First pic was obviously inspired by this

Though most of it was made before the Stream, I just finished the rest of it there.

The other two are simple requests taken a bit further.

Might do this again some time.

ok new crazy crossover idea, I’ll try to avoid spoilers

Twin Peaks: Fire Trot With Me

based on the series, starring Twilight and Spike helping local police, Pinkie Pie joining the FBI, Rarity getting involved in way too much intrigue, Rainbow Dash being used as pawn by one or more of the villains, Fluttershy befriending The Log Lady and finding out more about the forest, and Applejack just really enjoying being in the country while trying to straighten out messes.  Also featuring Discord antagonizing the villains as well as everyone else and a subplot with Celestia and Luna in The Other Place.  For an added bonus, the CMC can get abducted by someone.  Derpy Hooves just replaces Laura Palmer and nobody notices the difference. 

directed by David Lynch & Meghan McCarthy, let’s make it happen

Extreme Confusion [Closed RP with helmet-pig]

[Disclaimer: This crossover RP is going to be out of my usual content. (I had usual content?) Point is, if you don’t like it, keep it to yourself or leave. I do this for fun. NOT FOR YOU.]

It had been a normal day. But that’s how stories like this start, right? It’s always normal, it’s always him, since it’s his brain, but it had to be that controller thing. It looked like a piece of trash, maybe he could have sold it. But that Game Portal 3.5 had something special in it, because Torgue is no longer in the wasteland. No, he was in what they called ‘Game Central’.

Holy fuck.

This had to be a simulation, maybe he was sent to a Vault to be experimented on. After all, programs? Code? Game portals? That shit isn’t normal. Not one bit.

Not really looking where he was going, Torgue ended up in one particular game.

Sugar Rush.

The first thing that came to mind was…

“Holy obscene fuck! So much pink and shit! Is all of this candy?! Well damn, someone in the simulation department had some serious jet!”

Looking around, he saw what he hoped was a local. A local with a…bucket on his head. Or was that a helmet? Oh, well.

“Hey tin-head! Where the heck am I?”

venusdebotticelli asked:

Would that serious response include any points about how Sam's hair beginning of s8 spoke of a relaxed life without hunting where he could let it flow as long, glorious and layered as he wished, but the dark situation of s10 forces him into the more strict straight cut, shorter to be more functional, without any appealing shape, no nonsense, because he is hardening himself to face all the shit around him at the moment? Would it¿? Please lrthreads tell me would it¿? *nudges you in that direction*

It could if you want it to, coolification!  *is nudged*  I might compare it to how Jody’s hairstyle got more utilitarian over time.  I might also tie it in to how, after 10x15, there was a lot of talk about how Sam is doing what he thinks Dean needs, and not what he actually needs.  (This isn’t the post I was thinking of, but it’s similar, and I have too many open tabs and am too behind on reblogging things to find the one I’m actually thinking of.)  Also I’d probably mention that after 10x13 there was a lot of talk about Samson and Delilah, after we had a character with the latter name.  Does Sam’s shorter hair signify that he’s been weakened in some way?

But uh … I did say you couldn’t make me write serious meta about this, so we’re going somewhere else instead.  (This ask is in response to me jokingly saying that I was half-tempted to write serious meta about Sam’s s10 hairstyle, mostly in response to angelswatchingover calling it a soccer mom bob.)

Honestly the place where I first went, in response to soccer mom, was the idea of Dean’s exile in the suburbs being equivalent to Sam’s time in the cage.  (f-ckyeahfutbol has talked about this a lot.)  Then I thought about Alison Hendrix from Orphan Black and how she is a soccer mom you do not want to mess with.

Seriously.  Alison will watch you die when she could have saved you if she thinks you’ve crossed her, even though you used to be best friends.  If she thinks you’re hiding something, she’ll torture you with a hot glue gun to get answers while the entire neighborhood is at her house for a party, just a few rooms away.  If you accidentally shoot someone, Alison will help you hide the body and all the other evidence if that’s what needs to be done to keep her family safe. 

When she realized that there was a threat to her and by extension her family, she learned to shoot and how to buy firearms illegally.  In Canada.  Also, she’s flawless at musical theatre. 

Suddenly I don’t know which crack crossover I need more: the one where Sam and Alison have to team up on a hunt, or the one where Alison is putting on a one woman show and Sam is running lights and sound at the community theater. 

Actually, why not both: Sam and Dean are investigating something and Alison comes across him and thinks he’s the tech guy.  Cue Sam fumbling with the equipment and Alison yelling at him.  Dean watches with a certain amount of sadistic amusement, fully planning to tell Sam he was just letting him enjoy his theatrical nostalgia.

But then the monster appears as Sam and Alison are walking out the the parking lot, with Dean trailing them at a distance.  (She talked Sam into helping him carry some stuff to her car.)  Alison (who is fierce as anything) manages to disable it, or at least slow it down a little.  Sam kills it, and then he and Dean try to explain about monsters and hunting.  Alison is not patient with either of them.  She wants to know if Dyad sent them, and if the monster was a Dyad product or something made by the military.

Sam and Dean trade “We’ve got a live one” looks, and Dean mutters “At least she didn’t say aliens.”  But Alison makes them tell her all about monsters and how to kill them before they go.

Sam doesn’t forget, though, and later he looks into Dyad, and asks Charlie if she’ll do some hacking to see if she can find any information about military genetic experiments.  And the information they find becomes the newest file in the Men of Letters library.  Sam hopes they never need it.  Freaky monster engineering was bad enough when it was Eve.  Actual mad science … brr.

Maybe it ends there, and maybe it doesn’t.  Imagine the possibilities if it doesn’t: Charlie geeking out with Cosima and trading tips about avoiding surveillance with Alison.  Sam and Alison being absolutely scary and unstoppable if you get them pointed in the same direction.  Dean and Sarah having kind of a dominance battle.  Dean being weird about the whole clone thing and just annoying everyone when he mentions meeting his future self once.  (I’m a Dean girl but I’m having trouble picturing Dean as anything other than annoying to most of the cast of Orphan Black, I’m afraid.  With a side of being poked in his fragile masculinity, in some cases.  Though the thought of Felix flirting with Dean is intriguing, and it seems like Tony weaponizes sexuality at least as much as Dean.)

And I almost forgot Art!  Art working with Dean and being reminded of Beth in a way that makes him kind of nervous.  Jody and Mrs. S. having no patience for anyone’s bullshit.  Castiel being subjected to Kira’s strange intuitive perception, or talking to Charlotte or any of the clones about weird family issues.  Sarah working together with Krissy and Josephine.  Claire running into Helena somehow.  Alex and Gracie immediately understanding eachother, in a low key sort of way.

(Sorry, coolification, I know this wasn’t what you had in mind when you sent your ask.  But I hope it entertained you anyway. :)