So I watched Power Rangers last night.
And yeah, it was good and nerdy and full of little references and nods, but you know what I really loved?
I got to see an autistic superhero.
Not just a character I could headcanon as autistic, no, I got a superhero who looks people dead in the eyes and says “I’m on the spectrum”.
I got a superhero who info dumps, stims, and has special interests.
I got to see a superhero ask someone to stop touching them, not laugh at that epic joke.
I got to see a little bit of myself.
And true, it could have been better.
We could have gotten better writing, better representation but I got to see an autistic superhero. I got to see a black, male, autistic superhero, and that’s something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.
I don’t know if other people will realize how important this is, but his autism wasn’t the butt of a joke.
It wasn’t some feel-good moment about overcoming his “disability”. He wasn’t there to be comic relief or anything else.
He is a superhero. With autism.
I just sat and stared at a screen the size of my house, with hundreds of other people, and got to see myself, my community displayed in a positive way in mainstream, really epic media.
A superhero. With autism.

this video really showed how creative phil is and has always been. at fourteen he created his own world with its own developed plot and characters, complete with deaths and unexpected twists. his laugh throughout the video was so genuine. you could tell he was humbled by dan’s genuinely impressed comments about his little world. phil’s mind really is beautiful.


A farewell to our best boy, may your hoodies always be soft.

Dorm mates, from left to right: Percy, Drako, Gianni, Santi, Adonis & Bao

me: ah, i know! i’ll pass the time on this public bus by playing some duel monsters on my phone! 

joey wheeler, at the top of his lungs: 

YU̻̮͎͈-͓̪̙̘̙̠ͅG̙̭͙̥͖̪͙I̘̬̩-̟̰̹̦͙O͖̝H̰̭̼!̠̞ D̮̥̙̼̟̗̩UE̳̻̤͚͇̯L͕̲ ̺͚̤̙͍̮̞LI̞̣͇̹͈͉̹NK̰̣̲̜̻͖S̺͎͕̪ͅ!̻̫̳!̝!̦̩̱̯!̣̥̠̤̞̪!!!!! 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for people going to bts concert for the first time ever

1) Respect others
2) Respect BTS
3) Use the restroom before the show LOL
4) Don’t get dehydrated / Drink a lot of water 
5) If you’re using your phone/camera, be careful, but also remember to put it down every once in a while to really enjoy and take in the moment for what it is
6) Have fun! ^^
- Kristi