CS and the Beanstalk / Captain Charming and the Beanstalk

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The beanstalk was my favorite (and lets face it one of the few that I actually liked) moment on the episode, and even though it ended up being pointless because the bean was never used, the purpose of this Captain Charming adventure was to show us Hook’s own closure, which was what the episode tried to be about. Because Emma was far far away handling her own closure with Henry, it was up to Charming to be there for him. As much as I hated the episode having 0.01% of CS, I did love the CS adventure, and was glad that the writers chose to acknowledge that very important milestone for Hook and CS from season 2. 

I especially loved the part about the “trust” and the “boost”. It was so beautiful to see how the suspicion and the doubt that were there with Emma on “Tallahassee” ended up with not only her but her father trusting him completely.

Screw Tradition

Emma Swan doesn’t want to spend a single night away from her pirate, least of all the night before their wedding. Attempts of persuasion through text message ensue.

Emma (10:45): I miss you already.

Emma (10:45): I hate being apart.

Killian looks down at his phone, after the third incessant buzz, and his heart clenches in his chest. He misses her too. Does she not see that? Does she think he wants to spend more than a second away from her?

Killian (10:47): Aye, love. I miss you too but it’s tradition.

He doesn’t know the rules when it comes to this sort of thing, if texting counts or if it doesn’t. They don’t really have anything like texting in the Enchanted Forrest so, for all he knows, this could bring just as bad of luck. But he’s willing to take the risk if only to bring her some sense of peace, unable to stand the thought of her alone in their house, thinking he doesn’t want to be with her so much it bloody hurts.

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“I don’t want you.” + cs

2 of you asked for this same prompt within like 10 minutes of each other haha here’s my ridiculously fluffy take. (here’s the list of prompts if you’re interested)

She’s in the kitchen, sleeves rolled up while she cleans the dishes. Under her breath, she hums a song she’d heard on the radio earlier that day. Bubbles in the sink crawl up her arm a little and she sighs, glancing out the window at the neighbor’s house.

“Emma?” Killian calls out. The front door closes in his wake and she turns in time to see her husband approach her with a wild grin on his face. He looks grimy, as if he’d been out on his boat all day, which is exactly what he’s been up to.

“Hi,” Emma smiles, happy to see him. “How was it? Did my dad have fun?”

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Post 6x15 spoiler fic

I’ve decided to write this little fic after seeing sneak peek #2 for episode 6x15. My mind kept going to Killian and how he’d feel if he knew Emma had packed his things after his disappearance. The events happen some time after 6x15 or in any case, after Killian’s return. I hope no one takes offence at this, I’m a fan of both Emma and Killian, and I’m not overly worried about how the episode will end. Hopefully there aren’t many mistakes (it’s unedited).


They’re eager to get back home, to have a glass of wine and maybe relax in front of the TV for a bit before retiring for the evening. She’s attached to his elbow and it’s the most homey feelings she’s ever felt. But then, he’s always made her feel this way, even when she was fighting with all her might against the idea of “them”.

As soon as they enter through the front door, Emma’s eyes fall on Killian’s chest. It’s still beside the couch, where she’d left it. She looks at it guiltily. “Maybe he won’t see it” pops into her head, but she’s not that lucky.

She knows the minute he notices it, because his muscles grow tense beneath her hand. He just stands there looking at it for a few seconds and his silence makes her grow weary. She’d like to tell him she’s sorry. That she’s still afraid to be left alone, even after everything. But that it has nothing to do with him. “Killian…”, she starts, trying to figure out how to tell him everything that’s on her mind at the moment.

He looks at her then, and the words get stuck in her throat. He’s looking at her with such a hurt look in his eyes, like a puppy that’s been kicked by his beloved master, and her heart clenches. It lasts but a second, because he closes his eyes then. He still doesn’t say anything; just takes a few steps inside their living room, sighing heavily.

She wants to go to him. To ask him for forgiveness. She knows he had planned to leave, to find himself - he’d told her everything that happened to get him trapped on board the Nautilus - but he’d changed his mind. He’d always changed his mind in regards to her. No matter what, he’d always come back, he’d put her first on countless occasions. And her first reaction (and second and third, if she were perfectly honest with herself) after she’d noticed him gone, was to believe he’d left. She takes a first step towards him.

“Don’t.” He doesn’t turn towards her, but he passes his hand through his hair nervously. “I know why you’d think I’d abandoned you - bloody hell, I was expecting you to - but, Emma, I hoped you’d see to the man inside like you’ve done so many times before.”

His words cut like a blade through her; she’s never been actually hurt by a sword before, but she imagines it would actually hurt less. And the worst thing is that he’s right. After she’d gotten over her trust and abandonment issues, she’d seen the truth.

He sighs again. “I know why you did it and it’s alright, Emma. I understand.”

His reassurances don’t have the intended effect, though. It just makes her feel even worse because he’s always been so understanding and gentle with her.

He turns towards her then and closes the distances between them. He cups her cheek then, wiping an errant tear away. His eyes turn gentle, then: “It really is alright, Emma, I understand.” His thumb brushes her cheekbone in a soothing caress, then he steps back. “I’ll be in the shed for a bit, love. I … I need to put some order in my thoughts.”

She doesn’t stop him as he leaves through the back door. It kills her that she’s once again done this to him. And not a few days ago she’d stood there berating him for letting old fears overcome  him. Some fine example she is. A regular case of the pot calling the kettle black.

No more. She’ll never let those thoughts get the better of her. Not where Killian is concerned. Next time her demons will decide to play with her, she’ll think of this day and what it’s meant for them. Killian deserves her trust - her absolute trust.

Sighing, she bends over to grab the chest. She’ll put all his things back before he comes back. And she’ll cook his favourite dinner. And maybe later she’ll sooth all his hurt in other, more enjoyable, ways, too.  


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A couple registers away from me I see 2 CS with the cashier. this 40+ year oldwoman started YELLING that she was being charged twice and she had proof and she shouldn't have had to run her card a second time. I knew exactly what happened. Despite our signs and saying don't remove chip until machine beeps she took it out and had to do it again. Maybe next time they'll learn to follow directions. CS argued back telling her the bank would refund it since she canceled the order taking her card out.


Some tiling Achievement Hunter “Tower of Pimps” inspired backgrounds, in green and blue. Free to use.
(please do credit, though)

Made using Photoshop CS 2 using custom brushes. Unfortunately, the patterning got a little away from me so, unlike most if the others, these are NOT 16:9. If you with to transform them to more suitable dimensions, you may.


End of Act 1

Back in the saddle! Feels good to be confusing people with inadequately clear storytelling once again. Below the break is a summary of the Act before we continue. Also, Chasing Shadows will be taking a short break! I hope to pick up Act 2 some time in mid-May. This is to accommodate a surprise. The postponement of CS Act 2, while surprising, is not the surprise. However, per International treaties regarding the definition of the word “surprise”, of which the author is a signatory, the time, date and content of the actual surprise will only become available as you experience the surprise.  

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