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YOURE SUCH AN IMPORTANT PERSON TO ME POISON!! You're one of the main reasons that i began drawing for christ sake!!! You're such an inspiration, whether you believe it or not!! Your art is just so consistently great! If you ever need someone to talk to, don't be afraid to hmu!! >:)

I… inspired you… to draw…?

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I’m not crying, YOU are crying.

Ok maybe we are both crying.

Plutarch says “… Alexander’s grief was uncontrollable …” and adds that he ordered many signs of mourning, notably that the manes and tails of all horses should be shorn, the demolition of the battlements of the neighbouring cities, and the banning of flutes and every other kind of music. Arrian relates an account that “… he flung himself on the body of his friend and lay there nearly all day long in tears, and refused to be parted from him until he was dragged away by force by his Companions …”, another that said “… he lay stretched upon the corpse all day and the whole night too …”, and another which told how he had the doctor, Glaucias, executed for his lack of care. Arrian also mentions Alexander ordering the shrine of Asclepios in Ecbatana to be razed to the ground, and that he cut his hair short in mourning, this last a poignant reminder of Achilles’ last gift to Patroclus on his funeral pyre: “… he laid the lock of hair in the hands of his beloved companion, and the whole company was moved to tears.” […] Arrian states that all his sources agree that “… for two whole days after Hephaestion’s death Alexander tasted no food and paid no attention in any way to his bodily needs, but lay on his bed now crying lamentably, now in the silence of grief.” […] Alexander sent messengers to the oracle at Siwa, to ask if Amon would permit Hephaestion to be worshipped as a god. When the reply came, saying he might be worshipped not as a god, but as a divine hero, Alexander was pleased, and “… from that day forward saw that his friend was honoured with a hero’s rites." He saw to it that shrines were erected to Hephaestion’s memory, and evidence that the cult took hold can be found in a simple votary plaque now in Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, inscribed, "To the Hero Hephaestion”

So I just watched the last episode and I’m a bloody mess. I swear I’m literally sobbing. Why do I get so involved in tHESE SHOWS I NEED A BREAK
But also I need to get mentally ready for GOT’s new episode. I can’t live like this.
K gonna go to cry for another twenty minutes

Anne with an E

I am only 20 minutes into the first episode and I am already crying like a  baby (my measurement of how emotionally engaged I am with a film). Spending the first moments showing Anne’s fears, hopes, pain, hopefulness and her ease of connecting with people really pays off and is such a marvelous way of starting a story knowing that there is quite a heavy and emotional moment very early on (finding out that they expected a boy). It really brings home how crushing that revelation must have been.
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron - 05 - Brothers Under the Sun
Brothers Under The Sun (Soundtrack Version) - Bryan Adams

I accidentally came across with this song and that music before chorus from beginning hit me so hard right away. I heard it first time earlier this year in one Raph and Chompy fanvideo (sadly it was deleted from Youtube soon after that) and I wanted to find that song and now it’s here! You have no idea how much I have been crying while listening this song for damn’s sake because I keep seeing that lovely Raph & Chompy video in my head and I just simply LOVE that music too so, so much! <3 Usually songs, what make me cry in these days, will stay and go with me through my life all the way to an end.

UPDATE! Here’s the song only as instrumental version!

Every morning and evening, a random reading is taken from Guru Granth Sahib Ji when they become Parkash (visible) for the day. This is known as the Hukamnama. Nama means edict and Hukam means command, so Guru Ji is essentially giving us a command as to how we should live our daily lives.

In Darbar Sahib, the epicentre of the Sikh psyche, the same Hukam came from Guru Ji THREE DAYS IN A ROW.

Dhan Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj!!! Our Guru is truly Hazar Naazar.