The Chosen Generation

My short animation about internet, gadgets and solitary children living in an abandoned city. 

Made in collaboration with SLATE_id

does anyone know or have recommendations for a good animation program?

ive tried my hand at

flash/animate cc: although i know its regarded as the standard amongst animators, its sort of clunky and buggy for my personal work preference. 

tvp: i think this program has a bigger learning curve, but has very beautiful traditional animation aspects to it. though i dont know how it fares well against programs like flash or toonboom in terms of keyframes.

toonboom: i was pleasantly surprised with this one. it sort of feels like a combination of flash and tvp. although animating can be a bit clunky like flash, i like it better than the latter.

csp: i dont want to drop $100+ on csp yet (i have the pro license already) since it has limited features compared to the rest, but nice brushes and vector features.

opentoonz: i downloaded this one since it was free and studio ghibli uses this too. there are too many features im unfamiliar with, so i guess this program has a bigger learning curve than the rest.

moho12/anime studio: im currently using a trial version of this one, but this program seems to be oriented around puppet rigging/bone animation. im trying to practice more frame by frame