My Reaction to Cursed Child
  • *scorbus is SUPER evident throughout the entire book*
  • Scorpius at the very end of the book: I ASKED OUT ROSE!!!! I LOVE HER SOOOOO MUCH
  • Me: ex- excuse me????
  • *puts down book*
  • Me: *inhales deeply* I cannOT BELIEVE
Happy 5th anniversary Castle fandom!

“It would have been great.”

“You have no idea.”

LAST STREAM DRAWS. REQUEST FOR @somesketchyshit HELLLAAAAAAAAAA she asked for two people wearing a scarf and drinking hot coc… she forgot the o so i’m just.. repeating her mistake sorry(notsorry) HHAHAH

so i drew Young Jack and Adult Angel. and they make the cutest father daughter team and i’ cry but this is a happy post so no crying. .-.

Jack and Angel©Borderlands
-listening to weird music and has no dishes to do holla-©me

i have never felt so defeated in drawing this idiot before.. like.. i want to draw the damn fool or his other half.. but i do not know what to draw them doing! standing poses bore me. i don’t ship them so that’s out of the question.. sitting poses are just egh


-flips my brother’s desk with his desktop and everything on it-

GC©WB/The Lego Movie
this isn’t even freaking art don’t make me laugh©moi

haha first i was like

ok ima lineart this

but then i got too lazy

so i was like ok well then ima color this properly

but after looking at abe’s hair i gave up again

but yah dumb catchers would hate each other LOLOL


omg wtf according to guidebook Miyuki is actually 179cm?? but earlier i know i saw 176cm gdi