A couple of sketches of Samurai Jack. The new season has been PHENOMENAL. Holy shit, I’ve been so hyped for this show. And recent episode was fucking nuts!!

So far I’ve really taken a liking to Ashi, one of the Daughters of Aku. She was specifically named in the first episode so she definitely has a role in this season.

Gah, I’m so excited for this show!!

5 Web Technologies You Cannot Ignore in 2014

This is not a post about 5 cutting-edge technologies that may become relevant in 2014. This is a post about 5 technologies that are ready to be applied to your site today. However, not enough people are taking advantage of them and, most importantly, you simply cannot afford to ignore them any longer.


A lot is being said about Big Data and a lot may sound irrelevant to most organizations. However, Big Data is not just about the volume of data, it is also about the depth and breadth of user behaviour it can provide insight to. Big Data, at its heart, is the process of driving business decisions on the basis of real-world user data collected in the digital world

We cannot assume that users are rational automatons that carefully follow pre-ordained paths through a site. Analytics need to go beyond visitor numbers and page views (what most analytics software focus on unfortunately). Instead, we have to think in terms of goals met, paths followed and the context that surrounds them.

It is not the absolute numbers that count but the ability to connect all the dots from interactions off your site (e.g. social media, marketing campaigns) to specific actions on your site. Subsequently, that data needs to actually reach the people that can act on it. At times this means the people creating content and dealing with the site daily. They cannot waste time trying to sift through reports in order to glean some knowledge.

The decisions you make based on this deeper understanding of your business may be the single most important thing you do in 2014.

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Jobs in Archaeology: Part I

What does a Federal Archaeologist do?  Good question.  Federal archaeologists protect cultural resources on public lands by following a variety of laws, such as NHPA, ARPA, NEPA, and NAGPRA.  These resources, which means anything 50 years old or older, need to be protected from destruction by trail maintenance, wildfire, recreation, visitation, vandalism, and so many other things. So, we say ‘NO’ a lot.

Think of it this way: public lands (BLM, NPS, Forest Service, etc.) are like a giant museum.  When walking through a museum, people aren’t allowed to smash up the cases and take whatever they want or break something because they feel like it.  Same idea applies, only we don’t have our archaeological sites in protective cases.

Free e-book: Becoming an Archaeologist: Crafting a Career in Cultural Resource Management

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