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Firstly I want to say thank you. Your art always puts a smile on my face and I've been having a really tough time in RL lately so I really appreciate that ❤️ I know you probably get heaps of requests so feel free to ignore this part, but if you do have time I would love to see how you imagine a NaLu confession scene would play out ❤️ Thank you for your time Senpai and please keep making your beautiful artworks! ❤️

i’m so sorry.

Sorry this is so late like a year or two! I was just fooling around and I remembered your message so I put this silly thing to it. Thank you so much for the support! Your message is honestly one of the most heartwarming I’ve gotten so far! I’m so happy to hear my work brought you joy! Thank you again I’ll do my best! 

Within The Wires is such a beautiful podcast. As with all other Night Vale Presents podcasts before it it’s super gay with amazing representation- and if you enjoyed Alice Isn’t Dead, you will absolutely love it. If you like dystopian stories and relaxation tapes, Within The Wires hits all those buttons and I highly recommend it.