I have an objection regarding Mary’s deal with the YED being the source of all the Winchester’s (or Sam’s) problems.

Did cupid not say that John and Mary getting together was an executive order of the highest priority?  That Sam and Dean HAD to be born?

Didn’t Lucifer himself say Sam was always going to be his vessel? That it had to be him?

Given those facts, Mary’s demon deal wasn’t the cause of anything but her own death.  Sam and Dean were always going to end up having to deal with the apocalypse.

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top 5 fav things about auston matthews about his hockey. + top 5 fav things about him, not hockey related?

oh man okay this is a lot ;adskfj;las

about his hockey:

  1. everything about his development and the path that he followed leading up to the nhl like he honestly. i’ve talked abt this in detail before and i’m rly tired so i dont have enough brainpower to get rly into it atm but he has a rly unique style of play that i highly attribute to how he learned the game in an environment and through coaching styles that are Very different than like the conventional stuff most kids from hockey backgrounds learn by idk. he’s special there’s literally No One Like Him
  2. his puck and stick handling skill is so Good and he’s rly clever w/ it like whenever he does those little tricks of his during warmup before games i cry inside he’s so good. i would include gifs but my internet is so slow rn i can’t load anything but i want nothing more than one of those gopro vids all abt auston’s stick and puck handling
  3. he’s really good at protecting the puck like he’s Big which helps but bc he learned how to play on such small ice as a kid he got rly skilled at maneuvering through playersand shit and i just ks;djf;lsa like do we remember??? his second goal on the iconic 4 goal debut???? he beat like FIVE PLAYERS AND PROTECTED THE PUCK THE ENTIRE TIME PLS HE’S SO FUCKING GOOD
  4. his shot release is sick which both fills me with joy when he scores and hurts me when he misses by an inch and hits the post bc the clang is so damn loud
  5. just like in general how crafty he is and how his hockey sense is really great idk im tired but hes Good

not hockey related:

  1. his fashion style pls the ripped jeans and multiple layers and fake hardcore aesthetic  i love him
  2. he loves his mom so much also his family in general is just pure and good and wonderful
  3. his lil pug nose he’s so cute
  4. how humble he is like he says thank you on the bench after staff hand him towels to dry his face with and he thanked his teammates after goals and remember that time during the world cup that he went to carry his equipment bag out and had to be reminded that ppl are paid to do that for him PLEASE HE’S SO GOOD I LOVE HIM 
  5. this fucking photo

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I have never actually watched all of Fraiser, just a lot of episodes out of order, but I loved it, and I love this blog! I do not remember half the episodes, but each of the posts make me so happy. This is wonderful work, and now because I actually have a question, do you have like a top five of episodes? Both all around and Daphne/Niles themed, because they are so cute!

Oh God, this is such a fun ask… but so much pressure! These are in chronological order instead of by how much I love them. 


  • A Midwinter Night’s Dream
  • Moon Dance
  • Mixed Doubles
  • First Date
  • the season 7 finale Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (although this is the end of an arc, so I recommend watching at least Back Talk, The Fight Before Christmas, and Dark Side of the Moon leading up to it)

Non-Daphne/Niles (I couldn’t narrow it down to 5):

  • My Coffee With Niles
  • The Last Time I Saw Maris
  • The Two Mrs. Cranes
  • Ham Radio
  • The Ski Lodge
  • Room Service
  • Dinner Party
  • A Tsar is Born
  • Daphne Does Dinner
  • High Holidays

nngghh i hate the weird sort of “need” i get when i go to describe my ocs…. like for some reason i feel like i need to give them some sort of trait that they’re known for, and it usually ends up being really forced and just.. off? so when i go back and see how i’ve described them…. it just doesn’t conjure up the right vision of them in my head… like it’s a weird, contorted version of who i actually see them as and it’s….. infuriating

i’m so sorry, my dear children, i don’t do you justice….

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I LOVE your art style so much <3 (especially how you draw Meliodas). I think that you're already my favorite artist in all Nanatsu no Taizai (sorry for my bad english!).

laksdjöaflsk awwwwwwww omg!!! Thank you so much, I’m SO happy you like my art that much ;//w//; ♥ I love drawing Meliodas - if I could I would spend my entire day (and night) on drawing him >///< It is nice to see that my obsession with him is being appreciated, thank you!!!! Also - don’t worry, my english isn’t great, either :’D Haha!
Have a nice day! (Or night.) ;3;