I know this may be annoying old news to you, and it may seem pointless to bring up now, but it still holds a lot of space in my heart.

On November 14th of this year leelah alcorn would have been 19 years old.

Many people have forgotten, moved on. A lot of people see no point in holding her so close but I refuse to let go of her name. I refuse to forget until this battle has settled. Until i as a trans man don’t feel i have to tread so lightly just to avoid getting hurt for being myself.

She wouldn’t have wanted her death to be left behind, as she said herself; she wanted it to mean something.

To me it does. To me it will as long as I’m alive. And i hope it does to others out there too.

Maybe ill draw her, maybe something else but i will be dedicating November 15th to leelah because she has been always in my heart and in my mind for the past two years and i want to embrace that.

I really don’t need to add this to my list but everyone’s been speculating about Bellarke’s first kiss so now I want to write a collection of minifics about all the ways their first kiss could happen

whimshy  asked:

omg josuke and okuyasu's bond is what i live for. how long have they known each other? lmao it feels to me it's been forever since the ep they first met, but i do realize that in the series' timeline its not too long ago? lol i never know how these things work. this week's ep rly does solidify how good they know each other... and oku omg he feels so much. ahaha sorry for the long ask

BRO SAME i also feel like they’ve known each other for a really long time, esp after today’s episode, but i think it hasn’t been long? if i’m not mistaken Jotaro arrived at Morioh in April and according to the wikia Shigechi died in June so it’s been like, 2/3 months maybe? i mean they did spend a lot of time together and probably hanged out outside of school and stuff, plus the fact that Josuke is really intuitive so it makes sense that he’d know how Okuyasu would feel. still, THE FEELS

Okay but DC can’t just kill Tim, alright? This boy has been through so much and doesn’t deserve to get killed off trying to defend Gotham as always. He didn’t force his way into becoming Robin to save Bruce from his own grief, eventually lose Robin to a ten year-old assassin, take down the League of Assassins solo, and save Bruce when everyone thought he was crazy, only to sacrifice himself in the end. Timmy has lost pretty much everyone he loves at least once including his mom, his dad, his stepmother, Steph, Kon, Bart, Bruce, Dick, Jason, and Damian. He does not deserve to survive things that nobody else could even imagine going through only to die in a stupid sacrifice. Tim is one of the greatest characters I have ever seen. He is completely selfless, innocent, depressed and smart beyond belief. They can’t just kill him off. He doesn’t deserve to die, Bruce doesn’t deserve to lose another child, Steph doesn’t deserve to lose her love, and I do not deserve to have my heart ripped out and broken into tiny microscopic pieces to be spread all over the world so other people can feel my pain. Either he survives this situation or eventually returns just like everybody else because this will not stand. And if he does really die, then Bruce had better get off his butt and find a way to save his son. He went to hell and back trying to bring Damian back from the dead and I know for a fact that Tim deserves to be resurrected just as much. I swear to gosh that if Tim isn’t alive and well by the end of the year then I will personally come after whoever allows this to happen to my son. This child is too good for this world and I will not allow this to happen to him.

You know it’s a good day at work when a customer causes you to cry and you have to lock the door and make sure not to answer the phone when said customer calls to yell some more. You know it’s a great day at work when you have to be repeatedly convinced not to quit because this month you’ve been yelled at by a customer at least once a week about things a)you have no control over b) usually their own fault anyway. You know it’s a wonderful day at work when you *almost* don’t even care that if you do quit you have no way to pay you utilities. 

Fuck this job.