A doodle of today’s chapter…what a beautiful ending for these two, but i’m still crying over the fact that they are D E A D and gone T__T

is everyone gonna sleep on the fact that 입버릇 is so wonderfully sung and written and produced.. it’s so raw and emotional?? like jihoon did that?? wrote this song by himself?? seungkwan and seokmin’s harmonisation in the chorus and jeonghan and joshua’s soft beautiful vocals like always??? noah fence but habit is probably one of vocal unit’s best songs that’s all bye!

misterryanadams: Tomorrow I will be playing Margaret Court Arena, named after someone who does NOT believe in marriage equality.
Someone who cites the bible as reasoning for denying people EQUAL RIGHTS.
…. Sorry but FUCK THAT….. LOVE IS THE LAW.
IT’S 2017… It’s TIME TO FUCKING EVOLVE <3 <3 <3


I’m still not over yesterday’s episode and can we talk about the look on her face? This is the look of realization of feelings she probably didn’t know were there. This guy’s been cheering her on since day one! He’s the one who always gives her encouragement when she most needs it, he blindly believes in her and always appreciates and acknowledges everything she’s done for everyone. She’s finally seeing that everything she’s been looking for has been right there beside her. Bellamy has been in love with this girl since the beginning and now she’s realizing she is too.. ❤️

A word of advice: do not read the entire second half of Night Watch and then 15k of fic about it in one evening, or you will have a really bad time

things about cole that make me die #257: how sincere he sounds every time he thanks someone