MTV’s Countdown to Jennifer Lawrence’s 25th Birthday!

Over the years we have fallen in love with Jennifer Lawrence, so who wouldn’t want a walk down memory lane of our favorite Jennifer Lawrence moments leading to her big day?

You can keep up to date when MTV posts here, as well as this post - where I will update as much as a I can - until August 15th, Jennifer’s 25th birthday! 

From my friend’s memory

I don’t have a particularly strong memory especially when an event is not outstanding to me in some way be it emotional or historical. And even then, my memory is wandering. So it surprises me when people from my past recall stories of me. “I did what!?” It’s a special experience to learn about my younger self and to know that she said or did something that impacted someone enough to remember all these years later. Plus, these memories are usually super cool versions of me that I didn’t realize existed! 

Today I received an email from a high school classmate (Class of 2000). This is what he wrote:

I remember lunch just let out on a snowy winter day…  I couldn’t resist the temptation (of course) of instigating a snow ball ambush on my classmates. Unfortunately, one of my snow balls went astray and landed square on your chest.  "My breast" you cried out! When an over protective faculty member chastised you for saying such a “horrible” thing, you replied in confusion… “but it hit my breast, what’s the big deal? If it hit my arm, I would say "my arm”“. This story stood out in my mind because of your response was honest and more importantly intelligent. I don’t think the teacher had a decent response and you went on your merry way.

I don’t remember this, at all. That’s okay. I love thinking of myself as this girl. I love being in awe of a younger version of me who even then understood sexuality in such natural ways – that a breast is a breast and I need not shame my body or others. 

Good job, younger Lindsey! Bravo!

decorativeanguish asked:

do you have any fun adoration stories?

One time I fell asleep at Adoration and got scared when I woke up and saw a hooded figure walking around. I jumped up, pulled out my rosary and cried out “Be gone, Satan!”

It was a monk.

I exorcised a monk.

I literally scared the hell out of a monk.

  • *looking at pictures of Luke with beard*
Me :mmhm this is good yes m8
*Mikey flies majestically through the window*
Michael:wtf are you doing are you switching lanes
Me:No MiChaeL I’M sORRy
Michael:Not good enougH v. disappointed
*cries bc Im so unfaithful*
2012 Phan Masterlist

About Crying - lesterotic

Summary: something about how dan always cries when they’re screaming at each other and phil never does. until that one time.

Blank Page - phanwanderingforgames

Summary: It is the year 2012, Dan and Phil didn’t meet in the year 2009 due to Dan being anxious on what his idol would say about him. So he just watches Phil as one of his fans. But what if a certain contest started by a certain Amazing Youtuber changes that fate?

Future Regrets - solamepriy

Summary: 2012 Dan and Phil break up and future Dan comes to tell 2012 Dan how to fix things.

He Thinks, And That’s Enough - iloveminecraft807

Summary: Dan thinks that one day they’ll return to normal. He thinks that one day they’ll be better and happier than they were in 2009.

I’ve Never Been This Far From Home - glitteringdan

Summary: It’s 2012; Dan misses Phil but it sure seems the feeling isn’t mutual.

Of Cereal And Sunrises - anonymous

Summary: Dan and Phil fight. Then make up in the last few paragraphs.

Once Upon a Coffee Shop - just-phantasizing

Summary: When Dan and Phil’s relationship begins to fall apart, will the girl who’s seen their love from the very beginning be able to help them mend it back together again?

Post Break-Up Sex - howellhugs

Summary: It’s 2012 and Dan and Phil have broken up but their feelings are anything but gone.

Simply Transport - maggieisnotacat

Summary: Dan and Phil move to London and find the movers carrying all their furniture hit their hours before going to London, leaving them with an unfurnished flat for the night.

We’ve Always Been - memelosers

Summary: They kiss when they’re drunk, and love each other the rest of the time, and fucking in their hallway is the closest they’ve come to admitting it.

We Chose To Say Goodbye (But I Choose You) - starsalign

Summary: “I keep building walls, but you’re always on my mind, won’t let them fall down. I’m tired, can we give up the art of moving on?” - Heffron Drive, Art of Moving On.

Where’d You Go? - curiosityandrain

Summary: It’s 2012 and Phil can’t seem to find Dan anymore.


Lucy fell down a lot, she lost her family more than once, she cried, suffered, but she never gave up. she’s always ready to keep going, she’s strong and nobody can prove me otherwise.
That’s why I love her.

This is a Happy Birthday gift for me, but also a thank you gift since I reachead +2100 followers here on Tumblr and I’m so happy!!! I love each one of you, thank you for all the support and the lovely messages.
I hope you enjoy


Terrifying Tolkien Week, 2/?:   L A M M O T H

Lammoth was a shoreland region far to the northwest of Beleriand. It was where Ungoliant set upon Morgoth to attempt to gain the Silmarils. As Morgoth was being strangled he cried out in anguish and the echos of this shout remained in the land thereafter. [x]

secret-life-of-toadstool asked:

What exactly happened when Ashton said "this is your safe place"?

He said “tonight, here, you’re safe. Everyone here loves the same music as you. you’re all okay. Its just us four boys with you.”

And then I cried

at their wedding, chloe gives this extremely passionate, heartfelt, sarcastic and sassy speech about what it’s like to have max in her life. she’s got the audience laughing, and max is beside her, holding her hand and laughing too, but also crying bc they’ve been through so much shit to get to this point.

then at the end of her speech chloe goes, “i just wish rachel were here to see this… the happiest moment of my life. i know she would’ve wanted to.. she never told me but.. i think it was her dream to see me find a real reason to smile.”

she breaks down after that and the whole audience goes quiet as max wraps her new bride in a tight hug. chloe’s cries echo into the microphone before kate comes and leads people in a time of silence for rachel amber.

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So, I met Damon last month in Pomona at Warped Tour. It was always my dream to meet him in person, because his videos gave meaning to my life and made me laugh. When I met him I cried because it was like a dream come true. I told him that he saved my life and he smiled and hugged me saying that I was sweet and he loves me. Of course, I said I loved him back and he signed my notebook for me. Anyways, Damon is such a sweet guy and his hugs are the best. 

EXO’s reaction when you give them the silent treatment after a fight

***If you want me to make a BTS, EXO, 2PM OR SEVENTEEN reaction, feel free to request**


This daddy will use aegyo to make you smile and eventually talk to him. But please don’t fight with him. He already has to deal with 11,*silent sobs* 8 idiots everyday so please have mercy on him.


he ain’t goin down without a fight bro. “Geulae, two can play this game.”


Yi Xing? Why would you ever fight with a fluffy unicorn?


You think that you will be giving him the silent treatment? Oh, no. It’s the other way around.


At first he will be like “ oh no u didn’t.” but he is a sweetheart so he will soon apologize.


He will cry so don’t give him the silent treatment. Don’t even fight with him. Homie is ugly when he cries.


the kid is gonna stare right into your soul until u talk to him. 


“I don’t need you. I got chicken.”


This little brat? He will either whine or aegyo u to death. or maybe even both. he danger bro.


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