新婚さんの朝!シャイなアンチクショースケ by 瑠璃

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  • kim jongdae being a sweetheart

jongdae’s parting words to the fans at the Overdose comeback showcase

“In just two years since EXO’s debut we are doing a showcase again. It seems like there’s only one thing between then and now that hasn’t changed. Thank you very much that everyone’s cheering and love hasn’t changed. In the future we will keep being ‘we are one’ right? I love you.”

Why is it that beautiful things are more deeply entwined with death than life?

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Request:  Hi again :) can you do a Steve one please? Like, you’re joining the Avengers and you’re engaged to Steve but none of them know. So when you get there, both Clint and Tony hit on you so Steve steps in and introduces you to them.

A/N: This was the one shot I was writing when my dad started reading it :( I’m so embarassed I cri. 

The elevator crawled higher through the building to the top floor; The Avengers floor. Every second you had spent in the pass eight years had come down to this moment. Every punch and kick you had thrown, every test you had passed, all the paper work had finally paid off. This was the day you joined Earth’s mightiest heroes. Today you joined the Avengers.

Of course along the way you had some guidance - mainly from your boyfriend, Steve Rogers. Well actually, as of last night, your fiance. You couldn’t ask for a better proposal; it was everything you dreamed of. Plus he was the one to tell you that you would be joining the Avengers Initiative.

As the doors effortlessly slide open you walked forward. The wall in front of you was completely made of glass which gave a stunning view of the city below. You stood before the mesmerising sight as tranquillity filled your body and a smile fell upon your face.

This is where you belong. 

A face floats towards you in the reflection of the glass. 

“You’re the new recruit right? They never said you’d be,” you turn to see Tony Stark behind you. He looks you while a flirtatious smirk played on his lips. 

“Mr. Stark,” you held your hand out. Better to be professional then play his game right? He shook your hand a little too tightly. 

 "And you are?“ 


"So what are your skills? What’s made Nick make you join this dreadful team?” Tony asks putting on a silly voice at the word ‘dreadful’ which made you laugh. As you go to answer his question steps sound from the side of the room.

“Maybe to keep you under control Tony,” a man walks up to you, “Clint Barton. Call me Clint.” The man who was dressed in jeans and a purple shirt takes your hand and kisses it ever so lightly. You have to hold back a smile because they mustn’t know about Steve.

“Pleasure to meet you, Clint. So where’s the rest of the team?” You eagerly ask. Although you were extremely nervous to meet them, Tony and Clint had already been nice. Both of them lead the way to the elevator which already had a familiar face standing in it.

“Steve!” You call out and fling yourself around the Captain. Clint and Tony exchange confused looks as the elevator closes - leaving you all in a small space.

“Hey (Y/N), hows the new base treating you so far?” He asks, shyly planting a soft kiss onto your forehead. 

“It’s been amazing, I met these two who have been kind.” You gesture to the two perplexed faces standing opposite you.

Clint opens his mouth to say something but he just keeps stuttering, “are you guys… a thing?” You and put a hand on Steve’s chest.

“Wait, you guys are engaged?” Tony practically screams while pointing at your finger. 

Both you and Steve laugh as the doors of the elevator glide open. The pair of you walk out as Tony and Clint trail behind.

“You’re going to be great, you know that right? I’ve never met a more determined person than you (Y/N) - I can’t wait to work along side you.” Steve says as you walk down a long corridor.

“And I, you.” After a few minutes of walking Fury appears from around the corner.

“Ah, Agent (Y/L/N). I trust everything is alright so far,” 

“Perfect, actually.”

“I like your attitude. Are you ready for your first mission?”

I am a Super Junior fan, but I would never defend misogyny, fat shaming, racism, etc. However, I find it absolutely ridiculous that people constantly call out ShinDong for fat shaming women. Yes stupidly he made the comments, but I think people need to understand that OPINIONS CHANGE WITH TIME, especially since the controversy was from 2010-11. Not only that, but he has consistently apologized, expressed remose, and even cried (in 2014 by the way) for embarassing all of Super Junior.

Last night, I watched the episode “Sweet Baby James”. I just wanted to point out how affectionate James treats his Pokémon. He cares so much about their well-being, he weeps, and rejoices over their health. He cries in front of his nanny and popop, without feeling embarassed. The song that is played in the background, when we see the many memories James and his Chimeco shared, is very touching. I think he’s an excellent Poké-trainer, who builds relationships with his little companions.

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last drink: water

last text message: to my best friend

last song you listened to: telephone, cover by glee (this is embarassing XD)

last time i cried: maybe two months ago?


dated someone: nope

been cheated on: nope

lost someone special: yes

been depressed: nah

been drunk and thrown up: no


made a new friend: yeah!

fallen out of love: no

laughed until you cried: yes

met someone who changed you: not really met, more like i get inspired by them

found out who your true friends are: yes

found out someone was talking about you: yep


how many people on tumblr do you know in real life: 1? but she is not on tumblr anymore, and we met first in real life

any pets: two dogs, nebbia e igor

do you want to change your name: no

what time did you wake up this morning: 9 something

what did you do last night: watching the second episode of goblin (a korean drama)

name something you cannot wait for: the new episode for goblin!

have you ever talked to a person named tom: there aren’t a lot of people named tom in italy

what’s getting on your nerves right now: tumblr, and spoilers!

blood type: a positive

nicknames: gabri, gabbi, gabi

relationship status: single

zodiac sign: virgo

pronouns: -

fav tv show(s): charmed

high school: ok

college: not even trying, and i’m so mad at myself for it

hair color: brown

short or long: long

do you have a crush on someone: no

what do you like most about yourself? i understand when i’m wrong and i try to make up for my mistakes

tattoos: no

righty or lefty: righty


surgery: 4 stitches on the left elbow

piercing: no

first best friend: -

first sport you joined: no one XD

vacations: always in italy

pair of sneakers: yep


eating: nothing, i eated meat for dinner

drinking: water

i’m about to: go to bed and sleep

listening to: nothing

waiting for: the will to get my shit together

do you want kids: yeah

get married: yes

career: something to do with languages


lips or eyes: both

taller or shorter: taller

older or younger: as long as they are over 20 i’m fine

romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous

sensitive or loud: both

troublemaker or hesitant: troublemaker


lost glasses or contacts: thanks god no

broken someone’s heart: no

been arrested: no XD

turned someone down: no

cried when someone died: yes

fallen for a friend: no


in yourself: honestly not yet

miracles: no

love at first sight: attraction (not just phisical) at first sight

heaven: something

santa claus: not anymore T^T

list 10 favorite characters/biases (one per series/fandoms)

  1. clark kent - dc
  2. harry potter - harry potter
  3. kaito - the lunar chronicles
  4. kaz brekker - six of crows
  5. klaus mikaelson - the originals
  6. lucy hutton - the hating game
  7. paige matthews - charmed
  8. rose hathaway - vampire academy
  9. sherlock - sherlock bbb
  10. vision - marvel

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