A little advice
  • Lena: I was raised by monsters and still turned out to be a beautiful, powerful creature with amazing posture and a soft gay soul.
  • Lexa: I would fist bump you but I am Heda so an approving nod will have to do.
  • Lena: Understandable. Also, I'm in love with a beautiful blonde who fell from space.
  • Lexa: I have, as Raven would say, been there sister.
  • Lexa: *if she says it's Clarke I will have to kill her no matter the bond we now share*
  • Lena: But she's seeing a man-child because she's unhappy and heteronormativity drove her to him.
  • Lexa: A particularly irksome problem which I myself have had. You know what to do.
  • Lena: Invite her on dates and gaze lovingly at her?
  • Lexa: Well yes, an impeccable strategy to be sure. Also you should arrange to have him killed.
  • Lena: I'm listening...

i wonder when i’ll run out of jokes for these

My Masterlist!!

Here’s my most recent updated masterlist of all my works for you lovelies to enjoy! 

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a.f.s | Love Me Harder || prologue || Semi Hiatus

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f | Goodbye ft. Taehyung

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f.a | Fantasy || ongoing

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f.a | Young Love | sequel to Young

f | Young

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a | Goodbye ft. Jungkook

s | Taesty Treats Are Sweeter Than Sweet || 1 | 2 || ongoing

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a | Fools

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a.f | Wedding Plans || 1 | 2 || Finished

f | Love Songs || college!


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a | Glass || shattered | Cracked || ongoing

a | Smoke Filled Rooms

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a.mild f | Never

A | Almost

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f.a mild | Forever

f | Arcadian

a.f.s | Papercut || 1 | 2 | 3 || soulmate!


f | Snickerdoodles and Snow

Bangtan Soyeondan

Bite me || prologue | 1 || vampire!

Blood Money || 1 | 2 | 3 || gang!

Shiver || 1 | 2 || ongoing

Just Family Things || other members coming soon

Shooting Stars || 1 | 2 | 3 || ongoing



Part two of my stupid crossover voltron/haikyuu!! comic. That’s savage, Pidge. Hear me out thou, Pidge and Tsukki exchanging science puns. Lance is a Meme Lord. He lives for internet memes, he can’t help himself. Can you tell I enjoyed this way too much for something that is 10000% crack crossover material? I worked on each panel separately and it’s really nice seeing it all together.

2017 is The Year of Crossovers. At least for me lol 


Charles before Erik



Bet you all expected some wheelchair kinky stuff but NOPE ITS NOT ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)

The wheelchair dancing scene is my fav part in the movie XD Actually I wanted to draw Cherik doing that IN A ROMANTIC WAY LIKE THE MOVIE but then my brain suddenly malfunctioned so it turned out like this imsosorryCharlandErik

Please don’t kill me for the GIF

我就喜欢看犯二的法鲨跟崩溃的一美 ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ) (喂

[The After]



This is for @bonnie-wee-swordsman because I promised her soon after the episode aired that I would put this together when I finally got my digital copy when the season was formally released. A software update to my computer about that time put those plans on hold as I lost the editing software I used to use and had to learn an updated version of the program but finally got around to it during the 13 Days of Outlander (just not quite in time for Sunday and wrapping it up). 

I have a few more ideas for vids I want to make (unfortunately many of them involve stuff from season 3 I’m going to want to include) but I’m definitely hoping to get back into putting some fan vids together as Droughtlander continues to wind down. 

Crack Headcannon: The McDanno Job

I’m rewatching Leverage right now and it just occurred to me - H50/Leverage crossover! Parker, Eliot and Hardison have a con in the works on O'ahu and accidentally draw the attention on Five-0. The only way to pull it off is to make sure the task force is too distracted to track them. So while doing surveillance, they happen to see the way Steve and Danny look at each other and how they’re in their own little world when they’re together, and decide to play matchmaker in order to keep them too busy to stop the con. The OT3 would totally ship McDanno.

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