My To-do List for Soshitsu

1. Get Frozen Yogurt

2. Collect all Digimon Plushies like Agumon, Palmon, Tailmon, Patamon, Piyomon and Tai and all other plushies like Max from Pets and my rabbit called Ivan

3. Get nougat chocolate

4. Prepare a blanket or wear a RILAKKUMA Onesie

5. Get A LOT of tissues

6. Have a pillow to scream into

7. Get my Jyou pillow

8. Bribe my dog with treats to stay next to me

9. Scream at everyone who enters the room

Then I’m prepared, but the froyo is a MUST because


all i want to listen to for the next month 


Doodle my emo boy…

I’m sad when I read some comments of people talking bad about Sanji, saying that even he’s one the man but crying too much in this arc.

what’s the problem of being a man and cry because you’re hurt too much!?