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What if Ibuki gets saved by Superman? And when Todoroki or Midoriya get there, they're like "Superman is real, holy shit!" Followed by Midoriya being all fanboy, and asking for an autograph?

Hello anon! haha I’M PROBABLY GOING TO SUCK AT DRAWING SUPERMAN SO PLEASE DON’T BE MAD AT IT lol also, thank you for the request! haha

and later, Papa Midoriya begged for an autograph 

(I LOVE how I was able to draw Midoriya’s iconic shocked face lolol)

Thank you for looking! If you’d like to see Ibuki and more Tododeku, please look here: (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Just BornPokemonGO! Wedding Teen!Ibuki Fem!Ibuki w/Coco Ibuki and PapaTeamwork Ibuki&Shouyou RECORDING T!Ibuki&Friends )

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What if TFA and Mtmte Roddy switched places? Like the TFA Roddy tries to not be a burden so they can find a way to send him home faster and the Mtmte bots are just like wut? He's writing reports? And reading reports?? And he calls Magnus 'sir'??? He may have impulsively shot Megs too. Meanwhile Mtmte Roddy tries to help too but he ends up offending and scaring quite a few boys on accident. Depends on whether he ends up on Earth or Cybertron. I think Team Earth would be more forgiving.

TFA Rodimus is a nervous ball of trigger happy energy when he shows up, immediately associating anything bigger than him as a Decepticon. Unfortunately, everything is bigger than him. He shot a spark moniter in Medbay because he saw it in the corner of his vision. He hates how everyone is staring at him like they’re expecting something else. The lack of command structure is bewildering to him and leaves him floundering to fit in among the crew. The rigid, milataristic form he carries is so painfully familiar to Megatron, who asks Magnus to reccomend a visit to Rung for him.

MTMTE Rodimus is feared at first. He huge like a Decepticon and doesn’t have the same military obedience of an Autobot. Rodimus himself is disgusted by the very idea of a planet wide military. The more he hears of the Decepticons, the more he feels like something isn’t quite right, does anyone know why they’re fighting? What about those who don’t want to fight? Everyone seems so clueless yet stubbornly unwilling to do anythin about it. Rodimus is something new to the Autobots, some start whispering about a new Magnus coming along.

day 14: crossover

i’ve seen quite a few posts about andi mack x gmw and i wholeheartedly agree like gosh

i’ve seen a few andi and rileys but i want to see andi and maya

  • being art buddies
  • talking about family problems
  • talking about hope and making it through their lives
  • laughing about boy problems and their dramatic best friends
  • painting all the time

buffy, jonah and lucas hanging out

  • doing sporty stuff
  • hanging out
  • playing video games and eating chips

cyrus hanging out with riarkle (riley and farkle)

  • singing songs to musicals
  • talking about low self esteem and feeling not good enough or that you’re “nothing”
    • riley and farkle help cyrus feel good about himself
  • drawing on themselves and being silly
  • all the puns
  • all the fedoras
    • riley joins in and asks cyrus if she can voice some characters
    • cyrus loves it

amber and maya sneaking out and having fun. they put on fashion shows and like to do accents. 

riley and andi talking about relationships and how your first crush isnt always the boy meant for you. or how sometimes communication is the key and can be the way to a good relationship with your first crush. 

smackle enjoying hanging out andi and how they can just goof around and smackle totally uses the bracelet andi makes her to stim 


The Bright New Snake

- There was a lad that had taken almost fifteen minutes before being sorted into his house. Severus found himself almost exposed as the boy met his eyes before sitting in the Slytherin table. The blue eyes almost reminded him of Dumbledore’s.

- He saw Dumbledore’s frown as the boy sat down and that intrigued him even further.

- He was surprised to find that he was a muggle-born. 

- During classes he has seen the child observe his classmates before proceeding. He noted how sloppy his cutting was but Severus could see that the child had potential if the boy was willing to learn.

- Severus has heard great things about the boy from the staff. Also some rather not nice things about how he was too stuck up. Almost like another Weasley he knows.

- Severus found a coldness in the boy’s eyes that was not out off place in the Slytherins. 

- It took three months before he had to talk the boy in his office. The boy was punched by a fourth year and Severus needed to find out why. He was quite surprised about the reason.

- He was also quite surprised when the boy informed him that “I do not guess, professor. My conclusions are made from facts.” He then proceeded to tell Severus what ingredient he was preparing by the lingering smell on his cloak and how he was enjoying a walk near the forbidden forest because some mud stuck to his boots.

- Snape asked if he used a charm and he would have deducted points for the insulted scoff he received if he wasn’t so fascinated by the child.

- He held a house meeting emphasizing how Slytherin House stands together and will not resort to violence to settle a dispute later that night.

- The boy approached him about the art of occlumency during the boy’s third year. He noticed how troubled the child looked and pointed him to some books in the library, as well as some from his private collection.

- The boy requested lessons and Snape had to ask for the Headmaster’s approval. Dumbledore was quite alright though his curious twinkling almost made Snape ban the boy from occlumency for his own protection.

-Snape had to pull away from the boy’s mind ten seconds in. He saw massive structures, rooms containing odd objects, thoughts flying to and fro, intermingling until they were nothing but background noise.

- He almost sent the boy away, thinking that he was being mocked. Occlumency lessons he said, the boy was already quite adept at mind arts.

- It took a week before the student convinced him that it was a trick. That it had no magic what so ever and all it took was a little focus. Severus reluctantly agreed and by the time third year was done, Severus had helped the boy organize his mind and Snape himself learned quite a few tricks.

- He did saw things that made him question just what those muggles were doing to the boy. He had felt fear, guilt, and shame no fourteen year old should experience.

- During fifth year, the boy finally opened up to him, just a little bit. Something about a family never being the same again, how an uncle made things better, how his parents will never forgive him. It was all a haze, actually. The boy had some fit during a class in Care of Magical Creatures when Grubby-Plank’s latest creature hopped into a well and there was a brief panic in saving it. 

He was told that his young snake stood frozen before students had to call for Pomfrey. The boy barely made any movement as he was deposited into the hospital wing. It took a little legillimency before the boy practically shoved the pictures from his mind to Snape. Shields snapped into place five seconds later but Severus saw enough of the picture.

- Mycroft Holmes came from a muggle family and no matter how deep Severus went with his research, he saw that there were no previous magical folk in his family line. He was almost sorted into Hufflepuff but he argued that Slytherin suited him better. It took thirteen minutes to stop the hat from putting him in Hufflepuff and two to stop it for from putting him in Gryffindor,

- He was an outcast in the House where blood status was important but he made do. Power lies in this house and it would take years to convince such hard-headed people of his skills. 

- He never liked holding knives so potions was quite difficult. Charms had been his favorite subject, and transfiguration came a near second.

- He learned all he needed to know about the Wizarding World. Once he got used to different substances around in this world, his mind rejoiced to finally being able to identify just what potion the upper years were doing by the stain on their robes and what exact cat was Professor McGonagall’s form was.

- He revealed quite the secret in the common room which resulted in him being punched in the face. He has gained the respect and fear of his fellows so it ll came according to plan.

- He learned occlumency from his Head of House. The scoldings and lectures he received was worth it. He had to get his head organized to hide certain things from surfacing.

- His name was Mycroft Holmes and he was a slytherin. He remembers that when casting an obliviate,you must be firm and confident. His hands were shaking that night and his mind was rebelling against him. He whispered the spell and his brother remained asleep. An imperfect obliviate would have to do because it was too late to take back. They might never forgive him but it was alright. A slytherin protects their own.

I rarely seek out crossover fics but I am quite disappointed with the lack of Mycroft in the Potterlock verse. I decided to remedy that. 


The Halloween Fever special is gonna be done and prepared for the YouTube tomorrow/after tomorrow. I will post it here ASAP *____* cause it’s late here And the sleep is need… ohmygod I cant believe I have done it…

I am just posting a photo of a few seconds before the final picture, cause I can’t wait to show you this.

You will see a comic/animated video clip with subtitles which includes the Fever fanfic characters xD it’s a kind of spin off from the fanfic, with random Halloween ideas I had. It may seems dizzy and really random at some parts, but I won’t change anything xD let the random be! And Mwahahahahhahahaaaaaaa

Keep Turning

文化祭, aka “culture festival” happened yesterday and i am so tired. i wrote the last paragraph last night. hope you like.


After that first game, Kent finds himself watching any and all interviews involving Alexei Mashkov.

From this, he gleans that Mashkov is charming and witty and has a bashful smile that’s as big as he is. Mashkov talks candidly about being an android, about how America differs from Russia and what he likes about each. He carefully skirts explicit political questions without coming off as callous, and gushes over his teammates, the Falcs organization, and the fans. Mashkov’s interviews are a master class in how to handle PR. It’s like the guy was made for press—and hell, for all Kent knows, he could have been.

What he was not made for, shockingly, is hockey.

“My series, we’re be made strong for hard work, yeah?” Mashkov says in a radio interview for a local channel in Providence. “So, construction, warehouse, um—don’t know how to say, is like, break?”


“Yes, is it! Sorry, my English not so good. Language not in program, you know?”

“I guess hockey is easier to learn than English, huh?”

So much easy. Sorry, I like you, but if I can play hockey and never interview, I’m do.”

This comment earns plenty of laughs. Most of Mashkov’s interviews end in laughter. Whatever else the country at large thinks of him, the media loves him, and the city of Providence fucking adores him, soft hands and broken English and all. The goodwill is infections, it seems, because the Falconers are playing incredibly well.

Meanwhile, the Aces aren’t doing so bad, either. They’re not on fire, but they’re a far cry better than last year. The locker room mood is a bit tense, since Carl won’t speak to Kent directly and a few other guys are keeping their distance as well, but it hasn’t affected their gameplay at all, so Kent ignores it and focuses on putting up points.

He doesn’t forget about the upcoming Falcs game, but he doesn’t let himself dwell on it, either. And then, one night, his phone pings with another message from the unknown number.

Hey, so this is last minute but we’re playing you guys in Vegas tomorrow, and not leaving ‘til the next evening. You wanna get a drink after the game?

Kent squints. He’d thought this number was Mashkov’s, but the text is unexpectedly fluent.

… Who is this?

The reply comes with a selfie. Alexei Mashkov, #7 for the Providence Falconers. This is Kent Parson, right?

Kent throws up a peace sign and sends a selfie in return.

Mashkov sends, Great. So, drinks?

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