hey this is a positivity post for CSA victims whose abusers were their own age or not that far off. everything i read about CSA online mentions their abuser being a pedophile years older than their victim and that’s not always the case. you’re not “reacting wrong” to your trauma, and it was real and it happened and you’re suffering because of it. i want you guys to know that you should never feel invalidated or like your abuse wasn’t real because your abuser was your age, i love u and im here for u

I literally hate having no time perception. The tiny bits of my past I actually remember, I can not say when or how old i was and it confuses me to try. But even now, i have no perception of time. I sat for a good 10 minutes while my teacher was in front of me explaining that this worksheet i hadnt done yet, was given thursday and i missed friday. But it didnt make ANY sense to me AT all and still doesnt.

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What if somone hasnt listened to her lyrics or watched her videos?? Im genuinely curious, i just know shes bad but nor why

She sexualizes childrens’ items and sings about things like being cr-zy and abuse (including csa), which she hasn’t experienced. In fact, she has said that she sings about such awful things because she finds it “whimsical” or something like that, not because she’s gone through any kind of abuse or is spreading awareness.

i firmly believe children are complex beings with complex emotions who need to be treated as such, but its still very important to remember that they are children–in a different developmental range than adults, and their age is important to give an idea as to where they are development wise

i not saying to treat children like they are dumb or cant make descions–im saying we shouldnt allow people to prey on them just because theyre more mature than they were when they were 12 and are learning about love and sexuality. because they are still children–growing, learning, and unsure of where they are more than anyone else. and im not saying you suddenly know when youre an adult, but its so much different, because when youre a child, all adults have power over you.

children should be treated like they are intellectuals, like theyre smart and feel strong, complex emotions, because they are and they do, and theyre human beings and they deserve that. but you also need to keep their age in mind when interacting with them–thats still important and you dont treat a 3 yr old, an 8 yr old, and a 14 yr old the same at all. but you also dont treat that 14 yr old like you would an 18 yr old or a 25 yr old, because they are not an adult yet. they are not at the same developmental stage.

i am not the same person i was when i was 13 and started this blog as i am when I was 16 or 18. the teens are a hectic time of growth and development.

yes. children can make descions and all that on their own, but that doesnt mean im going to let people use that as an excuse to prey on and manipulate children, even teens. get your victim blame-y, pedophile defending trash out of here

Honestly, I’m kind of outraged. Back when I left this blog and the cglre community to find acceptance, I tried using several different labels from several different communities but it didn’t change the way anti’s saw me. Despite not being affiliated with cgl(re), I’d still be called kinky, and that’s further enforced by the fact that I see banners with almost every single regression community you could think of plastered on them. It doesn’t matter what terms I’m using, it doesn’t matter that I’m sex repulsed due to trauma, it doesn’t matter that there’s not a single sexually explicit image on my blog, somehow just existing makes me a terrible kinky pedophile. It’s insulting that some anti’s will claim to be protecting minors but nothing they’ve ever done has protected me, and in fact they’ve done plenty of things to hurt me. It’s especially harmful to me when they insist that what I’m saying is dangerous and demand that I stop using the language which helps me recover from my trauma. It’s harmful when they assume that they know what community is best for me as if it makes any difference. It’s harmful to me when they stereotype me as a creepy daddy dom when I’m just a kid who age regresses non-sexually. Clearly it has nothing to do with protecting minors, otherwise I’m sure they’d have better things to complain about than “kink terms”.

Plastic choker necklace
Simple crystal charm
There’s a music note;
carved into my arm
Semicolon, grey, red, blue
Burned into my mind
The picture of you
The ability to focus;
ripped away
The long standing sadness;
here to stay
There is no gentle breeze of a summers afternoon
But a hurricane, a cyclone, a typhoon
Thoughts and sounds of fights and screams
A lying child, fallen to their knees
Innocence drips away in the storm
The crystal charm the only one left to mourn


idk if you guys know but there was a video going around on twitter being spread by a now-suspended account @OnlyOnlyJasmine but it was a video of a child being raped by a laughing older boy. she found it hilarious and kept spreading it on her timeline. 

i just want to spread this email because i emailed the girls school and wanted to make sure people were taking action. so thankfully the principal replied and told me this. 

im posting this here in case anyone knows anymore about who committed the rape and the girl who posted it on her twitter and laughed at it. 

please let me know if you have any info on this crime, cause it cant go unpunished. i really hope every disgusting person involved in committing the rape, and spreading it, goes down. 

also fuck any person who defends pedophilia and is like “but my friend is a csa survivor and–”  fuck you. your friend doesnt exist for your shitty points.

 i purposely try to avoid using victims or mentiioning them past “someone could be victimized” in my arguments because guess what? csa victims do not exist for non-csa victims (or rly anyone) to use as a prop for their own argument.

 they arent there for you to use to make your point and prove how right you re, they are REAL human beings with fucking feelings who’s trauma isnt there for you to bring up when its convenient for you. dont use them as a goddamn prop, even if youre against pedophilia but EPSECIALLY if youre defending it, which is doubly disgusting.

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Hey abt the pedophile thing you reblogged awhile back it made me curious how do you feel about people with pocd? You don't have to answer bcs this topic makes ppl rlly uncomfy but yeah,?

I’m not familiar with POCD but as far as I know, people with POCD are actually very distressed by their thoughts and are terrified at the idea of harming a child. 

So no, I don’t think people with POCD are gross like pedophiles are. I think they are people who are struggling and who need help. So long as they never normalize their urges and certainly never act on them, I would never condemn them as people

Note: I’m not at all informed on this topic and I don’t want this to be a repeat of what happened with feminismandmedia. If you think I’m in the wrong with anything I said above, please, please, please call me out on it.