Anne with an E

I am only 20 minutes into the first episode and I am already crying like a  baby (my measurement of how emotionally engaged I am with a film). Spending the first moments showing Anne’s fears, hopes, pain, hopefulness and her ease of connecting with people really pays off and is such a marvelous way of starting a story knowing that there is quite a heavy and emotional moment very early on (finding out that they expected a boy). It really brings home how crushing that revelation must have been. 

Plutarch says “… Alexander’s grief was uncontrollable …” and adds that he ordered many signs of mourning, notably that the manes and tails of all horses should be shorn, the demolition of the battlements of the neighbouring cities, and the banning of flutes and every other kind of music. Arrian relates an account that “… he flung himself on the body of his friend and lay there nearly all day long in tears, and refused to be parted from him until he was dragged away by force by his Companions …”, another that said “… he lay stretched upon the corpse all day and the whole night too …”, and another which told how he had the doctor, Glaucias, executed for his lack of care. Arrian also mentions Alexander ordering the shrine of Asclepios in Ecbatana to be razed to the ground, and that he cut his hair short in mourning, this last a poignant reminder of Achilles’ last gift to Patroclus on his funeral pyre: “… he laid the lock of hair in the hands of his beloved companion, and the whole company was moved to tears.” […] Arrian states that all his sources agree that “… for two whole days after Hephaestion’s death Alexander tasted no food and paid no attention in any way to his bodily needs, but lay on his bed now crying lamentably, now in the silence of grief.” […] Alexander sent messengers to the oracle at Siwa, to ask if Amon would permit Hephaestion to be worshipped as a god. When the reply came, saying he might be worshipped not as a god, but as a divine hero, Alexander was pleased, and “… from that day forward saw that his friend was honoured with a hero’s rites." He saw to it that shrines were erected to Hephaestion’s memory, and evidence that the cult took hold can be found in a simple votary plaque now in Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, inscribed, "To the Hero Hephaestion”

Effexor xr: I need advice/input PLEASE

I’m on day 3 of being entirely off of Effexor xr. I weened off but very very way the hell to fast because I have to for medical reasons.
The past two weeks have been barely tolerable. And it’s getting much harder fast. Help? What do I need to expect? Btw I have to work at 5am and there is nobody who can do my job because I’m the only one. How I’m going to make it at work tomorrow is beyond me. I’m on the verge of tears that just won’t stop.for no reason. Just going to cry from now on non stop because my head is being FUCKING SHOCKED every step I take. Please someone message me please… Just some kind of advice?

Moffat cried like a baby when he was told by the producers of Doctor Who that they were not able to film the “climatic” scene of Girl In The Fireplace (The Doctor jumping through a mirror on horseback) because it was too expensive, dangerous, and complicated. After he threw a hissy-fit, they decided to go for it despite the problems.

“…And Steven took it like a man and cried a lot on the end of the phone.” - Julie Gardner on calling Steven to tell them they couldn’t shoot the scene.

“I know Steven was so upset, that I kinda thought  'Well alright, we better swallow our fears and go for it.’” - Phil Collinson


Finished listening to Ludwig Kakumei Drama CD.

…Ok I’m quite calm now.

It destroyed me. The manga had already killed me a bit, but hearing it and realizing I still remember each one word of thos final pages… heck. It hurts. It hurts like and more than the first time.

So now. My reaction to the last moments. And since by now I’m quite into gifs, I’ll show it by gifs.

*Ludwig kissing Idike*

Idike: Uh…

Ludwig: You woke up, Idike…

I: Ludwig… Finally… We meet…

L: Yeah… I’ve always wanted to touch you…

I: You are the only one… who touched the bleeding me, beyond the roses… You found the real me… So… I’m truly happy… Really…

L: Idike…

The prince’s kiss had woken princess Idike from her centenarian sleep. The spell was broken, and time began to move again.

L: … It can’t be… Idike… Idike…!

*Idike’s watch falls on the ground*

 And they lived happily until death did part them… Until death…

*Ludwig leaving, saying stuff about how he planted Idike’s favourite flowers around the castle, because they fit her much more than roses do*


Idike’s spirit/memory OR WHATEVER: Don’t come here anymore… no matter how much you want to see me…

Ludwig: It’s all your fault… because of you, I’ll have to gook fore another bride…

*tries to pull self together*

Ok now. Got one thing to tell you, Kaori Yuki.

And that’s it, I should stop crying already. 

  • DAYOUNG: Why is Seungho appa crying?
  • MIR: It's because today is the last time we'll be together, Dayoung-ah.
  • DAYOUNG: Because he'll miss us? Is it because we've done something wrong?
  • MIR: No. Dayoung-y has been so so so good to us.
  • MIR (to members): Dayoung-y just asked me whether this is the last time because she has done something wrong.