i just saw inside out and oh my god

i cried so much it was such a good movie but what really got me was that whole metaphor for depression

if you’ve ever been friends with someone who has depression and you’ve gone through those stages of constantly trying to cheer up, distract, and get your friend to just stop being sad and that frustration that comes with that, they show that perfectly in this movie and more importantly they show that none of those methods are effective or helpful in anyway

it shows that the only way you can help is to just accept that person for who they are, and let them know that you still need them and you still love them

that is just such an important lesson to get out there, i’m so proud that this movie did so well and is actually popular

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adzie I think I'm gonna cry I don't know if I'm into girls (I'm a girl btw) bc I'm also hella attracted to boys and with girls it's like: you're cute I would totally want to be in a relationship with u but I'm not sexual attracted to u what the hell

have you heard of the label ‘biromantic heterosexual’? cause that sounds like what you are to me (although of course I can’t label you! that’s up for you to decide!)

The label itself basically implies what you just said - experiencing attraction to girls romantically (and most likely aesthetically too) but does not necessarily want to partake in sexual behaviour or rather can’t necessarily experience sexual attraction towards girls - whereas with boys, you experience romantic, aesthetic and sexual attraction (and still wish to partake in the behaviour of these things with guys).

might as well say now, your romantic/aesthetic/sexual/whatever attraction do not have to be the same as one another - it’s actually v common to see differences in these…for example, I identify as a panromantic demisexual (ppl r pretty but i don’t necessarily wanna have sex with em unless a bond has grown between us or something)

:D so yeah, it’s gonna be okay, you’re not alone (srsly i feel it’s actually v common for girls like you are biromantic heterosexual!! or heteroromantic bisexual tbh)!!! no need to cry/stress!!! just go ahead with how you feel and experience!! have fun!!! be safe!!! be legal!! communicate how you feel!! 

hope this helped <3 id be happy to listen and/or answer any other questions of course!!

You know how everyone is eager to tell you that you shouldn’t trust people you meet online because they could be literally anyone and you should never trust them?

I wish they’d spent as much time preaching that you shouldn’t trust people you meet irl, because they’re just as likely to turn out to be low, treacherous and back stabbing too.

To tell the truth I’ve had better luck with the online people I’ve met than the other version.



  • Dean thinks Cas is going back to Heaven for good, “locking the door behind him”, and is worried about Cas’s safety since the angels aren’t too happy with him.
  • Cas, on the other hand, is thinking about how he’s going to “lock the door behind him” as he leaves Heaven, and how he couldn’t possibly stay because the angels want him dead.

Dean’s lines are ambiguous enough in meaning that Cas doesn’t realize what Dean was thinking until he says the E.T. line, which is when Cas pulls the confused face (which Dean just sees as Cas not getting the reference). They cupid shows up before anyone can elaborate.


I just want a 1) post-bro/love hug 2) stupid-in-love!Thorin 3) possessive!Thorin 4) Bilbo in “what the hell did I do wrong nowww” and “why is he staring at me this way”. 5) PJ, listen my/our prayers, please. That’s all. My life is starting to be ruined for the second time.