u know whats fucked up about botfa

those underwhelming reactions to deaths ???????? when the dwarves watched laketown burn balin said ”poor souls” ….. rly? i mean srsly? four of your kin, two of whom are heirs to the throne, are most likely BURNING TO DEATH BEFORE UR EYES AND U SAY POOR SOULS and nobody is freaking out ??? then the three most important dwarves really do die and again it’s like ”thorin will pass into legend…..idk who fili and kili were let’s celebrate” TAURIEL CRIED MORE OVER A DEAD DWARF THAN THE DWARVES CRIED OVER DEAD DWARVES. so many important moments were either cut out or lazily written it’s just so…im so UHUGUHGHRGH 

Dad bought me something realy special yesterday. We were walking around old town Scottsdale in some of our favorite shops and art galleries enjoying the afternoon. Unexpectedly and even tho money is tight, Dad offered to let me pick out a new ring to replace my former wedding ring, so I could reclaim that part of my self.

A purity ring and a symbol of my new beggining as a single independent woman. (It will also come in handy to wear on my left ring finger to deter unwanted attention.)

The ring is silver with opals and tangenean sawaski crystals. I picked it because it has some of my fav color combination. In fact it matches my professional table, website logo and busness cards I have always related purple to myself it is one of my favorite colors since a child.

My Dad is a great man and when ever I do find that special person in my life again I know I have a good example for judge of character.


Ha! well! I don’t need my heart anyway!!! _(:”’D 」∠ )_

YES! I’VE FINALLY READ IT! (yes, read it, it’s good, it’s amazing, you’ll end up crying but it’s an amazing fic…BYE! </3)



Mako and Ami watching Usagi out of the corner of their eye, obviously not sure what to do. I can’t imagine Mako hasn’t tried hugging. I feel, in fact, completely confident that the day began with Mako basically being Usagi’s chair in class as she just sat Usagi in her lap and kept hugging her. It was only after the teacher’s increasingly forceful threats leading to Usagi’s insistence that she didn’t want Mako to get in trouble for her (USAGI CANNOT HANDLE MORE PEOPLE SUFFERING BECAUSE OF HER RIGHT NOW) that they were sitting in separate desks in the earlier shot.

But if hugging doesn’t work, and all the sincere and emphatic “It’ll be okay!”ing doesn’t work, Mako’s not sure what to do. It’s particularly hard when her mind’s so occupied with the WANT to make it better that there’s not much room left for planning.

Ami, of course, is with everyone else, wanting to cheer Usagi up. Her solution though, you guys. HER SOLUTION IS THE MOST PERFECT AMI SOLUTION. You can practically see her thought process.

"Okay, what makes Usagi-chan happy? Being with us, but we’re here, and she’s still sad. Hugs, but Mako-chan’s been doing that, and if a Mako-chan hug isn’t working then no hug will. Mamoru-san, but he isn’t here, and the letters/phone calls they’re surely already exchanging haven’t been enough either. What would be the next— Yes, that’s it! FOOD."

So Ami lies. Ami smoothly and perfectly makes up a story about Crown having a new cake menu, which would normally turn Usagi into a  quivering mass of excitement just at the mere suggestion. AMI LIES SO PERFECTLY EVERYONE AND WE NEED TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT



Even here, when Mako is trying so so hard to figure out how to make Usagi happy, and Ami dangles the answer right in front of Mako’s nose, MAKO STILL DOESN’T SEE IT.

Then when she does, she’s a stammering mess trying so hard to play along and being so awful at it, because Mako you are all that is good in the world and don’t you ever change even a tiny bit except to become real so that I may hug you and be hugged in return.

Ugh. Bad day. Bad, bad day.

I spent the entire morning putting tons of stuff away and cleaning up the house. Supernatural marathon was on TV but the channel was not playing them in order. Not cool!

Then my husband calls and tells me the appraisal for our house has come back and it’s barely more than what we’re supposed to be paying for it. And the appraisal was done assuming necessary repairs that have to be made before we can close. I’m not okay with this!

When we moved in, we had to clean the entire place. It was filthy. Garbage left by previous owners, etc. We had to have the septic pumped. We had no hot water because the water heater was busted. We were able to do a “bandaid” fix for that but it won’t last long because the entire unit is rusted. We need a new HVAC system and new roofing because both date to the original build of the house (1997). If the bank doesn’t lower the cost, they’re either going to need to include these replacements in the cost or they’re going to have to find new buyers. 

I TOLD my husband getting our furniture delivered early was a bad idea but did he listen? Noooooooo.