CS and the Beanstalk / Captain Charming and the Beanstalk

Requested by @devilishly-handsome-pirate

The beanstalk was my favorite (and lets face it one of the few that I actually liked) moment on the episode, and even though it ended up being pointless because the bean was never used, the purpose of this Captain Charming adventure was to show us Hook’s own closure, which was what the episode tried to be about. Because Emma was far far away handling her own closure with Henry, it was up to Charming to be there for him. As much as I hated the episode having 0.01% of CS, I did love the CS adventure, and was glad that the writers chose to acknowledge that very important milestone for Hook and CS from season 2. 

I especially loved the part about the “trust” and the “boost”. It was so beautiful to see how the suspicion and the doubt that were there with Emma on “Tallahassee” ended up with not only her but her father trusting him completely.

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Screw Tradition

Emma Swan doesn’t want to spend a single night away from her pirate, least of all the night before their wedding. Attempts of persuasion through text message ensue.

Emma (10:45): I miss you already.

Emma (10:45): I hate being apart.

Killian looks down at his phone, after the third incessant buzz, and his heart clenches in his chest. He misses her too. Does she not see that? Does she think he wants to spend more than a second away from her?

Killian (10:47): Aye, love. I miss you too but it’s tradition.

He doesn’t know the rules when it comes to this sort of thing, if texting counts or if it doesn’t. They don’t really have anything like texting in the Enchanted Forrest so, for all he knows, this could bring just as bad of luck. But he’s willing to take the risk if only to bring her some sense of peace, unable to stand the thought of her alone in their house, thinking he doesn’t want to be with her so much it bloody hurts.

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Look OUAT has ALOT of problems but one of the greatest things they ever did was during the underworld arc. No I’m not talking about Hades–he was dumb and underdeveloped. Let me explain!

On the search and rescue for Hook, Emma comes across two influential people from Hook’s past. His ex-girlfriend Milah and his highly admired older brother Liam.

At first glance the misogyny sets itself up. We (including Rumple) expect Emma and Milah to hate each other and be at odds. This is not the case. Using the power of kindness and feminism Emma and Milah become allies who work together to save Killian from Hades. (Rip Milah forever she deserved better).

Next Emma meets Liam Jones the first. Hook has been spending a lot of time putting his brother on a pedestal and we as audience members expected that Emma and Liam would be fast friends. Turns out Liam had that pedestal a little too far up his ass (I love him but it’s true). Emma and Liam do not get along. This sets up a visual for Hook’s internal conflict and helps him see the best in himself and the flawed yet still lovable humanity in his brother.

It would have been easy for the writers to use girl on girl hate to further Hook’s conflict but they did not. Instead they went the feminist route and made Milah and Emma gal pals that deserved better. (Screw you rumple!) It would have been easy for the writers to make Liam “Mr. Perfect” like we (and Killian) always expected him to be. Instead he is a well rounded and flawed characters that fits perfectly into the “gray area” that OUAT loves to play in.

OUAT has made a lot of mistakes narrative wise over the years but the Milah x Emma and the Emma x Liam x Killian interactions were very well written. Season 5 is the second best season after season 3 and if it weren’t for Robin’s death and that shit finale it could have been the best season of the whole show.

Standing In The Outfield (2/2) + A CS Fanfic

A two part fic about baseball, the friend zone, and what happens when your unresolved feelings bring you home after five years away. Inspired by the song ‘The Outfield’ by The Night Game.

Okay, here’s part 2!  Sorry for the delay, but I decided to finish this and then do a third part that will be like a smutty outtake of sorts. Thanks for your patience, friends! Hopefully the next one won’t take as long. Enjoy! :) [Read Part 1 Here]

Word Count: 4.8K
Rating: Still T for now


It was almost like the world stopped spinning as Killian braced himself in the swiveling desk chair. He silently willed his legs or mouth to move, but both were definitely far too difficult with the way she was standing so nonchalantly in the small office’s doorway. He’d allowed himself to dream of this moment once or twice since they exchanged conflicted goodbyes all those years ago, but his imagination had clearly fallen short.

Seeing Emma again wasn’t something he could have ever prepared for - and his wide eyes and timid smile gave him away in an instant. Then again, maybe she’d always noticed how he looked at her. It’s not like that had changed in the time they spent apart.

“Hey, I….didn’t mean to interrupt, but I heard you were back,” she said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “I guess I had to see for myself.”

She hadn’t changed much since they’d last seen each other, but Killian allowed himself to take in the beautiful details that made up this woman like it was the first time. Her hair was slightly shorter, but still hung in loose waves over her shoulders. She was dressed a bit beyond casual - jeans that were more tailored than the ones she used to wear and a detailed white top paired with a gray jacket - which made him feel a bit self conscious about his worn out denim and zip up hoodie. Her suede flat shoes certainly rivaled his laced up Nikes and he wondered briefly just what was causing her to dress so differently these days.

People change, he silently reminded himself - and while the idea tugged at his heartstrings, he couldn’t help how he felt so elated to see her. He hoped desperately that she felt that way too, but the anxiousness written all over her face was definitely giving him pause.

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cs au week day 2 | crossover au

He’s a psychic.

No, his beautiful yet prickly partner-in-crime insists that he make an amendment to that statement, for sake of clarification for the record past, present, and future: he’s pretending to be a psychic.

And as an amendment to that statement: it’s not really pretending if you grew up overly observant thanks to your older brother’s way of teaching you to be a cop like him, right? It’s practically the real deal. 

Okay, to amend yet again: technically, he’s just really smart (and remarkably good looking). 

Logistics aside – Or is it semantics? I’ve heard it both ways – he’s a psychic. To the Santa Barbara Police Department at least.

With the help of his partner Emma Swan (or as he once called her while questioning a mother whose son went missing, Cocoa n’Cinnamon), they run a business called Psych wherein they use their kick-butt detective skills to take down Santa Barbara’s worst and most dangerous criminals. (C’mon son!)

Although, despite his dashingly good looks and impeccable comedic timing, she hasn’t fallen for him yet. He might just have to get serious for the first time in a long time in order to win her over…   

in the middle of the night

a cs, canon compliant fic taking place during the cs movie. sleep doesn’t come as easily as you’d think. 

my piece for the CSSB, with the wonderful artwork by the wonderful maddy aka @jell-obeans! i couldn’t have finished this without her constant encouragement and collaboration, so here’s to you, kid! let’s hope this is a wonderful start to a writing trend for me!



Sleep succumbs their companions quicker than it does for Killian and Emma. It doesn’t surprise him, how easily the future king and queen find themselves able to relax despite the danger lurking around every corner. Well, the danger that will soon lurk around every corner, once the Evil Queen finds out Snow White’s still a part of the land of the living.

He’s sort of glad he won’t be around to see the aftermath of that revelation.

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Standing In The Outfield (1/2) + A CS Fanfic

A two part fic about baseball, the friend zone, and what happens when your unresolved feelings bring you home after five years away. Inspired by the song ‘The Outfield’ by The Night Game.

Rating: T/M (pretty tame for now, but it gets steamy in the second part)
Word Count: 3.5K

Hello out there! I apologize that it’s taken me so long to write/post anything. The past couple of months have been insane (school starting, a death in the family, various other drama, blah blah blah) but I’m back! I have a few little stories like this that I’m hoping to post between updates of my multichapter stories.  Here’s the first part of this one - also on FF.net and AO3.

To this day, Killian still couldn’t exactly figure out how they’d ended up in such a comfortable yet confusing relationship. Ugh, he hated that term - relationship. Well, it was Emma who really loathed that word. He’d just come to share the opinion because….well, because he liked sharing things with her.

Many things. Okay, all things.

Sharing was perhaps a vague way to put it though. She rarely asked for much and he’d always been all too willing to give her everything he could - several answers to the dozens of tests Mr. Gold administered in their junior high algebra class, the black windbreaker he tossed over the fence to her when she came to every single one of his baseball games, and even some really crappy dating advice when it came to who she should go to the Sadie Hawkins dance with. He should have asked her to be his date before the lead pitcher of the varsity team managed to, but he didn’t - and therefore, he’d had to support her choice to accompany Storybrooke High’s most eligibly overrated idiot to the decorated gym he was now sure as hell going to avoid come Friday night.

It wasn’t like he wanted to go anyway. With the first round of the playoff tournament scheduled for the following Monday, the batting cages were probably a much better place for him to be. After all, it wasn’t like Neal Cassidy was going to be throwing consistent strikes if he was out all weekend trying to score with the girl Killian had dropped the ball with for years now.

Sure, he loved America’s favorite pastime, but as thoughts of figurative “bases” crossed his mind, Killian realized how much he truly hated sports analogies.

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So much going on here.

1. KJA tries to be at least kind of straight by not fully writing out “you” and adding “bro”

2. CS COMPLETELY destroys the point of that by using the gay couple emoji.

3. This was posted at 12:35 AM. The ones you love post as close to midnight as they possibly can. And CS liked and commented within 10 minutes…so they were probably together…

4. This seems to be from their road trip down to LA, I can only imagine how special that trip was for them.