Tenenbaum (2/2)

She likes to walk at night. Likes to be alone with her thoughts. But the strange new man that’s taken up her nightly hide-out might just convince her that being alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Captain Swan AU

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Part 1

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She doesn’t go back to the bench. Not for a second does she consider it, and she knows that Killian said he wasn’t leaving for a couple more weeks, not until May, but she can’t see him all the while knowing that he’s just going to leave.

So she throws herself into work and Netflix, tries to figure out how to make peanut butter frosting and chocolate cupcakes, but she doesn’t have the right utensils and her frosting is crunchy and her cupcakes burnt.

She tries to forget him, but it’s nearly impossible, so when her lease is up at the end of April she decides that maybe Boston isn’t for her anymore and she packs up her feeble belongings, bids her apartment and the city goodbye, and heads to Maine. Figures that it’s just far enough from Boston that she won’t have to ever run into him again.

She looks for apartments in Portland, but they’re all out of her price range so she decides to move thirty minutes north of the city, to a town called Storybrooke, so she can still chase skips in Portland, but actually afford to eat too.

She’s there a week before she breaks down and goes for a nightly walk again, making her way from street lamp to street lamp, bench to bench before sitting down on a hill that overlooks the harbor. The ocean reminds her of him and she misses him so much that she can barely breathe from it all. She cries for the first time in weeks that night, wishing that Killian were right there beside her to dry her tears.

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Twice Blessed, Part 2

Summary: After their journey to the Underworld and defeat of Hades, Zeus brings Killian back to life giving Emma and Killian a second chance at their happy ending. In the weeks that follow, they try to find a few quiet moments to contemplate what their future together really means. Never forgetting that they have been twice blessed, they decide not to take a second of their time together for granted any longer.

Rating: Mature

Word Count: ~3150

Catch up here: Part 1

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Emma wasn’t prepared for the whirlwind of excitement and activity when she and Killian came back into the Storybrooke port. Everyone was waiting at the docks because they knew what Killian’s purpose in taking her away for the past twenty-four hours had been.  And if one person knew then it was a matter of time before the rest of the town knew what was going on.

Emma could see her parents and Henry standing on the docks. Regina was holding Riley in her arms and Snow had Neal balanced on her hip. Killian grinned at her from the helm and guided them expertly into the Jolly’s berth. Together they threw the lines to two dockworkers waiting with the crowd and secured the ship. As they were about to disembark Killian scooped her up and carried her off the ship. People shouted with excitement their congratulations on their engagement, even though they were technically married, no one else knew that. She knew that is why Killian decided to carry her off the ship bridal style.

“Killian, set me down,” she demanded. “You’re going to give us away.”

“As you wish, my darling wife,” he whispered into her ear as he gently set her down. He kissed her cheek and she shivered. She still couldn’t believe they were married. After their private exchange of vows; they proceeded to make love all over the Jolly Roger until they had finally fallen asleep in each other’s arms. With everything they had gone through in the last few months, she hadn’t wished to waste their quiet moment and once he had asked she wanted nothing more than to marry him. It had been wonderful but now that they were back, for all anyone else would know, they were simply engaged.

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Hey my CS peeps

what if I said on the 31st I’ll have a book out that will give you your princess/pirate fix to get through those last few weeks without Captain Swan?

Because I do. I have a book coming out on the 31st about a smart and sassy princess who arranges her own kidnapping to get out of a deal her parents made with a fairy… and she hires a snarky, charming smuggler (ofc with a dark and troubled past) to do the job.

I know we all love our badass princesses and loveable rogues here. Honestly it’s my favorite relationship trope of all time (thanks Han/Leia and Anya/Dmitri for being such formative influences), and that’s why I wanted the  first book I published to be that very trope. And now it shall be.

So yes, 31st, and I’ll have a new pirate/princess fix for everyone

Time upon Once, sneak peek

Regina turned around and looked at him, “I have to ask… Is there a mother?”

Killian grabbed the glass that Regina handed him, swallowing slowly. “Well, clearly there was one,” he said with a little irony, stating the obvious.

“Do I need to worry about her?” Regina pressed.

Rio 2016 #2

The 2nd of my Captain Swan Olympics AUs, you can find the first (entirely unrelated) AU here.

In which Emma and Killian both have tickets to watch the tennis at the Olympics, and what better way to up the enjoyment of a match than with a bet?

Rated T for language

Word count: 2,552

“Watch it asshole!” “Sorry didn’t mean to knock you there love”

Emma was so done with the crowds of people swarming around her. Yes, she was excited to actually be at the actual Olympics but that didn’t mean she had to enjoy all the awkward moments of rubbing up against people she didn’t know. And not in the good way.

Like this one for example. She’d been innocently awaiting Mary Margaret’s return from the toilets when some dickhead crashed into her, sending her bag flying.

“Feisty one are you?” the dick chuckled in an irritatingly intriguing British accent. She rolled her eyes at his attempt at flirting.

“I don’t appreciate anyone knocking me down is all”.

They both reached down to retrieve her bag, nearly butting heads in the process. He reached it first and as she straightened up she found herself looking at a truly stunning specimen of a man. He had perfectly tousled dark hair, a perfectly chiseled jaw and piercing blue eyes. Fuck.

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anonymous asked:

Hispanic Camren Shippers are fucking crazy ( good crazy tho) When 5H were touring in South America literally every concert you could see some crazy camren shippers in the audience like signs that say Camren is Real or 2 cs dressed in a unicorn and dragon suit shirts and buttons with camren on it people going 2 the M&G with camren t-shirts, a girl even had a shirt on that said "camren is real but lesbian for lauren". But it seems like Americans are to scared to do this type of shit.

South Americans got the guts i tell you

anonymous asked:

omg you hate cs too! ugh it's such an ugly ship, it's so gross and creepy and emma deserves so much better. i don't understand how anyone can claim to care about emma and ship her with that piece of garbage.

I know right? I have given up on ouat since they decided to make the show all about cs and their toxic relationship. 

Kim Writes

Hey everyone!  I did a thing. 

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