Top 5 Ships I will Go Down With No Matter What

I was tagged by @bliphany and @dreameater1988 to list my top 5 ships. Here we go.

1. Whouffaldi (Doctor Who) I shipped before, I will ship afterwards, but never so hard as I ship 12 and Clara. The lose of Clara will be there for a very long time.

2. Randall Brown & Bel Rowley (The Hour) I really don’t know how I came to them, and I see them with their actual partners (Lix Storm, Freddie Lyon) as well, but those relationships bare so much hurt and stuff, that I one day realized it could work out with them. 

3. Buffy & Giles (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) I think I shipped them unconsciously when I watched this show years ago, without knowing what shipping means. I know it’s  more father/daughter but I couldn’t oversee what was between them. And when Buffy can date a 240 year old vampire, I think she could give Giles a darn chance ;).

4. GRS - Gil Grissom & Sara Sidle (CSI LV) I didn’t see it, I so didn’t because I am acutally blind, but when I realized it, I shipped it with all my heart and over this pairing I discovered FanFiction in the net and read so many m-rated stuff about them that my ears are still burning ;). And, I love they became canon, after 15 years waiting!

5. Henry Higgins & Eliza Doolittle (My Fair Lady) I had to name a fifth ship and it’s my fav movie and I always shipped them very innocently and I think it is very clear that he adores her and they both can’t without each other. Also I definatly have an “age gap” thing in each of my ships :D

I tag (and as I am late to the party, I am sure most of you have done it by now): @misswinterseat, @fieldmarshalhawk, @ms-random1401, @alice-amiryan, @ag47silver, and everyone who wants to do this.

CSI feels

Remember that episode from about a thousand years ago, I think it was You’ve Got Male but I could be wrong, where Sara was affected by a chick who lived alone and then she went home and threw out all her food from the refrigerator and threw away her mail and called a mysterious human, probably just to make sure she wouldn’t be alone forever? She was in love with her boss and it wasn’t happening and she was struggling.

And now, 10 years or so later, here she is again. She lives alone, her place is a mess, she’s frustrated about her love life, and it shouldn’t happen like that. Let me say again, IT SHOULDN’T HAPPEN LIKE THAT.In those ten years, she married the love of her life. He quit his job and went to Costa Rica to reclaim his woman. They were HAPPY!

So it makes me so fucking sad that she’s back in this place. Sara has had a shitty, challenging life and she finally got a piece of happiness and now where the hell is Grissom? She looked so sad when she finally took his call. Ughhh. I just have an epic case of the feel sorrys for Sara in this episode. She’s been through so much, why can’t they just let her be happy for, like, a year or two?

Phtttt. That being said, this episode wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I like Jorja and Ted’s chemistry. I totally got goosebumps when I heard Grissom’s voice…I’m glad Billy hasn’t completely given up on this show and the ship he and Jorja wanted from the beginning. I still have 100% faith in these two. They will get their shit together. Because this is my favorite love story ever and I refuse to believe they weren’t meant to be.