Happy 5th anniversary Castle fandom!

"It would have been great."

"You have no idea."


Choi Jin Hyuk on Strong Heart telling us his tragic first love story

She was 5 yrs older than him. She always said

"You are only 20 but I am already 25 now

all of my friends are getting married now. I need to start thinking about my future

Even though we are good now, but how long will we last

lets break up now before we sink deeper”

He would always tell her

"I’ll treat you really good I’ll earn lots of money. I’ll treat you really well when I become more successful"

But eventually he started to think: If  I really do love her, then I should not stand in the way of her happiness.

So after long thought.. he finally told her ” Lets break up, even though I love you very much, but as of now I cannot become the best man for you yet.

To his surprise she begged him not to leave her. Despite of her high pride, She begged him….

But eventually they broke up

He didn’t eat or drink and restrainted himself from calling her

She was the kind of person that would NEVER EVER take the iniatiative to call first even if she was at fault

…but she called him 3 days after their break up

He didn’t pick up her call

and on the 5th day she called again…

He was going crazy but still didn’t pick up the call

and then exactly one week after their break up her call came in again for the third time, even though he had strong feeling that he should pick up the phone.. he still didn’t pick up

and then an unknown number called. He picked up and was notified that she had passed away

Her very last call was to him

He could not stop crying in the police station, He didn’t call anyone or do anything. He just cried and cried…

This all happened before filming the drama “Pasta”

He was living in pain everyday

He even thought of killing himself

He blamed himself and lived aimlessly for the next 3 years 

After Pasta he thought of giving up on acting….

"I am Sorry"….

…..”I am a lot better now” 


I am glad you didn’t give up acting because you are a great actor! 


i have never felt so defeated in drawing this idiot before.. like.. i want to draw the damn fool or his other half.. but i do not know what to draw them doing! standing poses bore me. i don’t ship them so that’s out of the question.. sitting poses are just egh


-flips my brother’s desk with his desktop and everything on it-

GC©WB/The Lego Movie
this isn’t even freaking art don’t make me laugh©moi