Behold my crooked smile!

For the CS GTKY thing which I almost forgot.

Five facts about me:

1. Every time I step into Target I am guaranteed to buy myself at least 1 sale or clearance clothing item even if I came for something completely different.

2. I have two peach trees and one tart-cherry tree. This year the peaches weren’t very productive but I got enough cherries for two pies and a double batch of jam.

3. I’m rocking my 30s. The 20s are hard. Really hard. If you are still in your 20s and keep wondering why you aren’t having the best times of your life like you were promised, it’s because that promise is a lie! 30s are better and I fully expect 40s to be pretty great, too. Heck, if my health holds up 50s will probably rock, also.

4. I’ve written 3 novels but only one that I think has publishing potential. I’m currently revising it and I live-blog the process at my other Tumblr, but I sometimes reblog those posts here.

5. I love doing braids and buns and what not, and I keep meaning to take more pics of my hairstyles and post them but I always forget. Love my long hair!


CS Merch Updates!

:) This is one of my old sketches I drew for CS GTKY and decided to redraw bigger so I could put it on stickers, cases, bags etc. Check it out on my RB



Guys, we spent all summer without our adorable pirate and savior. We had to read fanfiction, watch fan videos, make/appreciate fan art, and watch the same scenes over and over again to get us through these last harsh months of summer.

Let’s get ready for this premiere by getting to know your fellow shippers!

  • Favorite CS Moment from each Season (2-4)
  • Favorite Non-CS moment
  • Your CS wish for season 5 (WE ALL WANT A TLK… but what else do you want to see????)
  • What are you doing for the premiere? (Sprinkles Cupcakes and a viewing party anyone????)
  • Other fandoms you are privy to~
  • A selfie! (if you are cool with that)

Special shoutout to tlynnwords because I almost completely forgot about these things until she posted that we should do them again!

Let’s plan on posting these September 26th and 27th (Premiere weekend!). Tag your posts #CS GTKY
Beautiful Places in My Country (State)

I was tagged aaaages ago by @optomisticgirl. Like many Americans who were tagged, I opted to do beautiful places in my state, which is Massachusetts! I opted for places that are very special to me.

Walden Pond (Concord, MA)

Greenough Pond (Carlisle, MA)

Lake Massapoag (Sharon, MA)

Boston Public Garden (Boston, MA)

Boston Public Library (Boston, MA)

I know that most of mine involve water, which is a little weird I guess? Whatever!


3 Fun Facts

  • A friend got me into the show but as always I ended up being more obsessed about it than her
  • I’m a stay at home walrus rn (pls hire me)
  • I watched this movie called I Origins last night and it’s now my favorite seriously watch it

Favorite CS moment

  • HAHA… you seriously expect me to answer this.(probably the hug outside the ice cave because reasons)

Other OUAT ships you <3

  • Captain Charming
  • Frozen Swan
  • OQ

Other fandoms

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S (im mondler trash)
  • Youtubers (Mainly Zalfie)
  • Is the arts and crafts tag considered a fandom????
  • I started watching iZombie and kinda love it
  • I was anime trash and I still low key love it
  • I’m sure I’m missing 4095839 fandoms but those were at the top of my mind


under the cut cause i don’t wanna scare ppl

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3 Fun Facts!

  • I live for rosé wine and guacamole 
  • I love to decorate, especially with old stuff I find rummaging through thrift stores/antique malls
  • I often get very stressed out about starting/catching up on TV shows that I’m seasons behind on because it just seems like staring up at this huge mountain of time/investment and so I panic and rewatch shit on my DVR I’ve seen a 100 times, like 30 Rock or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 

Favorite CS moment!

  • I still die a thousand deaths over Hook’s “and I will win it” speech in Neverland. It still gives me butterflies and makes me squee and jesus what a romantic bastard. 

Other OUAT ships you <3!

  • FRANKENWOLF (I WILL NEVER BE OVER IT), Snowing, Outlaw Queen

Other fandoms!

  • Agent Carter
  • Outlander
  • LOTR/Hobbit
  • Star Wars
  • Game of Thrones/ASoIaF
You all are crazy gorgeous and I am in awe and love you all to bits. Viva la Captain Swan!


five things about me

  1. I’m a make up addict, passionate with literature, books and everything close to art in general
  2. I’m a horse rider, I love it so much and almost made it my job, I refused to go a specialized school
  3. I talk French, Portuguese and English, a few words in Swedish, and I understand Spanish and Italian
  4. I used to hate coffee but then I discovered it with a friend and fell in love it, I drink 3 cups per day, and 2 cups of tea.
  5. People say I have a musical ear but meeee I don't practice that much

Okay, so I see a lot of people doing the CS GTKY tag again, so forgive me if I missed the deadline or something, and if it’s today and I am actually on time, woo hoo! lol 

3 Fun Facts

  • I go to Disney World once or twice a year, it’s my second home <3
  • I’m 24 going on 25 in August
  • I was homeschooled from 4th to 12th grade and loved it :)

Favorite CS moment

  • Past!Hook and Emma. Because hilarious and hot 

Other OUAT ships you <3

  • Outlaw Queen
  • Snowing
  • Captain Charming, duh?

Other fandoms

  • Harry Potter, Sherlock, THG


From Easter :)


3 ‘Fun’ Facts

I can speak German and English, and a bit of French, Irish, Swedish, and Latin, although that last one’s a stretch.

I want to be a writer but I keep getting sidetracked by ideas for art that demand to be painted. On the plus side, that means I make lots of art.

There are birds trying and failing to move into my roof atm and they wake me up every morning at ridic:ulous AM and I want to hate them but at the same time they’re birds so they can’t be expected to know any better

(In case that last one doesn’t count, ah… I like cats.)

Favorite CS Moment

I still like the scene at the bottom of the beanstalk. Or oooh, “actually I quite fancy you from time to time… when you’re not yelling at me.”

Other OUAT ships you <3

Snowing, Outlaw Queen, Scarlet Beauty, Sleeping Warrior… actually pretty much all the canon ones at the moment. And Captain Book, Captain Charming, Frozen Swan, and Savior/Swan Queen platonically. And I ship Belle with almost everyone.

Other Fandoms

I’m not really active in any as much as in OUAT, but: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit, Outlander, Harry Potter, and all the Marvel movies and series.


it’s kinda late and my hair is a mess and I made NO effort today, you’ve been warned

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3 Fun Facts:

  • I love to travel. I want to see everything and learn about people and places and YES. I love museums and ruins and castles and old buildings SO much. I love walking where people walked hundreds of years ago. It makes me feel connected to this crazy world and it’s an amazing feeling.
  • I’m staying in London for a bit right now for work related stuff and I LOVE it. I love this city and how alive it is and how much there is to do and ALL the people! Speaking of which, I’ve started making a list, a small description of interesting people I see on the tube everyday. I should share that at some point because PEOPLE man. They can be so great sometimes.
  • I don’t talk about it much on here but i have two weaknesses. Shoes and Makeup. If you’ve seen any of my selfies from before, you’ll know I have a thing for really bright colours and yeah, I just really like the whole process of makeup and people who are good at it, I am in awe of. (Also, all my brushes suck at the moment so if anyone has any recs for makeup brushes, hit me up!)

Favorite CS Moment:
IT’S YOU. Well, and also the sexy first aid. And also the cheek kiss from the episode after the date because CASUAL INTIMACY SLAYS ME.

Other OUAT Ships:

Hi, hello. I ship everything. :D Well, almost. AND RARE PAIRS. (I have a tag of stuff I’ve made.) Red Swan, Frozen Swan, Captain Red Swan, Frozen Knave, RED CHARMING, RED HUNTSMAN. (I love Ruby) (so much)

Oh but also, Snowing, Warrior Royals, Sleeping Warrior and yeah, well. I’m cool with most everything.

Other Fandoms:

Umm, I’m not sure really. Like, I watch a lot of TV but I don’t really participate the way I do with OUaT. Also, books. But same thing.

I read a lot though and I’m currently reading a lot of female written/female led sci-fi/fantasy and AHHH SO GOOD.


I AM wearing crazy colours in these pictures but you can’t see them because sunglasses and the last one is from day before yesterday at work so again, no colours oops! Also, see, I love ruins. :D These are from Carreg Cennen Castle in Wales.

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3 Fun Facts

  1. I love learning new languages.
  2. I often cook korean/japanese food
  3. I’m crossing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in about 100 days (LONDON <3)

Favourite Captain Swan Moment

cs coffee… oh right it hasn’t happened yet Probably that “When I win your heart” scene in 3x07…and more recently their DATE!!! So much perfection <3

Other OUAT Ships

Captain Charming, Frozen Swan

Other Fandoms

Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Sleepy Hollow

ahhh i’m late to the party! i’m going through the cs gtky tag right now and i have some gorgeous shipmates in all of you omg

also, we could do this every year for fifty years and i’d still be nervous about it… but ily all so

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CS GTKY - sheriffswan

3 fun facts
I can move my ears, a skill completely useless even though it is quite cute
I have a scar on my lip thanks to my mom’s dog who bit me from the forehead down to mouth. Fucking dog.
I met my best friend on tumbr two years ago and she is literally the most important person in my life

My favorite CS moment
I have so many but I’m partial for the “it’s you” because Emma’s face kills me so much and Killian’s voice arrrgh kill me now

Other OUAT ships I like
Red Beauty

Other fandoms:
Outlander, a bit of Poldark, a bit of Elementary, a bit of Grey’s Anatomy, a bit of My Mad Fat Diary, a bit of Jane the Virgin, Suits, Orphan Black, the Knip,  I am quite eclectic.

and here is the faciiiie

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Get to Know You

3 Fun Facts About Me:

1. I love to bake - anything
2. Big Trouble in Little China is one of my favorite movies - Kurt Russell.. :)
3. I love to sing

Favourite CS moment:

So many - its crazy - Most Recently I love “Don’t you  Know Emma, It’s You.” You traded your ship for me. “If it can be broken it means it still works.” 

Other OUAT Ships:

Snowing, OQ, SB

Other fandoms:

I don’t really participate too much in other fandoms but I’d say Veronica Mars, IZombie, Agent Carter, Outlander, Pretty much any of the Austen stuff that crosses my dash


This is my most recent selfie. 

3 Fun Facts:

  • Oh lordy. Okay. Um, I am the clumsiest human alive.
  • I have the pilot episode script signed by the cast, and a signed Colin picture.
  • I hate socks.

Favorite CS moment:

  • All of them? I cant really pick a specific one, because I love them all for so many different reasons. 

Other OUAT ships you <3:

  • Snowing, Will/Belle, Sleeping Warrior

Other fandoms!

  • So many. The 100, Arrow, Agent Carter, Orphan Black, Doctor Who, Game Of Thrones etc etc.
CS GTKY - Yay!

hi beautiful world, I’m Gissane! 
click here if you really wanna know how that’s pronounced.

I feel like y'all already know a shit ton about me (awkward, oops) and have seen my face so many times. Anyway, you’re all dolls and I love you, precious humans <3

  1. I have a piece of paper that declares I’m an expert in the English field. I don’t know if that makes me look cool but let’s pretend it does. 
  2. I’m 97% sure I was some kind of a super spy in another life because my fascination with wanting to be an agent is too weird to be considered normal especially since I’m in the journalism field. 
  4. immense Jesus, TV, Film, Books, Coffee, Pizza, In n Out, NFL addict
  5. I broke my hand two days before my christening but I didn’t tell anyone about it until my dad figured out I was doing things weirdly with my left hand. 

So, here’s my face and all the rest of me xD (in Dublin Castle a couple of months ago) I’ve been so busy and I miss Tumblr and I miss my favourite fandom so here I am to have some fun with you lovely beans! <3

3 Fun Facts About Me:

1. I study when I am upset cuz learning new things makes me feel better
2. To learn new things I came to spend a semester in Ireland
3. Today I happened to meet Colin O’Donoghue and should thus should always be happy xD

Favourite CS moment:

The goodbye before the spell of shattered sight;
the walk arm in arm in SB;
the dance in EF

Other OUAT Ships:

Snowing;  RubyxGraham; RubyxVictor

Other fandoms:

Whedonverse + HIMYM, FRIENDS, Scrubs, Parks&Rec and some others but while I love all those shows the Captain Swan fandom is more than enough for me. It is the best fandom I have ever felt like a real part of, where I have found people who are truly amazing and wonderful and talented and who I am proud to call my friends. Stay amazing and don’t let anybody bring you down! <3