imagine telling 13-17 year olds that they’re gross and kinky because at some point in their life they were deeply traumatized and chose to cope with that trauma by age regressing. imagine being so ignorant and narrow-minded that you would regularly call victims of CSA pedophiles/kinsters because they choose to call themselves littles. imagine hating children because they use a word you don’t like. imagine being such an awful person.

Between us: water.
Like a string-and-cup
telephone, movements
at each end leaving
slack centre, causing
ripple of worm thin rope,
retractions tensing liminal,
mingled vibrations building,
burning into a blackhole
of broken connection,
both bodies flirting
at its fringe, seized in
eternal shy swan-dive,
forever soon to be rinsed
of our own sinned cells.
—  On bathing with you,
or: how Schwarzchild’s
coordinates failed me.

🌸 To all my survivors who don’t feel comfortable with mother’s day because their mother was abusive towards them, it’s okay. You don’t have to celebrate them. She doesn’t deserve to be celebrated for the things she put you through & you don’t have to feel guilty about that. I love you, stay safe 🌸

🌸 To all my trauma survivors that came forward about their experiences, I love you and you’re strong 🌸

🌸 To all my abuse survivors that stood strong enough to see their abusers get put in jail, I love you and you’re strong 🌸

🌸 To all my csa survivors who were too afraid to say anything at all, I love you and you’re strong too honeybun 🌸

You all have been through so much and I couldn’t be more proud to see you begin your recoveries!!!! Wishing you the best!!!!