I’m sorry but this is the cutest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

I’m pretty sure this was a cute little nod to how they sleep. They all clearly had time to sit/lay down and get comfortable before the diluted curse hit (hence Regina being sat in her chair and not on the floor, and CS being snuggled up - they wouldn’t have landed like that if they’d just fallen).

I appreciate the little details like this. It was a blink-and-you-miss-it, omg-pause-that-right-now-and-replay-it moment. And I don’t think it was incidental that they’re posed like this. I suspect it’s their own little addition to the staging (because we know Colin and Jen’s improv talents are world-class), in an effort to give a glimpse of how Emma and Killian normally sleep together (the G rated version obv lol).

So, standing ovation as usual for Colin and Jen, ruining us with flawless little nuances of our favorite soon-to-be-married couple.

Wife: A Captain Swan Drabble

A/N: BLAME @smorgan4, @yeahiliketheredleatherjacket AND @herhookedhero FOR THIS!!!!

For as long as she could remember, she had always been “Swan.”

Ever since that first adventure on the beanstalk, they Emma sacrificed herself and Henry brought her back with True Love’s Kiss, that had been her nickname from Killian.

But now, as they make their way back to Storybrooke after their week-long (and well-deserved honeymoon, he had taken to calling her something different, but just as meaningful.

Emma parked the car in front of the white picket fence of their home, from ear to ear. Killian looked over at her, exchanging a similar smile. “So, do I get to carry you over threshold?” Killian asked excitedly.

Emma Swan actually giggled. “Well, I don’t see why not…?” He was out at her door before she could even finish her answer. He practically unbuckled her from her seat himself. Killian lifted her into his arms, Emma squealing with delight. “You don’t to carry me the whole way! We have luggage in the car!”

“Luggage can wait. This is tradition!” he said, sauntering up the walkway through the gate.


“You know I’m not struggling. I’ve carried rum barrels heavier than you!” She laughed, knowing that he had said that to her before, but he didn’t recall.

As they reached the porch, Emma fished the house keys out of her jacket. Improvising, he bent her slightly so that she could reach the keyhole easier. As soon as the door was slightly ajar, Killian kicked it all the way open with his boot.

He looked at Emma, with all the love in his eyes reflecting into hers, as he said, “Welcome home, Wife.”


From that day forward, that was all she heard.

“Care for a splash of rum, Wife?”

“Wife, do we have to go to your brother’s birthday party?”

“I love you, Wife.”

One day, over a year into their marriage, while she was cooking Sunday breakfast, she finally asked, “Why don’t you call me ‘Swan’ anymore?”

He looked at her curiously. “Does it bother you?”

“No…not really. It’s just…it was our thing. I kind of miss it.”

Killian walked up behind her, as she was flipping the pancakes off the skillet, wrapping his arms around her. “You want to know why I stopped calling you ‘Swan’”? She nodded her head, which he felt on his chin. “It’s because I never in my life thought I would have this, with you, so when I call you ‘wife,’ it’s so I never forget what I worked so hard for, and what I will fight with my last breath to keep.”

She turned in his arms, placing her forehead onto his, revelling in the contact. “I love you so much, Husband.”

“And I you, Swan.”

“Call me, ‘Wife.’”

“As you wish.”

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I joined tumblr back in November 2012 because of CS and their beautiful journey that has just begun.

I remember tagging everything “emma x hook” because we didn’t come up with a name yet. I remember everyone analyzing the hell out of Tallahassee and giffing every second of it. I remember how we called each other “beans”.

I remember freaking out about 2x09 because someone posted these photos WEEKS before that episode aired

I remember analyzing pictures from set in which Hook was in docks with Cora and a swan and headcanoning it as cursed Emma (still… why the hell did they brought swans on set???).

I remember crying from joy because look at this gif! In this shot Emma is so close to Hook’s hook! almost like a….. FORESHADOWING??


I remember dying because they gave us hospital scene sneak peek from 2x12 (it happened on my birthday okay, my friend who came over was really scared, that’s how much I was freaking out)

I remember PaleyFest 2013. When the possibility of CS was mentioned for the first time out loud.

And dying again because



I remember how we had nothing for MONTHS. Only a 5 second long scene in 2x15 where Emma knocks Hook out and then talks with Neal about him.

But then the unthinkable happened. We were blessed with these photos from set!!! Memes were made! Hundreds of edits! And we all had to wait over a month for that episode to air!

You think that’d be enough to make us go crazy? Hah! You have no idea what happened after this

and then being dead after season 2 finale…

…and resurrected again because Comic Con happened. THIS happened

and then all the talk about CS being kindred spirits??? (x) (x) I MEAN….

That’s enough to kill us before s3 even starts right? NOPE. THIS HAPPENED.




Anyway, my point is it all happened before The Kiss. Hell, before season 3 even started! We were called delusional so many times, I lost count. But we endured. We had to wait months for a little scene but we never gave up.

And look where we are now. CS are married and rode off into the sunset to catch bad guys together. And they lived happily ever after.

I cannot tell how grateful I am for being a part of this fandom. You guys and this ship will always be a part of my soul. I won’t come back for season 7 but that doesn’t mean I’m leaving this fandom. We’ve been through too much together for me to give up so easily. Even tho ouat has been slowly deteriorating with its plot holes and lazy writing, CS has always been magical to watch.

It pains me that this is the end and we’ll never see some milestones but I’m so happy for experiencing what we did with you. That was one hell of a journey. But remember guys…

Peace out!

Do you ever cry because Killian went from:

“A man unwilling to fight for what he wants deserves what he gets” to “we fought for our love and we won”?

Because I do.

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Spin Cycle

While texting @thesschesthair last week, and telling her I was doing laundry, she gave me this idea…This is unbeta’d and I just needed to get something out. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of the lovely women who are a huge part of my life! (Tags at the end). 

Emma trudged into the laundry room of the house dressed in her grey robe, waiting impatiently for the drier to stop. 

“I could’ve sworn it said 15 more minutes 10 minutes ago!” she shouted at the wall. 

“Everything okay in here, love?” Killian knocked on the open door with his hook, startling Emma. 

She huffed in annoyance, but not at him. “I would be doing better if it wasn’t taking so long for the laundry to finish!”

Killian knew his wife better than anyone, even herself, and he knew her frustration went well beyond drying clothes. “Swan…what is this really about? You can talk to me.”

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I just wanted to give Emma a break from her batshit-crazy life and a chance to cuddle on the couch with her husband, but I ended up giving her a cold with a side of angst.

Takes place shortly after the Final Battle.

She’s sick within a week.

Truly nothing serious, but thoroughly miserable nevertheless; she’s put her body and her nerves through too much lately, and now she’s paying the price. Naturally, Killian acts as though she’s dying and given the events of the past few months, she tries to be sensitive about it. He does come from a world where a fever and a sore throat very well could have been the beginning of the end. And, of course, there’s the fact that she very clearly did die (or at least came close to it) right in front of his eyes not even ten days ago.

In a way, it’s a relief. She can’t even think of the last time that she’s been free of gut-sickening adrenaline long enough for her body to succumb to simple illness.

It’s a relief to feel run down and beat up when the cause isn’t some malevolent magical force trying to wrench her away from the people she loves. She’ll take this any day when it means getting to wake up to her husband who still looks at her like she’s the most beautiful goddamn thing he’s ever laid eyes on despite the fact that her eyes are swollen and she can only breathe through her mouth.

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A Home In The Highlands + A CS One Shot [Outlander Style]

After binge watching over the holiday break, I just had to write this for @fergus80 and @xpumpkindumplingx who wanted some CS smut in the Outlander wedding night style. Also, I love Jamie and Claire so this is in no way devaluing that other ship that’s now taken me on as a passenger! This one is rated M for certain, folks!

The fresh white roses were slightly wilted by the time Emma pulled the flower crown from the top of her head. They’d been strung together early that morning, woven around the twisted wooden halo by an elderly woman all the men affectionately called Granny. She had helped Emma with her tangled hair, brushing it into fine silky waves and telling her she looked like nothing less than an angel. It had been impossible not to offer a grateful smile at that kind remark, even though the term wasn’t what he would have called her. No, he’d deem her a princess once again - just like he had from the day they met.

“You want me to….sit in a saddle? In this dress?”

“Aye, Princess,” he’d smirked before rolling his eyes. “Sooner rather than later too. Miles to go before the light loses the road.”

“I’m not a princess,” she’d scowled, staring up at the back of the beautiful black horse at her side. “I can walk.”

“I’m sure you can,” he had nodded, bending down fast to tug on the dragging fabric of her skirt and tearing it off up to the knee. “But you’re going to ride - right up on this mare with me, lass. Now up with you.”

“Excuse me! You can’t just-” she’d shot back, disbelief painting her features as she glared at him. “-do that! That dress came from France and I can assure you that my father would not be pleased to see you act in such a manner, soldier….”

“Well, I am from Ireland, m'lady, and that gown is not really high on our list of concerns at the moment.” he grinned, holding her waist a bit too suggestively as his whisper skimmed her ear. “Now would you like me to lift you or can you get on the bloody horse yourself, love?”

“Do not call me ‘love’…”

“Very well,” he smirked. “Princess.”

Emma wasn’t sure how it had all evolved from there, her mind still searching for pieces of the memories that made up the past few weeks. It had taken her a few rounds of stealthy research to figure out where she’d landed when she fell through the portal near the wishing well weeks ago, some force of magic or witchcraft taking her from the woods near her childhood home and landing her decades in the past. She speculated the era by reading a letter she’d found with a fallen soldier, but she knew it for sure the moment she met him.

She was in Ireland - the newly acquired company of a small rebel brigade in 1743.

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goodnight little love

———-cs + morning sickness in the middle of the night

my cs baby feels are in an all time high after finally finishing watching 702 tonight, so here ya go Tumblr, this has been half written for m o n t h s, so idk, happy cs baby feels y’all! these babes are canonically starting a family and I’m just feeling all the feels! Ciao <33

— ღ   —

It’s definitely not as bad as it was with Henry, not at all. Emma knows she should consider herself lucky, only being sick once a day at most, but still… by week 14, Emma’s already done with some of it. She’s tired of being tired all the freaking time. She’s bloated more often than not, and the nausea; the nausea is by far the worst.

Aside for her one, 3am long-standing appointment with the porcelain bowl every night, Emma’s been mostly ‘blessed’ with just nausea day-round and not vomit. Which she figures makes her lucky; it could be worse, she knows how much worse it could be, puking at the drop of hat —she lived it before, so she knows, but despite the lack of retching, her stomach does churn 24/7 and she’s sick of it.

She’s already missed more days at work in the last month than she has in her whole time in Storybrooke all together. She just doesn’t feel right. She’s dizzy and queasy so often, that she finds at least sleeping she’s unaware of the sickness. And it’s not as if she’s not tired enough to justify all the naps –she is.

Killian is great about the whole thing; he’s awesome at allowing her to moan and complain as much as she wants without making her feel whiny or worse, weak. He’s great. Her parents are being completely amazing as well, as is her son and pretty much everyone who knows —which aren’t that many yet, but she figures in time she won’t even have to announce it, they’ll just be able to tell.

Which worries her too, because showing does mean everybody knowing about the baby, and that’s scary. It’s also exciting though. Showing after all does mean the baby is growing, and she wants that. She wants this tiny human of hers to grown healthy so that she and Killian can meet it soon.

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