crap that you don’t even think of until you’re in the dorms and have to take the bus to target haha.

these are some ransom things I could come up with!

small ziplock bags: for food, money, earrings/jewelry when you go home for the weekend

duct tape: literally everything! sending packages home, hang christmas lights, fix your ratchet shoes haha

small mirror: like a cheap vanity one that you can use on your desk! it comes in handy when there are tons of girls in your room getting ready, or you want to sit on your bed and get ready etc.

more than one towel: I brought two nice ones that I used for showering, I’d rotate them like every week or so, because trust me, your towel gets dirty and you don’t want to have to do laundry. I also brought a big crappy towel that I would bring to like bidwell, or lay on the lawn out front that I wouldn’t care if I got it dirty.

safety pins: you can connect your bra in the back to make a crisscross bra, hold a skirt that’s too big together, it may sound weird but my friends and i pierced our ears and the best way to do it is with a safety pin!

going out shoes: if you’re anything at all like me, when you go out, or you’re super drunk, you’ll forget about your favorite shoes you have on. what my friends and I did was buy a pair of sandals at like target or marshalls (or buy them before you move in) and wear them out most nights! I’ve ripped my shoes, stained my boots, broke my flipflops, and tripped and stubbed my toe way too many times, so trust me that you shouldn’t wear out your favorite shoes!

a three hole puncher: it seems weird, but I had one, and other girls would ask to use it! girls in like anatomy who would have to print out a crapload of paper would use it and put it in a binder. and everyone uses it to holepunch their ID card to their keychain! most girls do that.

whiteboard marker: all the doors have whiteboards on the outside and a lot of people forget to bring one!


this is what your dorm room will look like!(:

okay, so like I’ve mentioned before, I lived in Shasta hall which is the exact same as Lassen Hall. These rooms are similar in size to Whitney, however Whitney has a different layout and they do have triples as well. Sutters dorms are the biggest, not by much, and they also have singles.
So, this is just one side of the dorm, as you can see. It’s pretty much a mirror image on each side. There’s a door in the middle, thermostat right when you walk in. You each have a closet with a towel rack and a mirror and then directly above your closet you have big cabinets that open for upper storage. You each have a bulletin board along the whole wall and most of your beds will be set up already lofted (yay, we had to re-loft them by ourselves, you’ll have fun doing that when you move out:)). 

Underneath each bed you have your desk, desk chair and then next to that the dresser. If you guys choose to rent a fridge/microwave you can put it anywhere in the room, but we just put ours directly in the middle.

The setup of all the dorms is just regulation basically, you can rearrange it anyway you like! Like I said in previous posts, I would recommend lowering your bed, it keeps you more involved in what everyone else is doing. I’ll show you in the next post what my room looked like when it was all decorated and how I lived in it almost the whole year!

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