The Whatsapp moan (please use headphones)

So imagine you open a chat with your friend and he send you an audio, you click on the audio and you hear THAT VERY LOUD MOAN HERE 

A girl asked me about how would be the reaction of the MCL boys with that viral shit that made me be ashamed in the mall because it was too loud and scared me (yes my friend sent me that and i cried)

i was so embarassed when that happend omg aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Touka: I was the one who killed your father after all.
Akira: I’m glad to know you’re someone who has bad tastes.
Akira: Since it seems like I can honestly bear a grudge against you.
Touka: Then that’s fine.

They go to a park. There are children who have lost their way ever since Aogiri got destroyed.

Touka talks about her own father.

Akira gets embarassed after being hugged by the children.
She cries after being hugged by Hinami.


You believed him when he said you were a killer when you were 16. And he turned you into this.

Love Ball - Ink!Sans

Welp, this was Ink’s application for Muffet’s Love Ball! ////v//// You thought he’d give himself a less fancier outfit huh? Well none of that!! Ink wanted to dress nicely for such a wonderful occasion!! And since he can make his outfits himself it was super easy (you notice the color mixes on his shirt lmao Ink really)

So yeah!! Unfortunatly I won’t be there for the event’s last night, but I sure as hell had fun when I passed by!! <3 Since I met a few more Ink roleplayers you guys are totally free to use this outfit for the last night!!

Summary of the night where Ink appeared

  • He rolls inside the Attic and bumped against a Sans, making that Sans fall
  • He stays laid down next to Outertale Sans while Error asked him questions
  • Everyone leaves to buy snacks and Ink and Error stays to talk together a bit
  • They hear noises downstairs and go to the Ball room to find everyone getting drunk with Fresh doing mad skillz with his heelies
  • Ink drank and spitted the drink all over Tarma’s dress
  • He tried to fix it with his brush but ended up falling on her because he was already drunk
  • Him and another Frisk tried to help her up but Ink fell on her AGAIN
  • He finally fixed the dress but made Tarma upset anyway and felt bad before a Papyrus appeared and asked him to summon a piano and a saxophone - Ink misunderstood because drunk and he made a pear and a trumpet instead.
  • After numerous attempts he finally summons something useful and Papyrus plays the saxo.
  • Fresh gets super duper hyped about it and brings out his kazoo and by the time Tone!Sans comes over 3 Sans are on the stage playing kazood Megalovania
  • Ink just starts playing the flute along with them after painting rainbows all over the room with Error.
  • When they finish playing, Ink throws the piano in the air and Tone joins him and everyone starts throwing pianos at each other (Frisk begged for Ink to throw a piano at them, freaking him out lmao)
  • He’s so hyperactive that he gets ill even more, and throws up Ink in a bag Papyrus gave him
  • He decides to take a break, Error sitting next to him and making sure he’s okay, and people suggest that they dance together
  • Too bad it’s on slow dancing time.
  • Ink is drunk so he proposes Error to dance anyway and (somehow) Error, still pretty embarassed, accepts.
  • Error gets a bit emotionnal and cries because Ink is the first friend he ever had and Ink panicks a bit
  • They end up giggling after cheering each other up and stop dancing as Tarma grabs the microphone and starts singing; they applaud when she’s finished.
  • Ink and Error finally decide to take some fresh air outside and join the Courtyard.
  • They end up talking a bit more and Ink reassures him about his anxiety and they skull snuggle a bit <3
  • Error puts his head on Ink’s shoulder and they stare at the stars before Ink has to leave and says goodbye.
  • Then on his way home (Snack bar) he meets a kitty Sans and plays with him turning himself into a cat as well and they mess up the bar pretty badly before Ink finally leaves.


Aaaand also since I got alot of requests about it…

You KNOW what I’m talking about….

You sinners haha <3

I did a little drawing of Error and Ink dancing!! ////v////

Thank you so much to everyone I roleplayed with, it was absolutely wonderful! <333 I had TONS of fun, even if it was very chaotic lmao


Error!Sans belongs to @loverofpiggies

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mo Jamilton child headcannons

here’s some of them raising a teenager (let’s just say the kid is pip)

  • Pip is fifteen and has his first crush and asks them out. They say yes and Pip is really nervous and asks his dads for advice. Thomas is hopeless in the world of romance and has no idea what to tell Pip so he sends him to ask Alex. Alex is ever the charmer but sucks at explaining so he just tells Pip to be himself. He also panics and gives him a condom.
  • Thomas finds out Alex gave Pip a condom and freaks out a little bit. ‘We haven’t even given him the talk yet???’ then he makes Alex give Pip ‘The Talk’ which is nothing but Alex with a whiteboard and a marker trying to explain the innerworkings of sex. Since Pip is bi, Alex has to explain the difference between having sex with a boy and a girl. Then he throws in some tips to guarentee making your partner orgasm and Pip almost dies like ‘pls stop talking dad’.
  •  Pip gets his license and is so happy!! But he gets a pulled over his first time driving along. He panics and starts to fake cry to get out of a ticket and it works. Then he feels really guilty and tells Alex and Alex high fives him. Then the story got back to Thomas and Pip was grounded. Alex slept on the couch. 
  • Thomas is more excited about Pip going to Prom than Pip himself. Alex gets Hercules to tailor Pip “the coolest suit in the history of the world”. They rent him a limo and hotel room. Pip just wanted to go, dance, and come home but Thomas and Alex are lowkey living vicariously through him because neither went to Prom.
  • Thomas cries when Pip graduates. Alex and the rev set embarass Pip when his name is called by fucking losing it. The crowd consist of about 2,000 people watching their kids/relatives graduate and they somehow manage to be heard above it all. 

CCS Rewritten Scene: The Big Kiss

*scene taken from Episode 42* 

Sakura approaches the ‘sleeping’ princess Syaoran lying on the bed upon the stage. 

Sakura: Oh, what a beautiful princess! 

The three fairies Rika, Naoko, and Chiharu appear

Rika: -approaches and curtsies- The only thing that can awaken the princess…

Chiharu: -approaches and curtsies- …is a kiss from someone who truly loves her. 

Naoko: -approaches and curtsies- If you can truly love her, then a kiss…

Sakura: -nods in determination- Okay 

Sakura flips her cape dramatically and begins to approach Syaoran before slowly leaning in closer. Kero and Tomoyo watch from the sound room, and Touya and Yukito are watching as members of the audience. Meilin is on the floor of the stage, pretending to be a slayed villain. 

Kero: Oh, this is a good scene!

Meilin: -face filled with irritation- Ooh! Only if I was the prince!

Touya: -twitches- Th-They can’t really be doing that!

Syaoran: -hyperventilating- 

Sakura leans in, however due to the length of the cape, she steps on the bottom as she approaches Princess Syaoran. She cries out in surprise as she falls forward, her lips crashing against his. Syaoran’s eyes instantly open wide, and he sits up rapidly as the contact finishes as quick as it began, his face flushed. 

Syaoran: -holds his hand over his mouth- Y-you just….

Sakura: -cries out and flails quite animatedly in her embarassment- HOEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I’M SORRY. I’M SORRY. I’M SO SORRY! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! 

Touya: -rises from his seat instantly- I’LL KILL THAT BRAT!! 

Meilin: -rushes from her spot on the ground before being held back by several other students in the class- HOW COULD YOU?! IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MEEEEEEEE!!! IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MEEEE!!! 

Sakura: Li-kun, I’m so sorry! -face bright red- 

Syaoran: -mutters quietly to himself, face bright red and obviously in shock- My first kiss, and I’m wearing a pink, fluffy dress and curls…

Sakura: HOEEEEEE!!! 

The audience all whisper amongst themselves in confusion at the sudden chaos, wondering if this is somehow part of the story. A flash comes from the audience as Yukito snaps another picture with his camera. 

Yukito: -laughs lightheartedly- This is a good play! 


Almost got caught (Part 2)

I was deep into my thought that i didn’t notice my members entering the practice room on bye one until i felt someone tapped my shoulder. I jumped at the sudden gesture by none other than jimin hyung. Why is it got to be him. I can feel myself blushing when i remembered what happen earlier on especially with jimin hyung infront of me.

“Kook, why are you so out of it? You seemed troubled by something. Are you okay?”

I melted at how caring jimin is. This is one of the reasons i fell for him. He is just too kind and always looked after me ever since we met. I was an awkward teenager last time but jimin hyung didn’t hesitate to approach me at all even though i would always push him away. I was always flustered and felt my body heating up whenever jimin hyung touched me or said something sweet to me. Now i know why i was like that. I have always felt something for him all along. Now that i have come to terms with my feelings, i felt happy but sad at the same time. Happy that i fell in love with such an amazing guy but sad that it will always be one-sided love. There is no way jimin hyung would like me the same way i like him.

“Nothing hyung. I was just thinking about the dance steps we are learning. Trying to run it through my brain”

I, as always made up an excuse. That was smooth of me to be honest. I am proud that i am able to lie easily but it hurts everytime that i have to deny. I put up my best smile to assure jimin hyung that i am fine. Jimin would always sense something is wrong even though you would tell him you are fine. That is what makes jimin so special. He just know.

Jimin slightly tilt his head to the side as if he was trying to read my mind. Can i input something here? Okay.. jimin looked so cute right now while tilting his head. OMG. He really got to stop being so adorable. I want to reached out to his cheeks and pinch it so hard but of course, i have to control myself. I know he is not doing it on purpose. He is just cute naturally. He would always says that he cannot do aegyo but actually his existence itself proved his statement wrong. He get really really cute without him noticing. I would always found myself smilling.

“You sure kook? If you have anything, don’t hesitate to share with me. We are friends afterall”

Ouch. I just got friendzoned. I can hear my heart breaking into pieces at that statement. It hurts so much but what can i do? This is all we are. We are just friends. We can’t be more than that. If i make the first move, everything will go down the drain.

“I’m fine hyung. Thank you” i tried my best to not sound rude or different. I guess i succeeded.

“If you say so..lets start practicing.” I nod abit before standing up. Jimin went off first to talk to taehyung. With his back facing me, i looked longingly at him. I smiled sadly at how stupid i am. Falling in love with someone i cannot have. Plus.. i bet jimin hyung would be disgusted if he knew that i liked him. That thought made me more sadder. I bet jimin like some cute girls and those shorter than him. I am no girl and neither am i shorter than him. I can feel my tears threathening to fall down my cheeks. I quickly turned around facing the wall. I looked down on the floor while closing my eyes shut desperately trying to stop my tears. Another thing i am good at.

I felt someone hold my right shoulder. I looked to my right to see jin hyung looking at me with concern. I bet he saw my pathetic face. I gave him a small smile to assure him that i will be fine. He squeezed my shoulder lightly as a way to comfort me. I feel so grateful to have jin hyung around me. Without him, i would be so lost and broken.

“Thanks hyung. Needed that. I will be fine so don’t worry”. I spoke softly to avoid jimin from hearing us.

“Stay strong jungkook. We will talk later okay? Lets focus on practice first”

I nodded at him in acknowledgement. We quickly went to join the others as they are all already starting. Again, i made eye contact with jimin hyung but i can see that he did not look really happy. I wonder what happened?..

After hours and hours of practice for our upcoming concert, we are finally done. The clock hit exactly 2am in the morning as soon as we are done. I grabbed my water bottle and sat down on the floor with my back against the wall. That was refreshing. Dancing took away some of my worries. I am glad we have practice. We are going home soon after resting. I can bath and sleep. The thought of sleeping makes me excited. I can’t wait to reach home and rest. Since we finished our promotion, we don’t have anything from tomorrow onwards.

Finally we reached our dorm. I sat down on the sofa to have a quick rest before bathing. The other members went to shower first. I guess i have to be the last one to shower . It was quite weird actually.. jimin hyung did not talk to me at all. Ever since we made eye contact in the practice room, he did not talk to me at all after that. As if he was trying to avoid me. Not that i am complaining. It is better if we keep this distance since it can help me move one(hopefully) but it still hurts? Or maybe..shit maybe he knows about my feelings for him and he feels disgusted?! Is that why he avoided me? The thought of it makes my head spin and i can’t imagine what will happen to me if jimin hyung hate me. What do i do? Should i ask what is wrong? I was fidgeting with my fingers nervously.

“JK…hello?Earth to JK?(In engrish)”

My train of thoughts came to a stop. I turned my head to see jin hyung looking at me worriedly again.

“Oh hyung. Did everyone finish bathing already?”

“Yes. Except yoongi. He is still in the bathroom right now. He just went in. Come on, lets talk in my room”

Oh yeahh. The talk.. i forget about it.. i followed jin from behind to his and yoongi’s shared room.

As soon as we are inside the room, jin hyung locked the door to make sure no one comes in.

“How about yoongi hyung?”

“He will take quite long and he will knock so don’t worry.”

I sat on yoongi’s bed while jin on his bed. It was quite for the first few seconds. I was looking down on the floor. It was as if jin hyung was thinking on what to ask me.

“Are you okay?”

I looked up to look at jin hyung. He looked really worried. I guess i cannot lie about it. I smiled sadly.

“I want to say i am but honestly.. i am not okay at all..”

I waited for jin hyung to ask me something but i guess he wants me to continue speaking.

“I-i feel so stupid. I know that this won’t work out at all but i am still hoping. Hoping for something. It hurts like hell. I try to always be normal around him but its getting harder and harder each day. I..i am scared that one day, i might explode and what we have now will just vanish just like that. The thought of jimin hyung hating me makes me want to puke. I-i hate it. I love him but i wished i never did..i wished i never feel this way about him. Its tearing me apart. Everyday i try to act normal around him and i am glad that it worked out.. i am glad it did but its hard hyung. Its hard. Its painful but i never regretted loving him but i wished i didn’t in the first place. What can i do hyung? What should i do? H-help me..”

I poured everything that was pooling inside my mind and before i knew it, my tears was streaming down my face continuously without stopping. I bit my lips trying to prevent myself from sobbing too hard. This is embarassing to be honest.. i rarely cries in front of people especially my members. I wiped my tears with the back of my hand but more tears keep streaming down my face. I am at the stage where i am pratically sobbing right now. I can feel jin hyung sitting beside me. He put his arms around my shoulder while rubbing the sides of my shoulder gently as if he was trying to comfort me. I continue crying letting everything out. Jin hyung just sat there listening to my cries. At times he would squeeze me shoulder to ensure me that he is there for me.

After few minutes of me sobbing, i finally came to a stop. This is embarassing to be honest but i felt better i guess?

“Thanks hyung.. for listening to my pathetic love story haha” i tried to lift up the mood by making a joke but jin hyung still stayed quiet.


He finally let go of my shoulders. I looked up from the floor after hearing jin hyung calling me.


“I know its hard. I can totally see that you really love him. I am sorry that you had to feel this pain. I really wished i can take away some of your pain but it doesn’t work that way does it? You always stay strong for us but i am glad you opened up to me. You can always come to me for anything. Don’t ever hesitate. Don’t lose hope jk. Don’t ever give up. It was never a mistake. I am sure jimin won’t ever hate you. If you have to let it out, just go for it. If he ever hates you, i will knock some sense into him but i can never even imagine jimin hating you. He really treasures you alot. So, don’t worry too much.. You can count on your handsome jin hyung!”

I let out a tiny laugh at his last few sentence. As expected of our handsome jin hyung. I felt abit better.

“Thanks hyung. I felt abit better. Thank you for listening.” I gave him my most sincere smile to show him that i really appreciate everything he did for me.

“I am glad you did jk.” I was about to say something when someone knocked on the door. Must be yoongi hyung. I stood up from the bed with jin hyung trailing behind me.

I unlocked the door to see yoongi’s grumpy face as always. I chuckled at his face.

“Why did you lock the door? I wanted to sleep as soon as possible”

Yoongi being yoongi again.

“Sorry yoongi hyung. I was talking with jin hyung about something. Sorry to take your time.”

I made yoongi hyung stand outside his own room just to talk about my stupid crush which made me feel really bad. Yoongi hyung looked at me. I saw his eyes softens immediately.

“Its okay kook. I was being a jerk. I think i know what happen. Stay strong okay? We are here for you.”

“Yeapp! We are here for you kookie so don’t hesitate” jin hyung lightly squeezed my shoulder.

I guess yoongi hyung saw my puffy eyes. I guess they really knew about me being in love with jimin hyung. I am so glad they are not disgusted.

“Thanks yoongi hyung and jin hyung. I will go now. Goodnight”

I feel abit better now. I guess i will take a bath now.

After bathing, i went to the kitchen to grab some milk to drink. I jumped on the spot when i saw jimin hyung sitting down on the couch in the dark.

“Woah hyung! You scared me. What are you doing in the dark?”

“Jungkook? Why are you still not sleeping?”

“Hyung, thats what i should be asking you though? I am going to grab some milk to drink then i will go to sleep.”

I wonder what is jimin hyung doing up so late.. i went to the kitchen to do what i need to do when i hear footsteps approaching behind me.

“I was just thinking..”

Thinking? About what?

“Hmmm. You want to share? I can be your listening ear”

While waiting for jimin hyung to answer, I took out a carton of milk from the fridge and poured some into my cup.

“Its.. its nothing”

I turn around with the cup in my hand. I lean against the kitchen table to look at jimin hyung. Wow damn. I didn’t get to look at him properly in the dark just now but now that i can see him clearly, he looked so damn cute in that oversized tshirt. His face is more cuter without make up. His natural blush makes him looked so soft. After taking a sip of my milk i raised my eyebrow in confusion.

“That don’t look nothing to me”

Jimin seems flustered that i didn’t take the bait. Is he okay? Is he worried about something? Is he insecure about something? I became more and more worried.


I heard him sighed in defeat. My curiousity grew bigger and bigger.

“You?” I tried to get him to continue

“I.. i had a nightmare.. thats all..i can’t sleep..”

I sighed in relief. I thought it was something serious or what..

“What was the dream about?”

I saw him fidgeting.

“I..i forgot..”

Why is he so nervous though?..

“You okay? You should try to sleep. Since we did alot of dancing today.”

I saw him nod lightly. I quickly finished up my last sip of milk before placing the cup in the sink.

I walked out of the kitchen expecting jimin hyung to follow along but he just stood there. Its as if he wanted to say something.

“Hyung? You okay?”

I saw him nod again. He is so weird today.. now he is so quiet.

“Um.. jungkook. Is it okay if. Um.. if i sleep with you?”

I choked on my saliva as soon as i heard that.


“I-i can’t sleep. I wonder if i can sleep with you for tonight?”

I can feel my heart beating so fast. Calm down jungkook! Its just a friendly request. Why are you so flustered about?! Jimin hyung had a nightmare and that is why he needed someone to be with him. I was trying to calm myself down. I saw jimin looking at me waiting for my answer.

“Kook? You know. Um its oka-”


Hi looked down sadly. Oh shit.

“I mean yes hyung. You can. I thought you are going to change your mind. That is why i said no. Sorry hyung. Hahaha. Come on lets go.”

For some reason, i held out my hands towards him. He looked at my hands for awhile. I am gonna feel stupid if he didn’t take it. He held out his hand and place them in mine with a small smile on his face. I i held them gently. I smiled at the way his small hands fit in mine.

“Thanks kook” i lead him towards my room hand in hand with jimin hyung trailing behind me. I smiled softly. This feels nice. My heart feels so warm right now. It feels so fluffy.

“Anything for you hyung.”

I gave his hand a light squeeze before opening the door to my room. After we are both inside, i closed the door. Since i have the room to myself, i won’t have to worry about waking up anyone.

“Go and lie down first hyung. I am going to charge my phone for a while and off the light.”

I let go of his hand failing to see a small pout on his face. After quickly doing everything i need, i went back to the bed. Jimin hyung is already laying down. I lay down beside him. Even though having him so near like this makes me go crazy, i have to endure it for his sake.

“Goodnight hyung.”

I was about to close my eyes when i feel a small tug at the sleeve of my shirt. I opened my eyes to see jimin hyung still not sleeping yet.

“Is something wrong hyung?”

He seems to think for a while before answering me.

“Can.. can we cuddle?”

My heart skipped a beat at his request. How can i ever say no to him. I smiled softly at how cute jimin hyung is.

“Of course hyung. Come here”

I turned myself to face jimin. I lay out my right hand for jimin to put his head on. I tapped my arms as a signal. He lifted his head from the pillow and place his head on my arms. His fluffy hair is so soft against my skin. I smiled at the feeling. I know that my heart is beating quite loudly right now but who cares. I placed my left hand on jimin’s small waist to pull him nearer to me. I can feel him breathing on my neck. It sends shivers down my spine but its a good feeling to have him in my arms. He fits just perfectly. All my worries gone. With jimin here, i feel at peace.

With my left hand, i embraced jimin hyung tightly leaving no space between us. I placed my chin on top of his head. I used my right hand to stroke jimin’s hair gently. I can feel both of jimin’s hands on my chest. I bet he can feel my heart beating fast. I can also smell the shampoo he used. He have this vanilla smell that i love. I took a deep breath. I really really love him so much. I would give him the world. If i ever reborn in my next life, i want to fall in love with jimin all and over again. I closed me eyes feeling satisfied. If i can’t have him, i have to treasure this moment.

“Thanks kook”

“No problem hyung. Now go to sleep. Goodnight”

“Goodnight kook”

My eyes flew open when i feel jimin hyung giving my neck a peck. I gulped. Is it my imagination? No its not. It really happened.. omg. I wanted to ask jimin but i can already hear soft snores coming from him. He’s asleep already. I guess he was too sleepy that he did that unconsiously. It meant nothing anyways.. and again i felt so shitty. Come on jeon jungkook! Stop sulking. He is here in your arms right now! Treasure it! Don’t be a pussy!

I let my negative thoughts out of my mind. I bring him much closer than before. I can feel him nuzzling at my neck./p>

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Is it normal that I cried, when Bill talked to Georgie before he shot him? Everyone was silent in the cinema, beside me: crying in the back row. 😭😂 Just came out of the cinema and I can’t wait for Chapter 2. ☹️

of course it’s normal!! This scene was made to broke each part of our soul and heart, babe, you don’t have to feel embarassed to have cried!
but also same here…. the credits had just appeard onscreen and I was just waiting like “what about chapter 2????”


 So it hasn’t even been a month since I created this account, but on the 24th of August 2016, this blog hit 1000 followers!

I just wanted to say that I’m sorry if I’m not able to post frequently! I’m a bit busy with school and I’m having an existential crisis right now. Please believe me when I say that I want to make every request that’s sent to me. I’ll do my best to put out every single one of them. Until then, I hope you enjoy the other requests/my own imagines I’ll be posting first.  Something is queued for the next few days!

Thank you for the love! 

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(cause you asked for memes) Nichorello for the 'i’ll tell you who' meme thing

YES good.

-Who gives forehead/nose kisses?

Nicky gives forehead kisses, but Lorna gives nose kisses. Mainly because that’s as far as she can reach on her tippy toes.

-Who gets jealous the most?

They both do. Nicky doesn’t ever think Lorna will cheat on her, but she doesn’t really like it too much if Lorna ever swoons after a guy. And for Lorna, this is the first real, true, loving relationship she’s ever had and she doesn’t ever want to lose it.

-Who picks the other up when they’re too drunk to drive?

Lorna. Nicky doesn’t know HOW to drive, plus Lorna doesn’t like getting drunk in public.

-Who takes care of on sick days?

They both do. In fact, it happens quite often that the not sick one will end up sick once the other is healed, all because they cuddled too close.

-Drags the other person out into the water on beach days?

Nicky, because she’s a child and likes to have splash fights. And Lorna hates it because she KNOWS Nicky will mess up her hair.

-Gives unprompted massages?

Nicky. She’s a giver. Plus Lorna’s skin is very soft AND it usually leads to sex.

-Drives/rides shotgun?

Lorna drives. She tried to teach Nicky how to drive, but Nicky is a stubborn little shit and Lorna has heard the cab story and gets very very nervous with Nicky at the wheel. Driving lessons typically end in screaming and fighting. So Nicky sticks to shotgun.

-Brings the other lunch at work?

Nicky. She makes sure to bring a LOT too. Kid likes to eat.

-Has the better parental relationship?

Funnily enough, it’s Nicky. With Red, not Marka. Even after prison, Red and Nicky are inseparable as mother and daughter. Lorna has a decent relationship with her parents, but she much prefers her sister’s company.

-Tries to start roleplaying in bed?

Nicky, of course. Although, there is the occasional night where Lorna is feeling a little fiesty and might suggest it first.

-Embarrassingly drunk dancer?

Lorna. Nicky can tell whenever she’s starting to get tipsy and she prepares with a video camera. She likes to play it back for Lorna in the morning when she’s hungover, because the look on her face is always priceless. Nicky finds the whole thing too adorable to actually be embarassed.

-Still cries watching Titanic?

Lorna, naturally. Nicky loathes the movie but Lorna is all about romance movies and cries every. damn. time.

-Firmly believes in couples costumes?

Lorna. Every Halloween she wants them to pick out matching costumes. Nicky is all down for Halloween parties and stuff, but she’s not a costume person and Lorna doesn’t ever pick things Nicky think would be fun (gore or sexy) but nerdy things. And yes, they DID go as Maria and Tony one year. (Nicky hates that she’s such a fucking softie for Lorna)

-Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas?

Nicky. She knows Morello didn’t have a lot growing up (and most everything she did have was either hand-me-down or part of her illegal mail scam), so she tries to give Lorna everything she wants, no matter the price or whether she’s gotta ask Marka for some extra dough (which is surprisingly easy when the money isn’t for drugs. Lorna ALWAYS complains that it’s too expensive, but Nicky knows she loves it.

-Makes the other eat breakfast?

Lorna. Nicky isn’t a morning person and tries to skip breakfast because she thinks it’s bullshit. Lorna tries to tell her it’ll make her feel better and Nicky eats only to please Lorna. She also will never admit that it kinda does wake her up.

-Remember anniversaries?

Both. Something about being in prison made them both better at remembering dates and counting days. However, Nicky does forget some days only because Morello has an anniversary for practically every day. Nicky doesn’t complain though because hey, lots of anniversary sex!

-Brings up having kids?

Lorna. It’s all part of her perfect vision, but Nicky isn’t a kid person. Lorna tries to reason that Nicky would like their kid, but Nicky isn’t really convinced.

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Request:  Hi again :) can you do a Steve one please? Like, you’re joining the Avengers and you’re engaged to Steve but none of them know. So when you get there, both Clint and Tony hit on you so Steve steps in and introduces you to them.

A/N: This was the one shot I was writing when my dad started reading it :( I’m so embarassed I cri. 

The elevator crawled higher through the building to the top floor; The Avengers floor. Every second you had spent in the pass eight years had come down to this moment. Every punch and kick you had thrown, every test you had passed, all the paper work had finally paid off. This was the day you joined Earth’s mightiest heroes. Today you joined the Avengers.

Of course along the way you had some guidance - mainly from your boyfriend, Steve Rogers. Well actually, as of last night, your fiance. You couldn’t ask for a better proposal; it was everything you dreamed of. Plus he was the one to tell you that you would be joining the Avengers Initiative.

As the doors effortlessly slide open you walked forward. The wall in front of you was completely made of glass which gave a stunning view of the city below. You stood before the mesmerising sight as tranquillity filled your body and a smile fell upon your face.

This is where you belong. 

A face floats towards you in the reflection of the glass. 

“You’re the new recruit right? They never said you’d be,” you turn to see Tony Stark behind you. He looks you while a flirtatious smirk played on his lips. 

“Mr. Stark,” you held your hand out. Better to be professional then play his game right? He shook your hand a little too tightly. 

 "And you are?“ 


"So what are your skills? What’s made Nick make you join this dreadful team?” Tony asks putting on a silly voice at the word ‘dreadful’ which made you laugh. As you go to answer his question steps sound from the side of the room.

“Maybe to keep you under control Tony,” a man walks up to you, “Clint Barton. Call me Clint.” The man who was dressed in jeans and a purple shirt takes your hand and kisses it ever so lightly. You have to hold back a smile because they mustn’t know about Steve.

“Pleasure to meet you, Clint. So where’s the rest of the team?” You eagerly ask. Although you were extremely nervous to meet them, Tony and Clint had already been nice. Both of them lead the way to the elevator which already had a familiar face standing in it.

“Steve!” You call out and fling yourself around the Captain. Clint and Tony exchange confused looks as the elevator closes - leaving you all in a small space.

“Hey (Y/N), hows the new base treating you so far?” He asks, shyly planting a soft kiss onto your forehead. 

“It’s been amazing, I met these two who have been kind.” You gesture to the two perplexed faces standing opposite you.

Clint opens his mouth to say something but he just keeps stuttering, “are you guys… a thing?” You and put a hand on Steve’s chest.

“Wait, you guys are engaged?” Tony practically screams while pointing at your finger. 

Both you and Steve laugh as the doors of the elevator glide open. The pair of you walk out as Tony and Clint trail behind.

“You’re going to be great, you know that right? I’ve never met a more determined person than you (Y/N) - I can’t wait to work along side you.” Steve says as you walk down a long corridor.

“And I, you.” After a few minutes of walking Fury appears from around the corner.

“Ah, Agent (Y/L/N). I trust everything is alright so far,” 

“Perfect, actually.”

“I like your attitude. Are you ready for your first mission?”

youc0uldcallmeadreamer-deactiva  asked:

If your still taking requests could I request “You know, it’s okay to cry.” with Charles Xavier please?

Sure thing, here you go ! I hope it meets your expectation ! :D

When you were young, you imagined your life as your parents told you you wanted it to be. You would graduate from a famous university, meet a young man from a good family, and then have a proper wedding and found a family. That was the fate you thought you wanted, until the illusion shattered, and nothing never had been the same.

Back into the present, you were sitting at an art galery in front of a painting of the italian Renaissance. You liked to spent your free time here, it was silent, peacefull, and no one was there to bother you, or worst, get dissapointed at what you were and were not.

Here, you could pretend to be part of the picture, you were very good to day dream and convinced your self you were someone else. Seated on the bench, your eyes on the painting, you didn’t react when someone take place besides you on the bench.

“What is so mesmerizing in that work?” Asked the man.

You frowned, not quite sure if he was addressing to you or just talking to himself.

“Yes, I’m asking you.” Chuckled lightly and you looked at him, surprised.

“Oh, hum… Isn’t the point of being mesmerized to escape our understanding?” You finally replied with an uncertain smile.

You weren’t used to people talking to you willingly without wickedness, so you weren’t sur if you had right to answer like that. The man laughed and you withdraw into your shell.

“Your absolutely right, actually. That was a silly question.” He then said and you felt agape again. “I’m Charles, by the way.”


You fell silent again, confused by the thought that you were so troubled just because someone was talking nicely to you.. It was kinda pathetic, and made you felt like crying. But you’ve learned a long time ago that tears were pointless and nevermade things better.

You cried when your mutation awoke, embarassing your family and making your mother look down on you, like you had some kind of contagious infection. But it didn’t brought back your perfect life to you. You stayed a freak that could create illusion into peoples mind, causing them nightmare when you had one.
Why were you there? What was the point of standing there, escaping the reality by day dreaming like a fool ?

Well, you were good at running away, that was for sure.

“You know, it’s okay to cry.” Suddenly said Charles, putting his hand on yours with a kind smile.

Strangely enough, the kindness in his voice made you want to cry even more.

“No, it’s not.” You replied, fighting against the tear. “It’s pointless, pathetic, and…”


“Yeah. That. Sadly enough this word doesn’t apply to me anymore.” You laughed sarcasticly.

Your wrong.” Charles simply answer.

It took you a while to realized that he didn’t actually talk aloud. The voice came from your mind?!

“How did you..?!”

“You are not alone, Y/N. Trust me.

As if it was all you’ve been waiting for, you suddenly started to cry. But not out of sadness. Those were happy tears.

You weren’t alone anymore…!

Last night, I watched the episode “Sweet Baby James”. I just wanted to point out how affectionate James treats his Pokémon. He cares so much about their well-being, he weeps, and rejoices over their health. He cries in front of his nanny and popop, without feeling embarassed. The song that is played in the background, when we see the many memories James and his Chimeco shared, is very touching. I think he’s an excellent Poké-trainer, who builds relationships with his little companions.