So I was watching Thomas Sanders’ new video about pride month and all of a sudden I touch my cheek and I was crying? Oh my god I have never cried in so long but I just couldn’t hold it in. I wish I could be as free as him and his friends were.I sobbed so hard when he said that he was so proud of our progress why am I even crying omg I cannot I hate having to hide it sucks 


Guys…. I’m shaking I literally crying. I cannot omg our baby has grown up. All those years of long prediction of fan art and now Toshiro…. I’m like in college study but no college can wait. It has been since 2001, to now… OUR BABY HAS GROWN!!!! HINAMORI omg I can’t wait to see her expression. I’m in tears…. God bless you all 😭

Happy 5th anniversary Castle fandom!

“It would have been great.”

“You have no idea.”