After reading Taylor’s speech before Clean, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to cry really hard when I hear it live. Every word she said resonated with me. Every single syllable in that song echoes in my heart. She was the one who helped me through all those rainstorms and picked me up when I was in a mud puddle. She taught me how to be stronger than the opinions of others and mightier than my thoughts. I think that’s why Clean means about as much to me as Mean. Mean was my coping mechanism during the storm and Clean was my saving sunlight. I love her so much for giving me that and letting me know that I’ve never been alone because I have always had her.


So I was searching through some Walk the Moon interviews and I found this gem not only do they talk about Twenty One Pilots but NICKS LAUGH AT 1:27 I CANT BREATHE ITS HILARIOUS


I’m going to cry I’m so happy

I was looking up fanart for the Stormlight Archive and like so much of the character art is drawn to look like PoC they way they are supposed to be

There is little to no white-washing of the characters; the only character consistently drawn pale is Shallan and that’s because she was the only major character in the book described as being light skinned; literally everyone else is either tan or dark (besides some background characters and races)





and I just - I could cry, i’m so happy with this fandom

this is from my best friend madison and I don’t think words could describe how much of a force she is in my life. I mean, quite literally, and not just as a matter of emphasis, she’s a grand chunk of the reason I’m still alive. I hope you’re all lucky enough to find a madison in your life, or at least someone with a similar essence because she is the most singularly amazing person I’ve ever known, and will know. overrealming

Oh, no sé qué decir. Estoy increíblemente feliz de haber sobrepasado los 100 followers. ¡Incluso cuando mis creaciones nunca fueron la gran cosa! La emoción que siento ahora es incomparable. Hace alrededor de un año que decidí crearme tumblr como un espacio para mostrar mis absurdos trabajos y no creí nunca llegar a una cifra así en ese tiempo. ¡Ha sido hermoso y desconocido!

Muchísimas gracias a todos por el apoyo, por sus likes y sus reblogs. No he encontrado una mejor forma para compensarlo que con esto. ¡Por favor, acepten las gracias de Mika!

Esto ha hecho que mi fe por otro lote de 100 followers llegará algún día. ¡Vamos por esa meta!

Thank you very much for your support, people!

Day 5: What is one of your favorite things someone has ever told you about yourself? Or even something you realized/told yourself?

my eyes, my hands, and my smile are my fave things about myself. also my boyfriend has told me these things and :’) .. i also enjoy the cosplays i make. 

Day 6: We know identity disturbances are a big issue we often deal with - maybe take this time to list some things you know about yourself, anything that helps you have a sense of self. (Don’t worry if this isn’t easy - you can try again later, or even ask someone else to help point out some traits)

[15-05-06 2:33:39 PM] actual bird floof: what am i like
[15-05-06 2:33:40 PM] actual bird floof: like
[15-05-06 2:33:44 PM] actual bird floof: traits about me ???
[15-05-06 2:33:56 PM] actual bird floof: im trying to do a thing
[15-05-06 2:34:20 PM] who terkeld: ahh
[15-05-06 2:39:37 PM] who terkeld: U ARE. very kind n a rlly good friend!!! you care a lot abt ppl ur Close With n ur always trynna make sure theyre doin alright (in my experience!)
[15-05-06 2:39:45 PM] who terkeld: ur also rlly funny in a dumb nerd meme way
[15-05-06 2:39:48 PM] who terkeld: and ur cooooooooool
[15-05-06 2:39:56 PM] who terkeld: AND U HAVE……THE CUTEST LAUGH
[15-05-06 2:40:15 PM] who terkeld: u: laughs
my heart: explodes
[15-05-06 2:40:23 PM] who terkeld: ur also 2 hot (hot damn)
[15-05-06 2:40:45 PM] who terkeld: *calls the police and the fireman*
[15-05-06 2:41:13 PM] who terkeld: OHHH N UR TEETH N MOUTH N SMILE ARE SO CUTE!!!! MY FAVE…..
[15-05-06 2:42:58 PM] actual bird floof: omg……
[15-05-06 2:43:07 PM] actual bird floof: BRO…..